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14 Herb Crafts for Adults: DIY Creative Spiritual Seekers

Whether you’re practicing magik, a nature lover or have a spiritual connection with herbs—

making DIYs with them is a good way to ensure they never go to waste.

Perhaps you have some left over, grow them in your garden or are simply looking for witchy craft DIYS.

Here, we’re sharing 14 herb DIY crafts you can do at home.

14 Witchy Herb DIY Crafts

If you’re looking for crafts that use herbs, scroll through this list of fun, creative and witchy ideas.

#1 Witch Bottles or Spell Bottles

  • Witch bottles incorporate a mix of nature findings into one cute, tiny bottle. You can purchase small jars at the dollar store and fill them with:
    Small crystals
    Dried flowers
    Essential oils
  • These can be used for spells or intention setting on a new path. You can also use them to place in your altars. Here’s a more in-depth tutorial on how to make a witch bottle.

#2 Wreath

You can use your herbs to make a wreath for any season. They’re traditionally used around the holidays and winter, but you can make a wreath have a summertime or spring vibe by adding some dried orange slices to your herbs.


#3 Frozen Herb Oil

If you know your herbs are going to go bad, you can pour olive oil into an ice cube tray and lay in your herbs. When you’re ready to cook, pop out a cube and defrost your oil in the pan.


#4 Herb or Floral Ice Cubes

These beautiful cubes are simple to make and a great way to use up your extra herbs and flowers. For something more spiced, use herbs. To add a beautiful look to a sparkling beverage, use colorful flowers.


#5 Herb Mobile

To make a herb mobile, attach twigs to make a circle (or buy a metal circle base). Then, attach your upside-down herb sprigs using twine. Attach twine to the four corners of circular mobile and hang it from the ceiling. Not only does this provide some witchy décor, but it also dries your herbs. Here’s a full tutorial on making a Herb Mobile Drying Rack.


#6 Centre Piece

If you love a witchy aesthetic that revolves around everything natural, try using your dried herbs as a centerpiece. Simply place the sprigs in a mason jar. If you’re feeling creative, tie a bow around for a pop.


#7 Herb Satchels

Herb satchels can be used and carried around for their magical healing powers. Or they can be placed around the home because of their beautiful scents. They can also be placed in altars. To make your own, think about your intention for the satchel. That way, you can choose herbs, scents and crystals that correspond to that topic or purpose. Combine your dried herbs, small crystal(s), flower petals and other nature findings, then pour into your satchel.


#8 Herb Salts

There’s nothing like a homemade herb salt or rub. It makes cooking just that much more special and the kitchen all that more creative. You can Google recipes for the herbs you have leftover to see recommendations for additional flavors. However, in many cases, you can simply dry your herbs, chop them up, and combine with coarse salt.


#9 Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are traditionally made with sprigs of sage that have been tied together and dried. However, you can also use other herbs, such as rosemary and lemongrass. To learn how to make you own smudge stick, read this. To learn how to smudge, read How To Smudge With Sage To Cleanse Energies.


#10 Bath Salt

  • You can also use your herbs to make soothing bath salts. For this you’ll need:
    Epsom salts
    Essential oil

The photo above shares a basic recipe, but you can change it as you’d like. For example, you may use rosemary herbs instead of rose petals. If you don’t have many ingredients but still want to enjoy a herb bath, simply mix your plant material with Epsom salts and a few drops of an essential oil.


#11 Candles

If you make candles, you can use your herbs to make a new age craft. Simply make your candle as you normally do and place a few herbs at the top. Other people like carefully laying a sprig in the side of the jars. You can learn about using plants in candles here.


#12 Tea

  • Tea is an easy no-brainer new age craft to make with herbs. All you need to do is dry your herb and place it in a tea strainer. Pour in hot water, let steep and enjoy your fresh, natural cup of tea. Herbs you can make tea with include:
    Lemon balm
    + More

You can also experiment by combining herbs and making your own blends. If you’re into witchcraft medicine, you can also research which herbs impart which benefits and make your DIY tea according to that.


#13 Herb Hanging Art Piece

You can also play around with your herbs and plant material to make a hanging wall piece. In the example above, leaves and beads hang on a simple string art piece. You can create something similar using your herbs or plants in your home.


#14 Sage Spray


As we mentioned above, you can make a smudge stick from dried herb sprigs. However, if you don’t have a bundle to use but still want the energy clearing benefits, you can make a sage spray instead. To do this you’ll need:

  • Essential oils
  • Herbs (sage or lemongrass)
  • Water

Mix the ingredients and place into a spray bottle. You can use this as a room spray to clear the energy, or as a spray to clear your aura. If you want, you can also add a crystal to the bottom of the bottle to help purify the energy.


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