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10 Crystals for Trauma: Crystals for Anxiety and PTSD

Crystals for trauma and anxiety can help inspire your healing journey.

You can use carry them around with you as a reminder of your healing. You can use them as good luck charms. Or you can meditate with them to calm your worrying thoughts and fears.

There’s so many ways you can work with stones.

In this guide, we’re listing the 10 most common crystals for trauma and crystals for anxiety and PTSD.

If you have or think you may have trauma anxiety or PTSD, you should talk to your doctor or a licensed therapist or counselor. Crystals are spiritual tools but they aren’t a solution for mental health disorders or crises. For evidence-backed advice or treatments, talk to a healthcare professional.


What is Trauma and PTSD?

Trauma is a response to a disturbing event that you’ve experienced. Trauma can be big or little. It can occur during childhood and anytime throughout life. Examples of trauma:

  • Childhood or adult abuse of any kind
  • Parent’s divorce
  • Toxic relationship
  • Difficult move
  • Difficult breakup

Even situations most people experience, like a breakup, can be traumatic for some people. This isn’t to say they carry the same weight as an abusive childhood trauma. However, it’s important to realize both can affect your mental health in the long run for some people.

The intense sense of overwhelm, anxiety or helplessness of the traumatic situation can affect your life afterward. It can lead to anxiety disorders, one of which being posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • PTSD is a clinical disorder that’s triggered by a traumatic event. Symptoms can include: Flashbacks
  • Nightmares
  • Intense anxiety or fear

PTSD is best treated by a licensed psychologist, who can try a variety of different treatments.


What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is both a feeling and a clinical disorder.

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. For example, you might have some anxiety going to a job interview or writing a test.

Extreme or long-term anxiety can be categorized as an anxiety disorder. There are different types of anxiety disorders:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Social anxiety
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Panic disorder (having panic attacks)

Anxiety disorder is best treated by a psychologist, who can offer a variety of treatment options.


Crystals for Trauma and Anxiety: Do They Work?

Crystals are not a solution for mental health issues. Do not attempt to treat anxiety or trauma with stones. Although they can be used as a spiritual tool alongside treatment, they should not replace evidence-backed care.

If you’re having difficulty working through a mental health experience, talk to a healthcare professional.

While you are seeking care in an evidence-backed way, you may choose to use crystals. These can help inspire your healing journey. Whether you believe they have healing powers or are just a positive reminder, it’s up to you. Everyone’s beliefs about crystals are different. The most important thing is to realize it’s not a replacement for therapy or medication.


10 Crystals for Trauma: Crystals for Anxiety and PTSD

Here are the crystals most associated with supporting the healing of trauma and anxiety problems. Use it to create a crystal grid, crystal protection spray, or more. Learn how to recharge your crystals.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is thought of as a “bodyguard” because it’s powerful in the way it can clear energies around it. It can protect you as it absorbs negativity. This can help create a calming environment where your anxiety can rest.

Since people with anxiety and trauma often have negative thoughts, this can be a good stone for helping clear that energy.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is another good choice if you’re looking for crystals for trauma. The black color indicates its ability to deeply cleanse energies. As long as you frequently cleanse it, you might use to feel ‘clear’ after a period of anxiety or stress.

This stone is related to the first chakra, which has to do with your security and safety. Oftentimes, anxiety and trauma can shake the ground beneath us and make us feel unstable. Black Obsidian can help you feel grounded again.


When many people think about crystals for anxiety, amethyst will be the first one that comes to mind. Often a light purple or lavender color, this stone brings soothing energies and is known for its calming qualities.

It can also help inspire you to heal and act as a supportive friend along the way.

It’s also a great choice when searching for crystals for trauma. That’s because it’s thought to aid in sleep, specifically, it’s said to help ward off bad dreams and nightmares, a common symptom of PTSD.

Lapis Lazuli

This dark blue stone is said to hold wisdom and truth. Sometimes, when we’re going through trauma, we might feel the truth was stolen from us. If we have anxiety, we might be confused about the truth because of our fearful thoughts. Lapis Lazuli can be a gentle reminder of your inner truth.

It’s also said to help protect against negative energies. The wisdom of this stone also can help increase self-awareness, which can be helpful when you’re working through anxiety-related issues.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a light pink color and it’s most known for love and healing.

Although you might not think of rose quartz as an anxiety or trauma stone, it should be one of your top picks. That’s because people with mental health issues are often hard on themselves. We could benefit from the self-compassion rose quartz represents. It can inspire us to go easier on ourselves, accept our flaws and see the good we have to offer.

As a pink stone, out of all crystals for traumas, this one may provide the most gentle, soothing, motherly-type energy. This can have a healing effect.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is thought to help you stay calm, especially during difficult situations. It’s darker tint symbolizes an earthy-type of energy. This may help you feel more grounded and ‘at home.’

This crystal is also used by some to help clear out negative energy and promote positive ones.


Howlite is known to be a calming stone. This choice for those looking for crystals for anxiety. The white color symbolizes the soothing energy it provides.

It’s also thought to help those with an overactive mind, especially when it interferences with your sleep. This can make it a good option for people who suffer from nightmares or who are afraid to fall asleep.


Carnelian is an orange stone, so you can assume it has happy, sunny energy to dole out! This can be a good choice for people suffering from anxiety or trauma that need more ‘brightness’ in their life.

It’s also a good crystal for confidence. Building your self-esteem with this stone can help you tackle some anxiety issues and make encourage your strength.


Citrine is another common orange stone you can use to bring happiness into a stressful time. It’s thought to attract positive energy and absorb negative ones.

It’s also a great crystal to use for a boost in self-confidence. This can be a good aid for those whose self-esteem has been damaged through a traumatic experience.


Lepidolite is thought to help with anxiety and depression. It may ease trauma and help you release your emotions toward the experience. It’s also said to absorb negative energies, perfect for those who worry their anxiety is polluting their energy field.


Summary: Crystals for Trauma and Anxiety

If You’re experience trauma or anxiety, your first step should be talking to your doctor or a psychologist. Crystals are not treatment options for mental health issues. For science-backed solutions, see a healthcare provider.

With that being said, while you’re on your healing or mental health journey, crystals may help inspire you. We’ve listed the crystals most commonly associated with anxiety.


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