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DIY: So Easy Crystal Paperclip Bookmark: Gemstone Craft

This gemstone craft is so ridiculously easy to make!

It only requires your favorite crystal, a paperclip bookmark and some hot glue! If you already have a crystal, all of the other tools can be found at the Dollar Tree, making this an easy dollar store craft!

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you simply attach the crystal and large paperclip using hot glue. Make sure you have a few crystals ready—these are so quick to make that you’ll want to craft a collection!

DIY crystal bookmarks look magical in your bookshelf and can bring spirituality to any corner. They’re great to use as highlights too; try using multiple to mark your favorite pages in a book. This gemstone craft also makes a great gift for the book lover or spiritual person in your life.

Keep scrolling to learn how to make easy crystal paperclip bookmarks.

Crystal Paperclip Bookmark: Gemstone Craft

This gemstone craft is so easy to make. It only requires a few tools and will make every book feel a little more magical!

If you want to make this gemstone craft your own, experiment with different styles. Match varying paperclip colors to different crystals.

Step One: Gather Supplies

For this easy gemstone craft, you’ll only need a few supplies:

  • Large paperclips or craft bookmark paperclips
  • Crystals
  • Hot glue gun

I found my large paperclips at Dollar Tree. You can buy ones with designs already on them and just pop them off. Just make sure the paperclip is strudy enough to hold the crystal you plan to use.

Step Two: Attach Crystal

Using a hot glue gun, apply glue to the back of your crystal. Lay the paperclip in the hot glue and apply more glue to fully secure the two parts.

Step Three: Show Off

That’s it! Aren’t these “gems” so quick to make? Since they’re so easy, you can use them in all your books or give as gifts to friends.


DIY Crystal Paperclip Bookmark: Gemstone Craft

This gemstone craft bookmark is made using large bookmark paperclips and hot glue. It’s so easy that you’ll want to make more!
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  • Large paperclips or craft bookmark paperclips
  • Crystals
  • Hot glue gun


  • Choose a paperclip that’s large and sturdy enough to handle the crystal you plan on using. (I found large paperclips bookmarks at the dollar tree)
  • Apply hot glue to the back of your crystal
  • Lay the top of the paperclip into the hot glue. If needed, add more hot glue to secure the crystal to the paperclip.

Summary: Crystal Paperclip Bookmark: Gemstone Craft

This gemstone craft crystal paperclip bookmark only requires a few tools. Using your favorite crystal, a large paperclip bookmark and hot glue, you can create a magical craft. These are sure to make any reading experience a little more enlightening.


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