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6 Card Tarot Spread Layouts: 3 Best Relationship Tarot Spread

Get an unbiased perspective on your love life by using a relationship tarot spread.

A 6 card tarot spread can help you learn about your current situation, your future and what you can do to improve both.

Whether you’re in a relationship or hoping to be in one, these layouts can help guide you. Choose your favorite 6 card tarot spread below.

How to Read 6 Card Tarot Spread

Before you read your 6 card tarot spread, below are a few tips.

  • Cleanse tarot deck. As with any oracle deck, before you do a 6 card tarot spread, you’ll want to cleanse your deck. You can do this in many ways, including with incense, smudge sticks, salt, crystals, singing bowls and more.
  • Say intention or prayer. Before you do your relationship tarot spread, make sure to say a prayer or intention statement beforehand. In this, ask for protection and clarity from whichever higher power/self you believe in.
  • Focus on the picture. Take a look at the photo on your tarot card and pay attention to the symbolism. What pops out at you? What is taking your focus and what do you think it means?
  • Listen to your intuition. If you’re learning how to read cards while doing a 6 card tarot spread, use your intuition first. When you pull a card, ask your intuition what you think it means and glance at the images. After, read the meaning in the book. Combine both definitions if they differ.

Tips for Reading Relationship Tarot Spread

Reading a relationship tarot spread can be tricky because our love life may be sensitive. Here’s some tips on getting an accurate reading.

  • Nothing is Set in Stone. Remember that whatever the card predicts, it’s not set in stone. Everything is subject to change and freewill. That means if the cards point to a bad situation happening in your love life, you have freewill to avoid it, end a relationship, improve a situation, etc.
  • Focus on Your Control. In the 6 card tarot spread options below, most point to what you can control in any given situation. This is key. Many factors are outside our control. If we want to change our outcome cards, we should focus on the cards that point to what we can control.
  • Don’t Keep Pulling Cards. Sometimes, when we don’t like what the cards predict, it’s tempting to keep pulling until we get what we want. While we can do this, of course, it won’t change the future. Try to resist the urge. Instead, focus on the fact that you’re in charge or your life, not the cards. You can steer the boat in a different direction.
  • Consider Other Interpretations. If you’re someone who has a tendency to worry or have anxiety, it’s easy to assume the worst. We can assume the worst meaning out of any card. If it feels right, consider other perspectives by using multiple sources. For example, you may assume a card of deception indicates your partner is cheating on you. However, it could mean you aren’t being truthful with yourself, or that you’re deceiving yourself within the relationship.

Three 6 Card Tarot Spread Layouts: Best Relationship Tarot Spread

Are you in a relationship or have some questions about a new dating situation? These are the best 6 card tarot spreads if you’re looking for a relationship tarot spread.

Two Wholes Relationship Tarot Spread

This relationship tarot spread first explores you and your partner as independent people. Then how do you act in a relationship? Lastly, what can each of you do to improve the state of your relationship.

  1. You as a single person. Represents who you are as a person, stripped from your relationship. Your truest self.
  2. You as a person in a relationship. Represents who you are in a relationship. Does it strengthen you? Change you? How does it influence how you behave, think, or feel?
  3. Something you can do to improve the relationship. What’s something you can do to improve the relationship on your end? If it’s not going well, what’s in your control. If it’s going great, how can you make it even better?
  4. Your partner as a single person. Represents your partner as a person, stripped from the relationship. Their truest self.
  5. Your partner as a person in a relationship. Represents who your partner is in the relationship. How do they act in relationships or feel about them generally?
  6. Something they can do to improve the relationship. Not everything is within our control. This card suggests what your partner may do to improve the relationship. Your partner may or may not work on this. If not, you’ll to come to terms with the fact that it won’t change—which may or may not mean breaking up.

My Future Love Life: 6 Card Tarot Spread

A look at your love life in the past, present and future. To end off this relationship tarot spread, you’ll be guided on what you should focus on in your love life now.

  1. Your love life in the past. Represents your past love life and what you’ve experienced or felt.
  2. Your love life now. Represents the state of your love life now. Are you happily single or happily in a relationship? Or are unhappy with your current love life. Maybe your current focus is on another part of life. Or, perhaps the cards show you’re trying too hard to make it happen.
  3. Your hopes for future love life. What are you hoping for in your love life? Perhaps you want to improve a current relationship. Or maybe it points to the type of person you’re trying to attract.
  4. Most likely outcome for immediate future love life. This card represents the most likely outcome for your love life in the immediate future. Remember nothing is set in stone.
  5. Most likely outcome for distant future love life. Represents the most likely outcome for your love life in the more distant future. Remember nothing is set in stone.
  6. Focus on this in your love life. In this 6 card tarot spread, this card is the most actionable. It guides you on what to focus on in your love life. If you like your “most likely” outcome cards, this card will tell you what to focus on to ensure that it happens. If you don’t like your “most likely” outcome cards, this card will show you what to focus on to create a better future and outcome.

Relationship Inventory

This 6 card tarot spread helps you look at a variety of factors within your relationship. What role are you playing? What about your partner? What can you control? Are there any external influences? Finally, what is the most likely outcome for the relationship.

  1. Overall state of relationship. If there’s a card to describe the current state of your relationship, this is it.
  2. Role you play in relationship. How are you contributing to the relationship? Is it helping or hurting the health of the partnership?
  3. Role your partner plays in relationship. How are they contributing to the relationship? Is it helping or hurting the health of the partnership?
  4. Factors influencing relationship within control. Out of this 6 card tarot spread, this one points to the factors that are within your control. This may include how to strengthen your relationship even more. Or, if it’s rocky, it may guide you on the solution.
  5. External factors influencing relationship. Represents factors that aren’t within your control. This may be a third factor influencing the relationship for better or worse (finances, career life, health, stress, family, a third party, etc.
  6. Most likely outcome for relationship. What’s the most likely outcome of the relationship? Remember that nothing is set and stone. Refer to the other cards to learn factors that are and aren’t within your control.

Summary: 6 Card Tarot Spread| Relationship Tarot Spread

Try a 6 card tarot spread above to get answers on your relationship or love life. Choose the best relationship tarot spread that relates to your situation. Are you looking to learn how you can improve a current relationship? Or are you looking to get a glimpse on what’s in store in your dating life? As with any spread, remember that nothing is set in stone. If you don’t like the cards you pull, you have free will to improve it.



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