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Tarot Spreads for Love to Get Answers on Your Partner, Crush

Why are you looking for a love tarot spread?

Is it because you’re wondering about your current partner? Maybe you want to know if your crush actually likes you back. Or perhaps you’re asking yourself if your ex misses you as much as you miss them.

There’s plenty of reasons people use tarot spreads for love. And as such, there should be more than one layout option.

In this post, we’re featuring 3 love tarot spreads, whether you’re looking for a general overview or are wondering something specific.


How to Use a Tarot Spread for Love

When we consider why people use tarot, there’s 2 main reasons:

  • As a psychic tool
  • As a self-development tool

Using Love Tarot Spreads as a Psychic Tool

If you’re in the “psychic tool” group, you’re hopeful your spread will you the answers you need about the future. Tarot may give us versions of the future that may happen if we stay the course we’re on. However, everyone who uses tarot as a divination tool should know that the future isn’t set in stone. Everyone has free will. So, if your love tarot spread indicates that your marriage is ending and you don’t want it to, consider that while it may be true, there also may be steps you can take to alter the outcome. For example, perhaps you start couples therapy and your free will changes your relationship.

In that same way, other people have free will. With love tarot spreads specifically, we’re often focused on another person, such as a partner or crush. A spread may indicate one outcome but another may happen if the person changes their course. For example, a spread may suggest you’ll get back with your ex, but then your ex has the courage to realize it isn’t a good idea, so it doesn’t happen—freewill prevails.

I Didn’t Get the Tarot Answer I Wanted

If you don’t get the outcome you’re hoping for, know that:

  • It could change— Everyone has free will.
  • You could change— If the answer depends on your behavior, you can always change your behavior, affecting the outcome. For example, if your answer is that the relationship will end because of your aggressive arguing, you could attempt to say your opinions calmly, kindly and fairly, which may save the relationship.
  • Stop pulling cards— Sometimes, when people don’t get the answer they want, they keep pulling cards until they do. This will likely make you even more stressed or provide false reassurance. It also doesn’t change the situation. If you fall in this boat, put the tarot away and look for other ways to healthily cope with your relationship or love stress.

Can I Change My Love Outcome in Tarot?

If you find yourself wanting to change the outcome of your tarot spread, remember a few things:

  • You can change your own actions— Which may impact the future. For example, if your partner wants to break up because you’ve been aloof lately, showing more love, care and effort can turn that around and change the breakup outcome of a tarot spread.
  • You can’t change others— If the outcome of the tarot spread relies on the other person, there’s nothing you can do but wait and see how it plays out (or leave before, if appropriate). For example, if the love tarot spread indicates you’ll breakup because your partner’s substance abuse gets out of control, the only way that can change is if your partner changes their own behavior. While you can be supportive of others changes, you can’t do it yourself.

Can I Make My Partner/Crush Love Me?

Often with tarot or psychic development in general, people ask if there’s something they can do to make others act a certain way. In this case, you may be wondering if there’s a special love spell. Remember this:

  • Even if there was a love spell— It wouldn’t be appropriate. It’s not okay to control others’ actions. Everyone should have the ability to make decisions they feel are best for them, even if you don’t agree.
  • There is no love spell— Some people may try to sell love spells or curses, but since freewill exists, these don’t work. However, you can do “love spells” as a way of opening YOURSELF up to love. Doing spells for yourself is another tool you can use to learn about and connect with your soul. They cannot be used to control others though.


Using Love Tarot Spreads for Self-Development

Even if you don’t believe in psychic topics, you can use a pack of tarot cards to learn about love in your life. By interpreting the symbols on the cards and reading descriptions about its meanings, you can consider how they apply to your relationship or crush.

Putting ourselves into the cards and into the tarot’s story can help us see our own love stories in a different light. For example, maybe a card symbolizing greed makes you realize that your partner is right; your hunt for money has meant no time to develop your relationship. Or, maybe you receive the death card and start pondering ways in which your recent breakup has been a death, even outside of the love context.

To put it plainly, using tarot can lead you to insights about your love life, which may inspire a change of thought or action for the better.


3 Love Tarot Spreads

The love tarot spreads below cover your past love situations, your current one and possibilities for the future. Use these whether you’re in a relationship, considering getting out of one, wondering about your crush or thinking about your ex.


Heart Tarot Spread

Shaped as a heart, this tarot spread is a more in-depth one that covers many aspects of your love life. You’ll uncover conscious and unconscious hopes and fears you have about your current situation. You’ll also learn about a factor you’re not considering and external factors affecting love. Finally, tarot will suggest changes you can make to strengthen your love life and lead you to the outcome of your love query.

#1: Your past love experiences

#2: Your current love experience

#3: Your current hopes about love

#4: Your current worries about love

#5: Something you’re not seeing/considering

#6: External factors affecting love

#7: Changes you can make to draw in healthy love

#8 Outcome of your love query


Love Tarot Spread for My Ex

Shaped as an ex, this tarot spread is designed for people who miss their ex or can’t stop thinking about them, whether good or bad. It covers your feels, your exes possible feelings, why you can’t move on and a step you can take to move on. To help gently push you forward, it also suggests what’s next in your love life.

#1 State of past relationship

#2 Current feelings toward ex

#3 Feelings ex has toward you

#4 What’s holding you back from moving on

#5 Consideration to take to move on

#6 What’s next in your love life


3 Card Love Tarot Spread

This simple 3 card tarot spread covers the basics of anyone’s love life. You’ll start with any issues you may be having in that area and work your way toward something you’re overlooking or not considering. Finally, you’ll learn how to make the situation better. This is a good spread to use whether you have a crush in mind or are having problems in your relationship or marriage.

#1 Problems in the love department

#2 What you’re overlooking in the love department

#3 How to make your love situation better


Tarot Spreads for Love

You can use a love tarot spread whether you’re in a relationship, married, have a crush or want to get over an ex. Remember that despite the outcome, everyone has freewill and the ending could change. Another point to consider is that we can’t control other people; the tarot can help us uncover and learn about our situations. But if we don’t get the answer we’re looking for, we shouldn’t keep pulling more cards, hoping to turn fate.



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