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12 Powerful Crystals for Love and Healing Romantic Grief

Crystals for love and healing can support you on your journey through romantic grief.

Whether you’re going through a serious split, the end of a situationship or found out your crush doesn’t like you back, these crystals might help.

Lean on these stones throughout your healing journey to provide comfort and inspiration to keep going.

Read on to learn the best crystals for love and healing.

Crystals for Love and Healing: Do They Work?

Crystals for love and healing can be used to help you heal from previous love experiences. They can also help you garner more love for yourself, increasing your amount of self-compassion, helping you to move on.

Throughout your healing journey, spiritual tools like crystals for love and healing can be comforting. They can serve as a gentle reminder about your intention to heal. Each crystal’s meaning can inspire introspection and can help you look at situations from different lenses. Research also shows that leaning on a belief system—whether religious or spiritual—can help you tolerate stress better.

With that being said, it’s also important to try science-backed methods for healing. While crystals for love and healing can walk alongside you on your journey, they don’t replace mental health strategies. Evidence has shown that the following can help you heal from painful love situations:

  • Journaling
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Talking to someone supportive
  • Finding meaning/growing yourself from the situation
  • Therapy

How to Use Crystals for Love and Healing?

You can use crystals for love and healing in a few different ways:

  • Place under your pillow. Place your favorite crystals for love and healing under your pillow before you sleep at night. Set the intention for the crystals to help relieve you of your grief.
  • Keep in your pocket. If you’re struggling to deal with your grief in the day, stick one or two crystals for love and healing in your pocket when you leave home. Whenever the intensity of grief builds, hold your stone for a moment and breathe deeply. If you don’t have pockets, alternatives including keeping a stone in your purse or bra.
  • You can also use crystals for love and healing during your meditation. You can do this in a few ways. For example, meditate with a few crystals and ask which will be your primary guide through your healing. Another suggestion: Hold a stone and ask what it has to teach you about your grief. You can also look up the crystal meaning beforehand and hold it silently afterwards, meditating on its meaning.
  • Display around home. Keep your crystals for love and healing in places you’ll see frequently.
  • You can also journal about your favorite crystals for love and healing. Reflect on the meaning of a particular crystal and how it relates to what you’re experiencing.

12 Crystals for Love and Healing

Below are the best crystals for love and healing. Scroll through to see which resonates with you the most. You might notice that many of these crystals for love and healing are pink and green. As a general rule, many pink and green crystals are thought to have healing qualities. Turn to these colors when you need help with grief.

Remember that even if a stone isn’t on this list, you can still use it to heal your love grief. Although crystals have specific meanings, what matters most is what it means to you and the intention you have while working with it. Just because a stone isn’t considered one of the crystals for love and healing doesn’t mean you can’t use it.


Kunzite is a light pink stone that looks like it would be perfect to heal love–and it is. Its gentle energy serves as a reminder to go easy on yourself, especially during tough times. When looking for crystals for love and healing, this one is a great choice to minimize harmful, negative self-talk. It can aid you to have compassion with yourself throughout the healing journey. When we’re healing from a love situation, it’s easy to have self-doubt. We might feel less than because someone treated us poorly or ended a relationship. Kunzite is one of the best crystals for love and healing because it can help to reintegrate self-love.


Emerald is another top stone if you’re looking for crystals for love and healing. Made up of shades of green with black specks and stripes, it can encourage harmony. When you’re going through a difficult time in your love life, thoughts are most likely circling, making it difficult for you to heal. Emerald can bring a calm sense of peace to your thoughts, helping slow the negativity. It can help open our heart chakra and dampen the intensity of our emotions. . As a bonus, it can help you move toward future love interests. In the famous book Love Is In The Earth by Melody, she calls emerald “the stone of successful love.” It’s a good stone to use when you feel you’re nearing the point of dating again.


Hematite is usually thought of as a protection stone, but it’s protective qualities can be helpful for healing a love situation. If you’re healing from someone who was hurtful, it can help redirect the negative energy back t them. Hematite is a black stone that has a mirror-like appearance. Envision this shiny surface reflecting the negativity back to your ex-partner, freeing you of their energy. Out of all the crystals for love and healing, Hematite is a great choice to use if your ex was a narcissist, toxic or still tries to make contact with you.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the number one crystal for love and healing of any type. It’s affordable and easy to find, making it one of the most recommended stones. Rose quartz can help us open our heart to ourselves, increasing self-compassion and self-love. As a pink stone, it can also help us heal from a variety of situations, especially romantic ones.


In Love Is In The Earth, Melody says Chrysocolla can help release heartache to “give renewed strength and balance.” She also says it increases your capacity to love, which can be helpful if you feel like grief has drained your ability to continue loving. It provides a stabilizing energy amongst the turbulence of breakups or relationship endings.


Ruby is a stone of passion and can be used to help draw in romance. However, it’s also one of the crystals for love and healing. When we go through grief, often we lose passion for life. Our disappointment in one area of life can impact our whole life. Everything may seem more black and we have less enthusiasm for the things we love. Ruby can help you set aside your grief so you can still experience moments of joy. Reigniting your passion for life, the stone can help you savor the good parts through the struggle.


Malachite is a stone made of different bands of green hues. Love Is In The Earth calls malachite the “stone of transformation,” which can be perfect for ushering in the change required for healing. As one of the crystals for love and healing, it can help you look deep inside yourself to release emotions.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is another great stone for both healing and protection. If you need protection from other people’s emotions or influences throughout your healing, turn to obsidian. Often times, if we’re empathic, we put too much emphasis on the feelings of others and too little on ourselves. To heal though, we need to fully recognize the intensity of our emotions and normalize them. As one of the best clearing stones, black obsidian can help ward off external influences so you can focus on yourself and your healing.


Coral from the sea is believed to quiet emotions to bring a sense of peace. If you’re looking for crystals for love and healing, although not technically a crystal, it has similar qualities that can see turmoil. Specifically, pink coral is said to stimulate the heart chakra and increases your intuition with respect to love.


Amethyst one of the best crystals for love an healing to use if you have anxiety. Many times, our anxieties hold us back from healing. We worry about our next steps, the future and if we’ll fall in love and have heartbreak again. While it’s normal to have these feelings, eventually we’ll need to most past these worries. Amethyst can help soothe and calm you while clearing harsh thoughts.


Carnelian is one of the best crystals for love and healing when you’re ready for introspection. According to Love Is In The Earth, the stone helps you gain perceptiveness. This can help you see your situation from other points of view. In that, you can gain lessons from your painful grief, helping you find meaning and move past in.


Peridot is another green stone that’s great for heartbreak. According to Love Is In The Earth, it can encourage openness and acceptance in love and romance. With that, it can help you accept the conclusion of a relationship–even when it’s difficult. It can also help you understand the changes you’re going through and regulate cycles, such as the emotional grief cycle.

Summary: Crystals for Love and Healing

Crystals for love and healing can help you move past a painful love situation. Before turning to spiritual supports, always seek evidence-based treatments to control your emotions. For example, talking with friends and therapy can be great healers after a breakup. While taking care of your needs as a human, spiritual tools can help deepen your healing. Try a few crystals for love and healing to see which works for you. Keep them on hand to provide comfort and inspiration. You can also use favorite crystals for love and healing for therapeutic exercises, like meditation or journaling.


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