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How To Wire Wrap Crystal: The EASIEST Way

Learn how to wire wrap crystal with just a few tools.See post for full instructions and video.
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  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire (experiment with different gauges, try a lighter gauge if you’re a beginner)
  • Crystal


  • Cuttwo wires of the same length. Length depends on the size of your crystal (cutextra)
  • Twisttwo wires together to serve as your crystals “backbone” or base. Make this“backbone” as long as your crystals longest flat part. Start with your twowires making a plus sign. Then twist them together until you reach your desiredlength.
  • Startwrapping wire around crystal to make a supportive cage. When the two or threewires meet, twist them together a few times and continue. Keep readjusting crystal to hold in place. Keep filling in “bare” spots where crystal could slipout.
  • After you’re finished wrapping, bring all wires to thetop and twist together. Use pliers to bend the twist and create a loop. Usewire cutters to cut off any extra wire. Tuck and bend the wire ends into theloop with pliers, making sure no rough ends stick out.
  • Practice makes perfect! Mine started looking better after a few tries.