YoHumanz is a blog dedicated to helpful and inspirational content about being human today—written in a non-bullshitty, (hopefully) more approachable way.

We focus on 3 main areas:

  • Heart— Relationships, Lifestyle, Self-Improvement
  • Brain— Real Life, Health, Mental Health
  • Soul— Inspiration, Spirituality, Higher Self

YoHumanz is powered by the belief that we’re all human and trying to figure out life together. Modern life means having to balance a lot of aspects that are seemingly paradoxes: Heart and brain. Work-life and family-life. Logic and intuition. Independence and Interdependence. It’s not always easy. And most of us are just trying our best. We fail. And we learn. And we learn from each other. In Ram Dass’ words, “We’re all just walking each other home.” Another way of saying this could be “We’re all helping each other find the home inside ourselves.” ❤️