10 Unconventional Ways to Wake Up Easier and Happier

Getting up sucks most mornings.

Yep, the ringing alarm on your phone goes off and you wish you could just throw it across the room.

Or turn back the clock.

Or rid yourself of responsibility for the first half of the day.

Unfortunately, you can’t do that though. (And if you can, let me know how, you wizard)

But there are some things you can do to make morning less crappy.

In this guide, we’re sharing 10 ways you can wake up easier.


10 Ways to Wake Up Easier

how to wake up easie

If you’re not a morning person but want to be, try these unconventional tips to see if any help!

#1 Alarm Shut-Off Via QR Code

I’ve used the app Alarmy for years now and it’s the best I’ve come across. Even though the layout is simple, it has a ton of free features that help wake you up. One of those is the QR code shut off. So, instead of sliding your alarm to shut it off, you have to scan a specific QR code.

So, how can a QR code make waking up easier? First, you can make your own QR code and link it to something inspirational: A talk, an online quote, motivational song, etc. You can print this code out and place it anywhere. If you want a simple wake up, put it by your bedside. If you aways press snooze, place it out of the room, requiring you to actually get it to stop the annoying sound.

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Then set your alarm on the app and where it says “select mission” choose QR code and attach it. When it goes off the next morning, walk to where your QR code is to shut it off and enjoy your morning inspiration.


#2 Keep Cold Coffee in the Fridge

The first thing I do on weekdays is workout. I feel like I need to do it first thing before my brain wakes up so I can’t talk myself out of it. Due to this, I have no time for fumbling around with a coffee maker—I need a quick hit ASAP.

A hack for this is keeping cold coffee in your fridge. If you make coffee at home, pour a little extra to drink the next day cold. I call this my “morning chugging coffee” and my “enjoyable hot coffee” comes later.


#3 Add Something Fun to Your Morning Routine

Many more people are working from home these days, so it’s probably easier to add things into your morning routine. Even if not, you don’t need to carve out a full hour or even half of one.

Choose can activity you can look forward to. It could be writing in your journal, working on a craft or even watching your favorite TV show. Then, decide what time you have to spend on it in the morning. Even if it’s just 15 minutes, doing something enjoyable everything can make you happier to wake up.


#4 Open the Curtains

If you can, open your curtain or blinds at night when the room is dark and you’re ready to go to bed. This way, the sunlight will slowly be let in as the run rises. This natural process is better in rhythm with your body’s clock.

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If that’s not possible, make sure to open them first thing when you wake up since it could make you feel less groggy.


#5 Pre-make Breakfast

If you start off your morning hungry and have no time to make breakfast, the start of every day could get a bit… hangry.

To prevent this, look up breakfast recipes you can make ahead of time. For example, you can make, freeze and defrost egg or bean burritos. If you like sweets, a simple yogurt parfait can be made ahead.


#6 Put on Something Inspirational as you Get Ready

While you get ready, shower, brush your teeth, eat and generally prepare for the day, put something motivational on. That could be a good TV show (that’s easy to listen to), inspirational music, audiobooks, podcasts, talks, etc.

Giving yourself a little boost in the morning doesn’t add any more time to your routine and it can make you feel better.


#7 Turn Off Phone Notifications

This isn’t just for the morning. It’s for anytime. Really take a good look at which apps your allowing to rob your time in the form of notifications. I only have a few apps that send push notifications. The rest, like email, I have to check manually.

There’s nothing worse to waking up to a message from a frantic friend needing immediate advice about their boyfriend. Or waking up to work emails. Save all that stuff for after you’ve woken up.


#8 Drink Less or Smoke Less (Or Cut Out)

If you normally end your evening with a glass or two of wine, beer or liquor, you may fall asleep quicker. However, even if you don’t drink a lot, you can wake up feeling more tired.

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The same goes for weed. Many people think cannabis doesn’t have any effects the next day. It may not for everyone, but research shows it can have subtle hangover-like effects the next day. In one 2017 study, patients reported feeling foggy and non-alert in the morning.


#9 Try to Have a Relaxing Evening

If you leave a bunch of stuff undone from the night before, you can wake up in a rushed panic. Or, if you don’t take time to destress, your body can go from stress-mode to sleep and back into stress-mode. Before bed, do something that calms you—whether that’s a bath, craft, reading, yoga or talking with a partner, family member or roommate.


#10 Take a Moment to Stretch

How often do we hop out of bed and rush to start our day? For me, I have to consciously allow myself a moment to stretch before I walk out of the room. It always feels really good and makes me feel better about the fact I’m awake.


Summary on How to Wake Up Easier

Waking up is tough unless you’re a natural morning person who has solidified your routine. But if you’re on this page, that’s not you. Try a few of the tips we’ve shared in this post and see which make you feel happier in the morning. Discard the ones that don’t work and keep the ones that do. Our final piece of advice: It’s easier to make a new action a habit by attaching it onto an already-existing habit, like brushing your teeth.

how to wake up easie how to wake up easie

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