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7 Texts To Make Him Smile All Day—Guaranteed!

Want to make their day better?

Just a brief moment of your time can bring a smile to someone’s face.

Whether it’s a note of gratitude or a compliment, sending someone nice messages is free. Yet, we don’t do it nearly enough.

Here’s 7 texts to make him smile. You can send these texts to your partner or anyone else you want to make smile.

7 Texts to Make Him Smile

Bring a little more joy into the world today with your words. Say the things you wish other people would say to you. Or say the things you most cherish about your person. Below are some ideas for texts to make him smile.

#1 “I’m Thinking of You”

Short and to the point, this is one of texts to make him smile that says exactly what you’re thinking. The reason you want to brighten their day is that you’ve thought about them and want them to know.

This text works as a sweet message to a partner, letting them know you’re on their mind. But it’s also appropriate to send a friend going through a rough time. Kind of like a text hug.

You can get specific with it too. For example, “I’m thinking of your laugh” or “I’m thinking about what a best friend/sister you are.”

#2 “Just a Daily Reminder Of…”

When you’re looking for texts to make them smile, consider what you want the person to know about themselves. What do you wish your partner, friend or family was reminded of every day? Put it into a message.

Consider what’s going on in that person’s life and where they might like some support.

A few examples:

  • “Just a daily reminder of how smart you are” to send a child who’s nervous about her first week of college
  • “Just a daily reminder of how beautiful you are” to a partner working on her self esteem
  • “Just a daily reminder of what a good father you are” to a brother with a newborn
  • “Just a daily reminder of how kick-ass you are” to a friend who’s started a new job

#3 “Good Morning. Hope You Have a Great Day :)”

Who doesn’t love a good morning text? It’s one of the best texts to make him smile.

Even if someone is in a rush, they can respond to it when they have time. Starting their day off with someone rooting for them is always positive energy.

You could send this message on a special day, such as the first day of school, job interview or first date. However, many people would be happy to receive it on any random day.

#4 “I Picked Up a Surprise for You”

These are one of the texts to make him smile that will most definitely bring on a curious grin.

Who doesn’t love good surprises, especially when they’re in the form of random gifts?

Only send this message if you actually got the person a surprise. This could include anything you picked up that made you think about them. Or something that you know they love.

The surprises you choose depend on the person and your relationship. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Flowers
  • Snacks
  • Candy
  • Chocolate
  • Movie ticket
  • Concert ticket
  • Wine or beer
  • Take out dinner
  • Something related to a hobby they like
  • A clean house/kitchen/bedroom

After you have the gift, send them the message and let them stew over the surprise all day.

#5 “Thank You for [Anything]”

Many times, we’re grateful for the people in our lives but we forget to tell them. When someone does something nice or goes out of their way, send texts to make him smile.

Or, if someone is kind to you in general, thank them for that too.

Below are a few examples.

Thank you for:

  • “Always being there for me”
  • “Always doing the laundry”
  • “Looking after my kids on Fridays”
  • “Never judging my relationship issues”
  • “Being a good partner/child/parent”
  • “Loving me”

Saying thank you not only makes the person feel good, but it could also benefit you too. Appreciated people tend to do more when they know you recognize their efforts. One study showed when bosses were appreciative, their employees worked harder.

#6 “I’m So Lucky I Met You”

Out of all the texts to make him smile, this one is the sweetest. After we’ve known our partner or friend for a while, we see the overview of our relationship. When we zoom into the beginning of it, we may realize we’re lucky to have met them in the first place.

Maybe it was chance that you took that class together, worked in the same building, or went to the same bar. It could have never happened, but it did. And we’re lucky for it.

Send a text reminding them of how lucky you are that the situation occurred and that they’re still in your life today. If you can, share a few reasons why you’re lucky. Tell them about how your life has changed positively since meeting them. What have you learned from them? How have they contributed? All of this can be written in texts to make him smile.

#7 “This Song Reminds Me of You”

Find a positive song that reminds you of your person and send it to them saying, “this song reminds me of you.”

If you’re looking for one to send your partner, there’s millions of love songs to choose from. For texts to make him smile, consider choosing a song he already knows and loves.

But there’s also many songs that you could use to describe a friend or family member too. If you’re looking for ideas, here’s a list of 69 songs about being beautiful inside and out.

When to Send Texts to Make Him Smile

Send texts to make him smile at any time! People love random sweet surprises throughout the day.

You can also send messages at specific times. For example, if your partner has been feeling crummy lately, show them some extra love with texts to make him smile. Remind them that they’re doing their best and that you love and care for them. Little words of inspiration throughout the day and give your partner the energy and hope they need to carry on. It can also serve as the confidence boost they need to start feeling better. In any case, sending texts to make him smile can make him feel less alone during a difficult time. Show your support with words.

Try sending texts to make him smile on big days too! If he has a big day at work, job interview or important appointment, send some words of encouragement. Think about what would make your partner feel comforted, confident, motivated and ready for that day.

When sending texts to make him smile, the best tip is to be genuine. Rather than simply copying something off the list above, make it your own. Don’t be generic. Be specific. What about your partner is different from the rest? Take these and use them as compliments to weave throughout your messages.

Summary: Texts To Make Him Smile

Sending texts to make him smile can brighten his day and give them the energy to power on. It helps strengthen bonds and it makes you feel good too. Pick one of the text messages to make him smile and try it out today.


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