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43 Magical Halloween + Fall Date Ideas for Couples [At Home + Out]

There’s a certain magic in the air as soon as fall comes around.

Maybe it’s the smell of warm cinnamon and vanilla.

Maybe it’s the cozy blankets.

… Or maybe it’s actual magic 🙂

In any case, we often look for more ways to bring the fall vibe into our lives. One thing you can do is incorporate the magic of the season into your dates for some added romance.

In this post, we’re sharing 43 magical fall date ideas you can do at home or out in the world.

43 Fall Date Ideas At Home + Outside

If you love the autumn season, you’re going to love these fall date ideas.

#1 Bake a Fall Dessert

Even if your partner doesn’t like baking or cooking, I find it’s always fun to do together! You work together for a common goal and then you get to share the fruits of your labor. There’s tons of fall dessert recipes to choose from: Apples, pumpkins, caramel and more. Here’s more than 75 ideas to get you started.

#2 Hay Ride

Google if any places close to you offer hayrides. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s when a wage or cart is pulled by a tractor, truck or horse. You’ll be seated on hay or straw, perfect for fall aesthetic, and tour through the field. Wear your plaid and pack a checkered blanket and you’re good to go!

#3 Find a Local Festival

Many towns have festivals and fairs during the fall season. It gives farmers the perfect opportunity to sell off all their crop before the season ends. And, it gives you and your partner a great chance to bask in everything fall. Whether it’s a craft fair, one with rides or ones for food lovers—there’s probably at least a few coming up near you.

#4 Pumpkin Carving

You knew you’d see pumpkin carving on this list. Even if you don’t think picking out “pumpkin guts” is romantic, I think there’s something magical about talking while you’re both creating something. If you’re competitive, you can challenge each other to who can carve the best pumpkin.

#5 Outdoor Scary Movie Festival

If you have a backyard or even a balcony, dress up the space with fall décor. Make it super cozy by adding lots of blankets and pillows and fairy lights. Then, either set up a projector or laptop where you and your partner can watch some scary movies. Oh, don’t forget the snacks, either!

#6 Pumpkin Patch Wandering

What screams fall date idea more than a pumpkin patch? Find a location close to you and take your partner out to find only the finest of pumpkins. What you do with it is up to you—decorate, carve, eat, etc.!

#7 Go for a Drive

Drives can be particularly fun in the fall because you don’t need to blare the AC and the scenes can be beautiful. With the freshly fallen leaves scattered on the ground and the bare trees revealing glorious views, it’s a great time to go cruising. We recommend asking around to see which streets/areas look the most pretty during fall.

#8 Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon rides are one of the more expensive options on this fall date idea list. But it’s worth it! Sailing above during autumn means seeing green, orange, red, brown leaves beautifying the skyline.

#9 Play Bartender

Purchase a whole bunch of fall-themed mixers (think apple, pumpkin and caramel flavors). Then, buy some liquor and fall-flavored liqueurs. Set up a makeshift bar at home and design your own fall cocktails! When you agree on a favorite, you can name it your signature couple cocktail!

#10 Go for a Hike

Near Halloween is a great time to go hiking because it’s not too hot and the views can be amazing when all the leaves fall. Pack a lunch, some drinks and take your partner on a new hiking trail for the afternoon.

#11 Video Game Competition

If you and your partner like video games, why not make a day or night out of it? Line the living room with everything cozy, from blankets to lights to warm drinks and snacks. Then, challenge each other to a set of games. Whoever wins the most is the winner of the night!

#12 Visit a Winery

Whether or not you and your partner are a wine snob, wine tastings can be so fun to attend. One year, I went to Niagara on the Lake and did a few wine tastings. I was skeptical because my wine knowledge is nothing compared to connoisseurs. Still, I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and got a pretty nice buzz too. Remember: Have a sober ride between tasting locations!

#13 Make a Scarecrow Together

If you like making things but you’re not particularly talented, scarecrows can be a great activity! They don’t need to look good and quite frankly, it’s better if they don’t because it makes them scarier. Of course, if you have a garden and need to scare away the birds, you can use it there. But, if not, you can keep it on your front lawn to scare away those… pesky Jehovah’s Witness door-knockers?

#14 Make Mulled Wine

If you love autumn, drinking, creativity and being with your partner, combine all 4 by making a mulled wine. It’s typically made by heating wine with other flavors over a stove until they are fully melded. There’s plenty options to choose from but here’s a mulled wine recipe to get you started.

#15 Visit a Small Town

If you live in a big city, take a weekend day and go out for a drive to a small town. Often, small town has prettier views of fallen leaves. Many also have small, cozy festivals during this time, too!

#16 Graveyard Walk

If you and your partner like things others would consider morbid, go for a walk in a graveyard. It can be interesting to read all of the names and sayings on the hedge stones. You can also bring some flowers and leave them on stones you’re drawn to.

#17 Stargaze

If you don’t want to commit to a night of camping but love starry skies, you’ll love this date idea. Bring a heavy, comfy blanket to lay down in a park while you and your partner gaze up into the sky. Make it even more special by bringing along a thermos of your favorite hot drink.

#18 Re-Enact Friends’ Football Scene

Remember the episode on friends where they all play Thanksgiving football and get super competitive? If you want to add a little competition into your relationship, invite a few friends along and make your own game.

#19 Make a Blanket Fort

Blanket forts aren’t just for children—they’re for adults during fall and especially during the pandemic season. To make it cozier, add a few fairy lights inside and around. Then, go inside and cuddle! 

#20 Have a Fall Photoshoot

If you’re big on the Instagram #couplegoals photos, the season wouldn’t be complete without a photo shoot. Whether you’re taking them yourselves with a tripod or having a friend help out, choose an outdoor background that either screams “cozy fall” or “spooky Halloween.”

#21 Haunted House

If you’re up for something spooky or want an opportunity to cuddle in closer, go to a haunted house! Many locations have popup houses close to Halloween.

#22 Have a Romantic Fall Fondue

After a hot summer of fresh veggies and salads, a nice, hearty fondu can hit the spot. Get a fondue set and melt some chocolate. Then, dip in whatever fresh fruit or goodies your partner loves. You could also do it with cheese for a more savory feast.

#23 Try an Ouija Board

Ouija boards are a fun and spooky activity to try during fall and can make a great Halloween date idea. Keep in mind that, in my opinion, you should always pay respect to the board and not treat it as a game. That means saying opening and closing prayers and respecting the spirit if it moves to “goodbye.” Maybe you don’t believe that spirit is actually moving the planchette and you think it’s all fake. Still, do you really want to test it? I don’t!

#24 Take a Cooking Class

If there’s one time to learn cooking, it’s before Thanksgiving and Christmas season! But even though it may not make you a MasterChef in one class, it can still be loads of fun! Maybe it gives your partner a chance to show off their skills. Or, maybe it will be a good chuckle when you see how clumsy they are! Either way, it can be a good way to get out while staying indoors. Many cooking classes have resumed during COVID-19, just be sure they’re taking proper precautions!

#25 Visit a Cider Brewery

Ciders are like beer only they’re made from apples—fall’s favorite fruit! Visit a local brewery that also makes ciders and sample all the new flavors they have this season.

#26 Plan Couple’s Costumes

Take a night out to plan what you and your partner want to be for Halloween. With the pandemic, your plans may look a little different this year. But, in any case, even if it’s at home or with a few “pod friends” showing off your costume can be fun. Take the time to research which couples’ costumes appeal to you both.

#27 Go to a Farmer’s Market

Discover what’s in season by checking out your local farmer’s market. Depending on where you live, they may be selling their last veggies of the season before going into a cold winter. Take advantage of the last local, fresh crops your farmer has to offer.

#28 Portage Adventure

Canoeing is great in the summer, but the views can be even prettier in the fall with all the leaves. Take a weekend to go on a portage trip down a nice river or lake.

#29 Have a Bonfire

Whether it’s your backyard or an outdoor space you can use to start a fire, they’re perfect near Halloween season. If your partner plays guitar, even better! If not, you can always prepare some ghost stories to tell, making one of the most perfect Halloween date ideas.

#30 Go Apple Picking

Maybe there’s a field near you that’s open to the public to pick apples. Or, maybe you just know a secret location where trees happen to be. Take your partner and pick a bunch. If you’re up to it, make an apple pie together when you get home 🙂 If you’re too lazy, why not use them to make an apple cocktail.

#31 Visit a Waterfall

If hiking is not your thing but you still love beautiful views, search up areas near you with waterfalls and plan a walk to them. The fall vibes make waterfalls just as beautiful in the autumn season.

#32 Do a Corn/Hay Maze

I remember doing a hay maze when I was really young and I hated it. But if that’s your thing, why not try it again? Perfect for partners who aren’t directionally challenged.

#33 Forest Walk

Maybe the most simple and free on this list, walking through a forest with freshly fallen leaves is always a great activity. It’s perfect for handholding and having deep conversations and getting closer while taking in the crisp autumn air.

#34 Go Horseback Riding

If there’s a ranch near you, see if they offer horse rides. It can be the perfect chance to wrap your arms around your partner and snuggle in close while also enjoying the views along the ride.

#35 Drive-In Theatre

Drive-in theatres can be a good idea all year ’round; but there’s something particularly special about them during fall. You can curl up to a scary movie and use it as an excuse to get closer. If you live in a cool climate, your drive-in may be showing its last movies of the year before it closes for winter. Plus, during COVID-19, it’s a better idea to avoid real theatres anyway. And, if everything goes well, you can always expand the date with a trip to lover’s lane 😉

#36 Go Coffee Shop Hopping

Skip Starbucks and see what the other independent coffee shops in your area have to offer. During this time of year, they often add fun new items to the menu. Of course, your favorite pumpkin spiced latte is usually available, but many go a step further than Starbucks in terms of creativity. Start with one shop and pick a drink. Then, walk to the next location and try another.

#37 Take a Paint Class

I went to a painting class with my friend once and it seems like such a fun thing to do with a partner. In fact, the couple there was laughing at each other and having a ball while making masterpieces 🙂 When you sign up for one online, they usually tell you which painting you’ll be working on. During this time, many of the paintings are Halloween related, making it one of the best fall date ideas. If you don’t want to go out, you can always follow and online painting tutorial.


#38 Go on a Ghost Tour

Many cities offer low cost walking ghost tours that highlight the spooky history of historic buildings. They’re perfect for handholding and snuggling in close.

#39 Fall Date Idea Picnic

Who says picnics are just for summer? Not me. Having a picnic in the fall allows for a different set of food and décor too. Switch up your summer sandwiches for a hot soup served in a thermos with some delicious crusty bread. Instead of sangria, you can pick a hot drink, like apple cider, hot toddy or hot chocolate. If it’s still hot where you live, go for a cold apple drink, like a cider. Make sure to pack tons of comfortable blankets!

#40 Rent a Cabin

What says fall more than a cozy cabin on a crisp fall day? Rent a small cabin out of town for the weekend and stay indoors with your partner cuddling, cooking, talking, bonding and whatever else 🙂

#41 Self-Led Dance Class: Halloween Date Ideas at Home

You could go to an actual dance class, but many may not be open yet because of the pandemic. Still, you can pull up a dance class of whatever you want to learn on YouTube. Then, clear some space, put on some music, maybe have a few drinks, and get practicing! With the weather cooled down, you’ll break less of a sweat than normal. And, if you learn something, you can always show off at your upcoming holiday parties!

#42 Play a Board Game

Board games can seem boring. But what about playing them in a cozy living room filled with blankets, fairy lights, snacks and adult beverages? Now it seems a little more fun, right? Set the scene and check your local thrift store for some new games to try out.

#43 Go Camping

If it’s still warm enough where you live, consider going for a weekend camping trip. During COVID-19, it’s a great way to get away without getting close to other people. And, since it’s just the 2 of you, it’s the perfect bonding opportunity.


Summary of Halloween Date Ideas At Home

Whether you love spooky vibes or more cozy ones, Halloween is a great season to try some different things with your partner. We’ve included ideas appropriate for the pandemic. Some you can do some the comfort of your home, while others get you out and enjoying that fresh, crisp, autumn air.


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