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59 Toxic Relationship Quotes for Him and Her

Toxic relationship quotes can make you feel less alone and may validate your feelings.

They can also inspire you to leave unhealthy situations so you can heal yourself.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in this list.

Keep scrolling to read 59 toxic relationship quotes for him and her.


Toxic Relationship Quotes for Him and Her

We’ve broken up these quotes into the 3 stages of a toxic relationship: relatable quotes for partners in toxic relationships, quotes for leaving and quotes for moving on.


Relatable Toxic Relationship Quotes for Him and Her

These toxic relationship quotes for him and her might be relatable. If they are, it’s a good idea to evaluate the relationship you have with your partner and whether it’s healthy.

When someone forces you to choose between you and them, PICK YOU.

Some people can’t love you but they don’t want anyone else to either.

If someone is angry at your boundaries, it’s because they plan on pushing them.

Some people fake progress so you’ll stay. But they have no intention of actually changing.

Learn to say, “Here’s what’s ok. Here’s what’s not ok. Here are the consequences of doing what’s not okay.”

If you hold back because you’re scared how they’ll react, you’re in a toxic relationship


Sometimes we ignore the problems because addressing them means leaving.


Some people accuse you of arguing when you hold them accountable. Still, hold them accountable.


It’s not enough to say “I love you.” A person must show it.


Repeat behavior is a pattern, not an accident.


Narcissists often accuse others of being ‘sensitive’ to avoid taking responsibility


If it doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.


If you’re too embarrassed to tell your family about their behavior, it’s time to leave.


If everything you do is wrong, they’re not right for you.


If you’re walking on eggshells, it’s because the egg has already broken.


Don’t keep the peace if it causes a war within.


A relationship shouldn’t make you feel anxious


A relationship should make you feel secure


Sometimes quitting is courageous.


Stop overlooking their faults when they’re quick to point out yours


You can’t heal someone for them.


Breadcrumbs are meant to be swept, not eaten.


You are worth quick replies, compliments and curious questions.


Giving more to a narcissist encourages them to give even less.


If you have to pick, it’s better to be at peace than in partnership.


You can’t make someone care about you.


When it hurts to hold on, let go.


I’m tired of giving 100% only to receiving 10%


Stop getting excited about breadcrumbs


When they make you feel bad about their behavior, it’s manipulation.



Leaving a Toxic Relationship Quotes

These leaving a toxic relationship quotes may be relatable if you’ve recently got out or are in the process.

Remember that part of what makes the relationship so toxic is how difficult it feels to leave. Even though you know you’re making the right decision, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Try to go easy on yourself during this time. Hold firm in your decision and remember to put yourself first.

If you don’t let go, you can’t meet someone better.

Love is not always healthy. That doesn’t mean you should stay.

Know when to jump off the roller coaster.


You can’t change him but you can change your relationship with him


Don’t feel guilty about leaving. Ending toxic bonds helps the other person too.


Toxic people may genuinely love you. But that doesn’t mean they’ll ever change.


Sometimes your heart breaks up with someone before you do.


Life is a story and you can always edit the role characters play in your life.


It’s okay if this isn’t what you want.


I love you but I will never stay at my own expense


Reasons for their behavior aren’t excuses to stay.


Toxic people aren’t always bad people. Sometimes they’re just bad for us.


If you’re settling, you won’t regret leaving.


You’re afraid of leaving because you don’t want to be alone. But baby, you already are.


Imagine the possibilities of who you’ll meet when you leave.


Jumping off the roller coaster may cause bruises but it’s better than an endless bumpy ride.


It’s never too late to end a toxic relationship


But how will you find better if you stay?


Moving On From a Toxic Relationship Quotes

Getting out of a toxic relationship is one thing, but getting over it is another. Just because we know someone is bad for us doesn’t mean we don’t struggle to let them go. Often this push-pull energy can make it even more difficult.

These moving on from a toxic relationship quotes let you know that you’re not alone in missing what you shouldn’t have. And, it gives you hope that you’ll eventually experience what many others have: a sense of freedom after leaving a toxic relationship.

Girl, stop dumpster diving. He’s still garbage.


This short-term pain is preventing long-term heartaches.


Some of us repetitively open and close doors before we lock them. Just remember to use a tight lock.


I’m still in love with who you pretended to be.


You didn’t love them. You loved their illusion.


Sometimes we don’t fall in love with people. We fall in love with how they made us feel.


Stop thinking about what it could have been. You saw what it actually was.


If you ever got out of a toxic relationship, congrats. That sht is hard.


One day, you’ll be so happy you ended it.


Let the door hit you on the way out and boot you into a different universe


I know it hurts. But imagine dealing with him forever.


Toxic relationship breakups are enviable. You’re just getting it over it with!


Summary: Toxic Relationship Quotes for Him and Her

These toxic relationship quotes for him and her will be relatable to those who are currently in, leaving or have already left a toxic partnership. Reading leaving a toxic relationship quotes or moving on from a toxic relationship quotes can let you know that you’re not alone in your feeling.

Toxic relationships are hard to deal with. If things aren’t improving and you can relate to the content here, you may revaluate your relationship. Remember that even if you love a person, it may be unhealthy to be with them. And, you can’t change another person. Sometimes leaving is the best thing to do. Even if it’s also the most difficult.


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