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11 Crystals for Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Love

Has anyone told you how awesome you are today?

I am right now. But so will these crystals.

If you’re struggling with low self-esteem, along with solutions you’re already trying, you can use crystals. These can help remind you that you’re worthy and loved. A more positive outlook about yourself can help you feel better about life. It can also help you thrive in situations where low confidence could be a barrier, such as a job interview.

Read on to learn the crystals for confidence.


Should You Try Crystals for Confidence?

It’s natural to suffer from low confidence from time to time. Most people get down on themselves after a tough day or bad event. However, if you’re in a place of permanent low confidence, things need to change—that’s not healthy.

Low confidence can prevent you from achieving the things you want or need to. But more than that, it just feels bad. It can make simple tasks seem like an anxious chore. It can create non-stop negative thoughts that make you miserable. Eventually, it’s possible it could contribute to mental health issues.

To improve our confidence, we might search for quick hacks. That’s not how it works though. The crystals on this list are meant to inspire confidence. However, they, themselves, cannot make you confident. Crystals are amazing but they’re just rocks. To get confidence, you’ll need to actually do the work. If you don’t know where to begin, you might consider the reasons for low self-confidence. Then you can try these tools to build your self-esteem. Also, consider that some people may benefit from therapy.

Alongside these science-backed confidence methods, you can use crystals. Always use stones as a way to supplement the action you’re already taking, not as your sole hope.


11 Crystals for Confidence

Whether you’re looking to boost your self-esteem or just increase your situational confidence, try these stones.

#1 Sunstone

This orange stone brightens your sense of self-worth and self-acceptance. It vibrates to energies of hope and happiness. If you’re having trouble recognizing or approving your skills, it could be a good stone to help usher in confidence. It can help you feel comfortable showing off your talent and expressing yourself creatively without fear.

Since it’s one of the “happy” stones, it’s a great choice for those suffering from low confidence due to depression or anxiety.

#2 Red Jasper

This fiery stone can light up your sense of self-worth in bold ways.

Many of the stones on this list deal with confidence in yourself. These are useful, especially situationally when we’re feeling low. However, sometimes we want to go beyond surface-level self-confidence. We want to access the deeper layers that we believe give us value. We want to feel empowered as spiritual human beings.

Red jasper not only encourages confidence, but also empowerment. On a deep level, it can help you feel worthy; like you belong here and you have a job to do. It can encourage a sense of fearlessness that you’ve only dreamed of.

#3 Rose Quartz

We talked about red jasper being a bold confidence-maker. On the other hand, rose quartz is more subtle. It’s a great choice for empaths or highly sensitive people who respond better to gentle nudges. While hard pushes can be effective, some grow confidence with repeat, light exposure.

Rose quartz makes us feel safe loving ourselves. We might think loving ourselves or having confidence will make us complacent. If we don’t see our faults, we won’t improve, we might think. This thought can hold us back and prevent us from having the self-worth we need to glow in life. Rose quartz lets us know that a realistic confidence isn’t only kinder, it’s necessary to thrive.

#4 Garnet

Garnet is another deep red stone that can help you tear down the walls that lead to self-destruction. It can help us see the toxic behavior we’re giving to ourselves. Which thought patterns or action cycles do we need to break? Garnet can help us realize the main ideas about ourselves that are holding us back.

In the list of crystals for confidence, garnet is special because it also helps us with strength and endurance. In particular, its benefit on inner strength can help us learn confidence. Let’s face it: Self-esteem isn’t built from one stone. Or in one day. It’s a process that takes time—sometimes a lifetime—to develop. You’ll need inner strength and courage to forgo this confidence journey, which garnet will help with.

#5 Moonstone

Moonstone is another gentle stone ideal for empaths or highly sensitive people struggling with self-esteem. The mystical and metaphysical prosperities of this crystal can make confidence less intimidating.

Many times, self-love is pushed on us in a self-help, “tough love” military-tone way. Moonstone comes at confidence from a motherly tone. It soothes your doubts and reassures you. If your self-esteem issues are rooted in anxiety or trauma, this could be a calming stone to help you slowly regain a sense of yourself.

#6 Carnelian

These reddish-orange stones bring about a sense of passion. This can help when you’re lacking self-love. When we think about passion, we often correlate it with other people, especially romantically.

Carnelian encourages us to think about the passion we have for ourselves and our own life. It can inspire motivation and the action you need to kick things into high gear. in this way, this stone calms you with confidence and then spurs motivational action.

It’s also thought to be a crystal of courage. This can be of use when you’re entering a situation you’re not confident in. For example, a first date or job interview may be benefitted by carnelian.

#7 Blue Lace Agate

Looking at blue lace agate, you can probably tell that it’s a calming stone. Its baby blue and white stripes almost remind you of a lightly colored nursery.

This calming stone can help ease the harmful feelings you have about yourself. It can slowly, stably help you build self-esteem. In particular, it’s ideal in situations where you want to speak up, but have trouble doing so. It can help you express how you feel. Although you might still feel fear, it will give you a courageous nudge to step forward.

#8 Citrine

Out of all the crystals for confidence, citrine is one of the most popular options. Even looking at the stone, you might feel joyful energy radiating from it. If you’re someone who’s down on themselves for their faults, it might be a good option.

Since it’s ideal for dampening negatively, it can help lessen the bad thoughts you have about yourself. In this way, it can also brighten your outlook on life. Instead of being pessimistic about your future, it could help add bursts of optimism and hope.

#9 Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is known to be a mystical, creative stone. However, it can also be one of the crystals for confidence. Out of the stones on this list, this is a good one for when decision-making or brainstorming is needed.

For example, several options may lie in front of you but you’re not sure which to choose. A huge factor in your decision is your confidence. Tiger’s eye can help instill the confidence you need to make the right decision. It can also help you creatively see how each option could play out. Those foreshadowing visions could be bolstered by it’s mystical, intuitive properties.

#10 Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is known to be a powerful energy cleanser. It can help purify negative energies and neutralize them. This can be helpful when you’re having negative thoughts or fears about yourself. It may inspire a fresh feeling you can use to build confidence.

If you need a crystal to help give you the courage to tackle a new project, orange calcite might be the one. Since it can also help with creativity, it’s a good stone for brainstorming and then having the confidence to share those ideas.

As a sacral chakra stone, orange calcite is also thought to help with sexual matters. If you’re not confident in the bedroom, or even romantically, it can be a good crystal to ease tensions.

#11 Amazonite

Amazonite is another stone ideal for lovingly, gently nudging you toward a more confident self. As its light blue color might suggest, it carries more subtle, gentle energies.

This is ideal if you’re someone whose fears and doubts seem too large to handle. For example, if your lack of convincing is keeping you from pursuing a job or person you like, many people will suggest “exposure therapy.” This can be an abrupt change for someone with a self-esteem deficit.

Amazonite helps us see that it’s okay to take small steps instead of giant leaps. Instead of leading the way, it walks alongside us. It inspires hope that things will get better while soothing any current fears. In combination, over time, these effects can clear the pathway for permanent confidence.


How to Use Crystals for Confidence

There’s plenty of ways you can use your crystals for confidence.

  • Under your pillow. If you want to really bathe in the essence of confidence, put a stone under your pillow or under your bedpost.
  • Wear it. Purchase a jewelry piece with a confidence crystal. Alternatively, make one yourself.
  • Carry it. If you don’t like jewelry, there’s other ways you can carry a stone with you. You can put it in your purpose, pocket or even in your bra.
  • Make a crystal tincture. Gem tinctures can be taken sublingually to “absorb” the benefits of the crystal.
  • Make a crystal spray. Using a crystal tincture, you can also make a crystal spray. This can be used to mist over yourself every day to start it off with a confident tone.
  • Keep by the mirror. If your confidence issues are about appearance or body image, keeping your crystals for confidence by mirrors is a great idea. This can include on bedroom or bathroom vanities.
  • Keep around. Another option is to just place your confidence crystals around the home wherever you frequent most.
  • Crystal grid. If you’re really working on your confidence, you can make a crystal grid to help you out. To do this, use several stones mentioned in this post.


Summary: Crystals for Confidence

Although it’s natural to have unconfident moments from time to time, feeling generally unconfident is something that should be addressed. Along with using science-backed tools, you might also consider therapy. With these actions, you can use crystals for confidence that can inspire your goal. Try the stones on this list to increase your sense of self-worth.



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