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5 Card Tarot Spreads for Relationships, Life, Change

Want to gain insight into specific areas of your life? Or general ones?

Using tarot spreads can help us look at situations from a different perspective. This can help us understand blocks or how we may improve.

In particular, 5 card tarot spreads are versatile and easy to do when you’d like a little extra guidance.

The layouts in this post help you better understand your relationships, transitions and life in general.

5 Card Tarot Spreads

5 card tarot spreads are ideal whether you’re a beginner who wants something simple or whether you’re a seasoned reader who wants the gist within a few cards.

Before jumping in, remember to say your intention or prayer for protection for the reading 🙂

Life In 5

This 5 card tarot spread gives you a snapshot of your life in a basic layout. It’s a great one to use if you what an overview of your life and don’t have any specific questions in mind.

The first card represents your love life and relationships. The second card helps you better understand the state of your current family and friend relationships. These are the non-romantic partnerships closest to you. The third card represents how your work life is going. The fourth card helps you narrow in on what aspect of your life might be a priority. This can help you understand what should be the focus right now. The last card helps you explore that further, giving you insight into ways you can prioritize or improve that aspect of your life.

  1. Represents your current love life and relationships
  2. Represents your current family/friends life and relationships
  3. Represents your current work/school life
  4. A situation or aspect of your life to focus on or prioritize right now
  5. More insight into how to improve or prioritize that situation or aspect of life


Toxic Relationship Spread

This toxic relationship tarot spread helps you look at your partnership a little differently. Whether it’s something you can repair, or whether it’s something you might consider leaving, it will give you some new ideas to think about.

In this 5 card tarot spread, the first card represents the current state of the toxic relationship in question. This is the general feeling or theme. The second card unveils relationship patterns. You may or may not be aware of these. The third card represents you in the relationship. This could be your feelings, the role you’re playing or what you’re experiencing. The fourth card represents your partner. This could be their feelings or the role they’re playing to make the relationship toxic. The last card represents how to break free from the toxic relationship patterns. Sometimes, this can be a change in behavior by either partner. However, sometimes relationships cannot be repaired and the cards may indicate that too. Try to honestly consider the perceptive the cards offer. Is the relationship healthy? Try to have self-compassion if the cards inside a possible cutting of ties.

  1. Current state of relationship
  2. Represents relationship patterns
  3. Represents you in the relationship
  4. Represents the other person in the relationship
  5. How to break free from the patterns in the relationship or how to break free from the relationship entirely


Improve A Relationship: 5 Card Tarot Spreads

This is a great and simple 5 card spread for insight into how to improve a relationship. That could be a boyfriend, girlfriend, marriage, friendship, co-worker or family member. Hold the intention of the relationship in mind as you shuffle and layout the cards.

The 5 card in this 5 card spread represents the current state of the relationship in question. The second card helps you delve into blocks you may be experiencing. You may or may not be conscious of these. The third gives you some answers on what you could do to help the relationship overcome these blockages. However, not everything in a relationship is in your control. It always takes two people. That’s why the fourth card represents factors that are outside of your control. These are things to be aware of and try to have grace to accept. The last card is meant to help you gain insight on the relationship as a whole. It gives you a new lens to consider or explore the partnership through.

  1. Current state of relationship
  2. Blocks you may be experiencing in the relationship
  3. Insight on how to overcome those blocks
  4. Insight into potential external factors outside of your control
  5. A new perspective or lens to look at the relationship through


Bat Tarot Spread

Bats represent the old and transitioning onto a new and better part of life. As such, this 5 card tarot spread represents a transition in your life. Before laying out the cards, choose an intention. This could be a transition into a new time in life, or you could ask about the change of a specific situation.

The first card represents your life or situation at this point in time. With this situation in mind, the second card presents what you went through in the past regarding it. The third card will help you unlock lessons you may or may not be aware you learned. Then, shift to the right side of the bat’s wings. The fourth card represents how your life or this situation may play out in the future. The last card hints at lessons you might learn in the future.

  1. Represents where you’re at in your life or situation now
  2. Represents your life or situation past
  3. Represents lesson you’ve learned in the past
  4. Represents your life or situation in the future
  5. Represents lessons you’ll learn from this time in life or situation

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Summary: 5 Card Tarot Spreads

5 card tarot spreads are versatile for beginners or seasoned readers. Use the layouts above when you need guidance on relationships, transitions and life in general.


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