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Just Like Home Box: DIY Gift Going Away, Military Care Package

This is the perfect gift for anyone who’s away from home.

Whether a romantic partner, parent or friend, they’ll appreciate this homemade, heartfelt present.

All you’ll need is a box, papers and a few supplies to decorate it with.

The best part is that it can be customized according to the person. Write your memories and thoughts and include pictures or trinkets from home.

You can make it for a family member in the military or working away from home, a friend going away to college, or your partner in a long distance relationship.

DIY Just Like Home Box

Here’s how to make a “Just Like Home Box” for the special person in your life.

Step One: Decorate lid with tape. Write or paint “Just Like Home Box” on the left side. On the right side, write or paint this poem:

“When family seems so far away

And all you can think about is the pay

Open this box to feel a little more at home,

Remember we love you and you’re not alone.”

Step Two: Run decorative tape along the side.

Step Three: Fill box with written messages, photos and trinkets (see section below).

What to Put Inside Box: DIY Gift Going Away

What should you fill your DIY going away gift with? Here are a few ideas.

  • Written Messages. Ideas include memories, things you love about them, what you miss about them, positive words of encouragement, etc.
  • Photos. Photos of family, pets, things they love from home
  • Trinkets. Any small trinkets that remind them of home, you or family.

DIY Gift Going Away / Gift Military

Here’s how to make this easy yet meaningful DIY away from home gift or military gift.


Just Like Home Box DIY Gift

Perfect for those away from home, in the military, long distance relationships and more.
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  • Decorative tape
  • Box
  • Marker or paint
  • Paper + pen (or printer)
  • Photos


  • On the box lid, stick decorative tape down the middle.
  • On the left side, paint or use a marker to write the title “Just Like Home Box.”
  • On the right side, paint or use a marker to write the Just Like Home poem (found in this article).
  • Around the sides of the box, run decorative tape.
  • Gather a list of messages and write or print them on small pieces of paper. Fold up and put pieces into box.
  • Fold photos in half and put into box.


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