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12 Magically Effective Crystals for Good Luck and Success

Need a little luck? All of us could use a bit more. And these crystals may help.

Most of us have heard about good luck tokens. But did you know you can use crystals as a good luck charm too? Carrying stones for luck can help bring encouragement and a positive outlook.

Keep scrolling to learn the top crystals for good luck.

How to Use Crystals for Good Luck and Success

Before we get into the best crystals for good luck, how should you use them? You can use crystals for luck in anyway that feels right to you. Here’s our top suggestions:

  • Keep in your pocket. Just like you’d keep any luck token in your pocket, keep your favorite crystals for luck in your pocket. Whether it’s luck for a good day or luck for a special occasion, have it on hand to help attract positive things.
  • Place in your bra. If you don’t have pockets, keep one of your favorite crystals for good luck and success in your bra. That way, it’s close to your body and ready to impart the prosperity you need that day
  • Place in your purse. Pop a few crystals for good luck in your purse and take them out when you need some positivity.
  • Place around home. To attract overall luck, place a few crystals for good luck around your home. Remember to collect and cleanse them every now and then!
  • Keep in car. Keeping crystals for luck and success in your car ensures they’re always there if you need them. Whether you’re going to work, on a date, or a special occasional, you’ll always be taking a little luck with you.
  • Place in a plant. Placing your crystals for luck and success in a plant is symbolic. As the plant grows, you can envision your success getting closer and closer.
  • Keep in wallet. If you have any crystals for luck that are small enough, try keeping one in your wallet to attract luck financially.
  • Place where you need luck. One of the best ideas if to place your crystals for good luck anywhere that you need good luck. For example, if you need more luck at work, keep a stone on your desk.
  • Give away. This may be counterintuitive, but it’s an awesome idea to attract more of what you want. If you know someone who appreciates good luck tokens, give them one of your crystals for luck. When we give, we get back 10-fold. And the joy we give people also lights us up, creating good luck just in the act of giving.
  • Look at your crystals for good luck and choose the one that feels right to meditate with. Practice deep breathing for a few minutes and then call to mind a question to help you attract good luck. For example, ask yourself “what actions can I take to increase good luck?” Meditate on it and see if anything useful comes to mind.

12 Crystals for Good Luck and Success

If you’re looking for the best crystals for good luck and success, add these top picks to your collection. Not sure which one to get? When reading the descriptions, consider what area of life you’re looking for good luck in.


Citrine is one of the best crystals for luck and success if you’re trying to attract financial  prosperity and abundance of any kind. It’s called the “Lucky Merchant’s Stone” for this reason.

Use Citrine if you need help in the money department. It can help you find financial opportunities, get a pay raise, find deals and get creative in situations involving debt. This makes it a great stone to keep in your wallet. It can also be used to help you gain optimism in difficult financial situations, such as dealing with debt or being fired from a job.


Sunstone is most commonly a yellow or orange color, hence the name. However, it can also come in other colors like green, brown, pink, and red. According to Love Is In The Earth, Sunstone has been used to impart good luck in games. This makes it one of the best crystals for luck and success if you’re playing card games, sports, etc.

Melody also says it can help brighten chakras, keeping them “squeaky clean.” Sunstone is a great choice for crystals for good luck because the positive energy it imparts can help neutralize factors getting in the way of good luck. If you’re trying to attract prosperity in any way but your negative thoughts are getting in the way, this is a great stone to try. It’s known to encourage optimism and help you gain enthusiasm for the joy in life.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is known for attracting success and abundance. It’s another of the most popular crystals for luck and success. Green Aventurine is also a stabilizing stone. It’s great to use if you feel like your luck is strong some days and withering others. It can help you realize opportunities where good luck lies.

As a green stone, it’s also tied to the heart chakra. As such, it can be used to bring good luck in relationships. Consider carrying Green Aventurine when you’re going on a first date or a second date with someone you want to know better.


Carnelian is an orange stone said to help bring prosperity. It can help unleash your creativity and passion, energizing you to complete projects or find the right new ones. Use carnelian in your kit of crystals for good luck for situations involving creativity. For example, if you’re looking for a new opportunity for your art, carnelian can help you distinguish the luckiest opportunities.

Also carry carnelian to in situations where you need good luck in finances. For example, it’s a good stone to bring to job interviews or performance evaluations.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is most commonly known for its grounding abilities. As a red stone, it’s associated with the first chakra, helping you root yourself into the ground and balancing the spiritual aspects of yourself. It’s also known for its protective abilities.

Some people use red jasper in their crystals for luck collections. That’s because it can help attract luck associated with the first chakra. For example, if you’re feeling unsafe financially, red jasper can give you good luck to get a pay raise or find another job. Similarly, if you’re hunting for a new home and you’re feeling unstable, red jasper is one of the best crystals for luck in house hunting.


Garnet is a great crystal for success in various areas of life. As a red stone, it symbolizes passion, power and courage. It’s one of the best crystals for luck to use when you need to speak truth to power. It helps you stand in your courage while also imparting the good luck you need for tough conversations to go well. As a stone for success, garnet is great to place on your desk or carry with you during work meetings.


Malachite is often called the “stone of transformation.” It’s one of the best crystals for good luck to use if you’re entering a new situation. Those searching for a new job, home, or entering a new relationship will enjoy the positive effects of malachite. This good luck crystal is also ideal if you need more confidence with the changes in your life.

As a green stone, it’s connected to financial success and abundance. It’s also related to the heart chakra, making it a great choice for good luck in love.


Amber is actually a fossilized resin. It typically is golden yellow or brown color; however, it can also be red, blue, or green. Amber is said to be a good stone to help manifest your desired into reality. In Love Is In The Earth, Melody says Amber is said to bring good luck to warriors. As we’re all warriors in life, Amber is a good stone to keep nearby when you’re trying to attract luck.

Out of all the crystals for good luck, this one might be the best one to use if you’re wanting luck in romance or relationships. Melody says Amber has been used a symbol for renewing marriage vows and keeping promises.

Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye is another stone to have in your crystals for good luck kit. According to Love Is In The Earth, Cat’s Eye can help amplify your luck. Cat’s Eye represents happiness and serenity. It’s also said to help dispel unwanted energy, which is useful for manifestation and adopting a better mindset. As Cat’s Eye helps us gain more positive perceptive, it can help us learn where to look for good luck, aiding us to improve our life. Cat’s Eye is also said to help us gain better understanding, encouraging us to look beyond surface level, into the deeper layers of a situation.


Peridot is also sometimes used as a crystal for good luck and success. Having a friendly energy, Peridot brings warmth and helps nurture your confidence. This can help bring good luck to situations where your self-esteem is typically hindered. It connects to the heart chakra, making it a wonderful choice for crystals for good luck when dating or deepening relationships.

Some also refer to Peridot as a money stone, helping your attract success and abundance. It’s a great crystal to keep in your workplace or wallet.


Jade is one of the most common crystal for good luck and success. It’s popular for attracting fortune and improving finances. In Chinese medicine, Green Jade is a token for good luck, often placed in businesses for luck in sales, partnerships and investments. Melody also calls Jade a “dream stone” and “stone of fidelity,” helping you devote yourself to your purpose. It’s also said to be one of the crystals in the high priest’s breastplate.

Rose Quartz

If you’re looking for crystals for luck and success in love, turn to rose quartz. It’s one of the most popular and readily available stones, making it accessible to anyone who wants to amp up their love life.

Consider placing rose quartz in your purse or bra before going on a first date. As an experiment to test your luck, hold rose quartz while selecting romantic matches on your dating app. The stone can also be used as a crystal for good luck in other relationships—such as good luck when approaching difficult issues with family members or attracting new friendships.

Summary: Crystals for Luck and Success

We’ve outlined the top crystals for luck and success. These can be placed around your home or taken with you on the go. Keep in mind that these are only recommendations. If a crystal for good luck isn’t on this list but works for you, continue using it! The most important part of any spiritual tool is the intention you bring to it. As always, to help your crystals for good luck have the most power and clarity, make sure to cleanse them regularly.


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