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How To Wire Wrap Crystal Stones: The EASIEST Tutorial

Wire wrapping a crystal can be intimidating.

If you’re searching for how to wire wrap crystal, you might be confused by some of the information you find. With complicated instructions and tools, it can leave you feeling like you need to be a master jeweler.

Fortunately, you can learn how to wire wrap crystal with just a few tools. You’ll need wire, wire cutters, pliers and of course—your favorite crystal. Oh yeah, and a little bit of patience.

When you’re starting to wrap a crystal with wire, it’s probably easier than you think. Within a few attempts, you can make your own DIY jewelry piece.

Keep reading to learn how to wire wrap crystals without holes.

How To Wire Wrap Crystal: Gemstone Craft

When I was looking up how to wire wrap crystal, I got turned off pretty quickly. I knew it might be complicated, but some videos made me even more confused. Wire wrapping also depends on the size and shape of the crystal and whether it has holes.

Luckily, I found a low-stress wire wrap tutorial and it took all my anxiety away. In the video below, Cheyanne explains several methods of how to wrap a crystal with wire. If you’re a beginner like me, I recommend starting with the method she discusses at timestamp 2:50.

I’m going to break down Cheyanne’s method into pictures. However, I highly recommend you watch her video. It’s best to use this method with a crystal that has a flat side. It’s perfect to use if your crystal doesn’t have any beading holes.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You’ll need:

  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire
  • A crystal

If you’re a beginner, I recommend using a lighter wire so you can get the hang of it. I started using a 20 gauge wire and had more success with a cheaper wire. It allowed me to bed it more easily, getting a better feel for the process of wire wrapping.

Step 2: Cut Two-Wire Pieces

You’ll need to cut two wires of the same length. The length depends on the size of your crystal. I always cut off more than I need to make sure it doesn’t run short.

Step 3: Make “Backbone” for Crystal

To get the wire wrap started, make a base to serve as the “backbone” for your crystal. Find the longest part of your crystal aim to make your “backbone” the same length. Start with your two wires making a plus sign. Then twist them together until you reach your desired “backbone” length.

Step 4: Wrap + Twist When Wires Meet

After you’ve made your crystal’s “backbone,” place it on the backbone spot and start wrapping to make a supportive cage. You can move your wires in any way that will support the crystal. When the two or three wires meet, twist them together a few times and continue.

When you start, you’ll need to keep readjusting the crystal to hold it in place. Mine kept falling until there were enough wires to support it.

Keep wrapping and twisting until your crystal is fully supported in a cage.

If there’s a spot left bare where the crystal could slip, cover it. You can also untwist wires if you made a “mistake.”

Step 5: Bring Wires to Top

After you’re finished wrapping your crystal, bring all wires to the top. Depending on your designs, this might be easy or hard. If wires are stuck at the bottom, you can tuck them behind other wires at the back to thread it to the top.

Step 6: Twist

Once you have all your wires at the top, twist them tightly together.

Step 7: Loop

After the wires are twisted together, use your pliers to bend the twist, creating a loop. Use wire cutters to cut off any extra wire. Tuck and bend the wire ends into the loop with pliers, making sure no rough ends stick out. As you can see, my pieces aren’t perfect, but they aren’t bad for my first few tries. Practice makes perfect!

Use your wire-wrapped crystal however you’d like! Make jewelry, a pendulum or our favorite—wire wrapped bookmarks. These look magical in bookshelf’s or dangling out of items.

How to Wire Wrap Crystal

To get detailed instructions on how to wire wrap crystal, view the photo steps above and watch the YouTube video in this post. Keep practicing and your wire wrapping will get neater and more seamless.


How To Wire Wrap Crystal: The EASIEST Way

Learn how to wire wrap crystal with just a few tools.See post for full instructions and video.
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  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire (experiment with different gauges, try a lighter gauge if you’re a beginner)
  • Crystal


  • Cuttwo wires of the same length. Length depends on the size of your crystal (cutextra)
  • Twisttwo wires together to serve as your crystals “backbone” or base. Make this“backbone” as long as your crystals longest flat part. Start with your twowires making a plus sign. Then twist them together until you reach your desiredlength.
  • Startwrapping wire around crystal to make a supportive cage. When the two or threewires meet, twist them together a few times and continue. Keep readjusting crystal to hold in place. Keep filling in “bare” spots where crystal could slipout.
  • After you’re finished wrapping, bring all wires to thetop and twist together. Use pliers to bend the twist and create a loop. Usewire cutters to cut off any extra wire. Tuck and bend the wire ends into theloop with pliers, making sure no rough ends stick out.
  • Practice makes perfect! Mine started looking better after a few tries.

What to Do with Wire Wrap Crystal

Once you’ve learned how to wire wrap crystal, what do you do with your creation. The options are as endless as your creativity.

Here are some ideas on what to do with your wire wrap crystal piece:

  • Make ribbon or chain bookmarks
  • Use as a pendant and make into a necklace
  • Make into a pendulum
  • Make a crystal mobile
  • Turn small wire wrap crystal into earrings

Summary: How to Wire Wrap Crystal Stones| Gemstone Craft

If you’re just learning how to wire wrap crystal, try using the method in this post. With only a few tools, you can create a “cage” to safely shelter your crystal, ready to use in any craft. Use the photo steps and video above to create a wire wrap crystal piece you’ll love.


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