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6 Crystal Grid Templates Printables for Love, Protection, Healing

Whether you’re new to crystals or have been using them for years, crystal grids are a good way to amp up your energy and give you a spiritual boost.

When it comes to grids though, how do you make them?

There’s many ways to go about making a grid. We often suggest that the best way is to use your intuition. Sometimes you might need a little help though. And that’s what you’ll find day.

In this article we’re sharing 5 templates for various areas of life:

  • Crystal grid for love
  • Crystal grid for healing
  • Crystal grid for protection
  • Crystal grid for abundance
  • Crystal grid for manifestation
  • Crystal grid for spirit guide protection

REMEMBER: Crystal grids are not a replacement for evidence-based treatment or advice. Please seek out the relevant professional before turning to crystals. Stones are a spiritual tool that can be used alongside other solutions and treatments. Please always seek science-backed advice first.


What Stones Should I use for Crystal Grid Templates?

The stones you use for your crystal grid templates depend on the purpose and the stones you have.

For example, a crystal grid for protection may use protection stones like hematite and black obsidian. On the other hand, a crystal grid for manifestation may use pyrite or golden topaz.

Keep in mind that crystal grids have different types of crystals:

  1. Main stones (those most related to your crystal grid’s purpose)
  2. Supporting stones (other stones to support and makeup the grid)

You can make a crystal grid with just a few stones; however, these require a handful. If you don’t have enough stones, don’t worry. Follow the designs the best you can using what you have.

Although it’s ideal to use crystals with meanings related to the crystal grid purpose, again, use what you have. Consider that even rocks you find on the beach are very old and contain earthly energy. It all counts! Remember, the most important thing is your intention!


Crystal Grid Templates: 6 Printables

You can choose how you’d like to use our crystal grid templates.

You can place your crystals on the template and build your crystal grid directly on the paper. Or, you can simply use it as a guide on where to place your crystals.



Crystal Grid for Love

This crystal grid for love is in the shape of a heart with an arrow through it. It’s perfect for any type of love: romantic, friendships, family or self-love! Remember to set your intention for what type of love you’re hoping to attract or improve.

Any crystal grids for love should focus around pink and green crystals because those are most related to the heart chakra. Most commonly and readily available, rose quartz is a great choice. Still, you can use any crystals for healing that you wish.

In my design, I used pink, purple and clear quartz for the heart. I used green for the arrow stem and two pointed crystals for the arrowhead.


Crystal Grid for Protection

This crystal grid for protection is in the shape of a shield, ideal for shielding you against negative energies, psychic vampires, and more. If there’s a specific thing or situation you’re seeking protection against, make sure to set that intention.

For crystal grids for protection, it’s ideal to use black stones. That’s because they’re most related to the heart chakra. Options like hematite and black obsidian may be top choice. However, since intention is most important, feel free to use whichever crystals you have on hand. If you’re looking for ideas for protection crystals, read 13 Empath Protection Stones.

For my design, I used mostly black and clear quartz crystal to make the shield. In the center, I made the cross using 4 of my biggest stones. If you have large pointed crystals, this is the place to use them.


Crystal Grid for Abundance

This crystal grid for abundance uses a tree to represent the growing gifts coming to you. The large crystals make up the base and the green crystals make up the branches.

You can use the crystal grid template as suggested, or you can make your own similar design. Start with the base of the tree, then make the main branches. Remember that, like gifts, branches grow off of each other, so make some using your smaller crystals.

Crystal grids for abundance can use any stones you have, although green or yellow stones are the most ideal. Yellow stones are thought to help you manifest, while green stones are connected to traditional ideas of abundance, like money and finances.


Crystal Grid for Manifestation

This crystal grid for manifestation uses a magnet shape with two pointed crystal at the end to help you attract the positive. Like a magnet, the idea is that this grid helps draw you to opportunities to manifest your goals.

Crystal grids for manifestation can use any stones you’d like. To choose which stones are best, think about what you’d like to manifest. For example, if you want to manifest love, pink crystals are ideal. If you want to manifest money, green crystals are ideal. In general, yellow crystals are connected to manifestation. And so are purple ones because they’re connected to your spirit and your higher self.


Crystal Grid for Healing

This crystal grid for healing is in the shape of a butterfly. Like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, so too can you transform your hurt. The idea is that this grid helps pain dissipate as you let it in the energy of healing love.

For crystal grids for healing, pink and green crystals are ideal. That’s because they’re most connected to the heart chakra, often the center of emotional pain.

Although you might not guess, black crystals are another color ideal to use in a healing grid. Since they’re thought to help neutralize negative energy, they can help create the safe space you need for healing. However, you can use whichever crystals you’re drawn to and may facilitate healing.


Crystal Grid for Spirit Guides

This crystal grid helps you connect with your spirit guides and draw their energy into your day-to-day life. It’s in the shape of a human with arms and legs with 3 large crystals above the head area. These represent your guide’s connection to spirit.

For this spread, try using whichever crystals you’re drawn to. If you wish, ask your spirit guide to help you choose. Since this crystal grid deals with connection, purple crystals are a good idea since they’re connected to the top chakras.

In my spirit guide crystal grid, I used mainly pink and purple crystals to symbolize love and the third eye chakra.


Summary: Crystal Grid Printables

These grids are ideal to help you spiritually in several areas of life. Whether it’s romance, manifestation, spiritual connection and more, you’ll find a crystal grid template appropriate for your situation. Use these crystal grid printables how you wish. Lay your crystals on top or simply use it as placement/design guidance. Use the crystals suggested or follow your own intuition. Remember that the only rule is that your intention is the most important!


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