Tarot Spread Relationship Layouts: 3 Patterns for Couples

How’s your relationship going?

Although you have a good idea of how to answer that, so does the tarot.

While relationship tarot spreads can give insight into the big question: “are they the one?” it can offer a lot more. Asking the cards about love can lead you to learn about yourself, how you act within relationships and what you can do better.

The small questions often seem the most exciting, but the big picture behind the spread is typically the most important in the long-term.


3 Tarot Spreads Relationship

To best learn about your relationship, the best idea is to have open communication with your partner. However, a couple relationship tarot spread can help you find the hidden factors you may be overlooking. For example, where are the weaknesses in each other and in the relationship itself? It can be hard to get honest about vulnerable things and the tarot can help us see the things we hide from ourselves.

Each of these tarot relationship spreads takes you on a journey from yourselves as individuals and how you operate as a couple. It will also give you tangible advice on how you can improve your partnership and better fulfill your purpose of being together.

Sometimes, we may not like the cards we choose. Don’t pull until you get a “good” one. Instead, consider that you have the power to change the final outcome. In some cases, the final outcome might be uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean it’s not the best outcome. For example, you may not want to end it with your partner but it’s the healthiest option, even if you can’t see it now. These are all things to take into consideration. Be gentle with yourself, love can be a difficult topic depending on your situation.

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Unity: Tarot Spread Relationship

tarot spread relationship

This couple relationship tarot spread is a great one for digging into deeper to your relationship. Rather than predicting the future, it helps you learn about your strengths and weaknesses together. This lets you know where you can improve. It also ends by suggesting a reason or the “lesson” why the two of you have found yourself together.

  1. Represents you
  2. Represents your partner
  3. Your strengths as an individual
  4. Your partner’s strengths as an individual
  5. Your strengths as a couple
  6. Your weaknesses as a couple
  7. Purpose of being together or lessons you’re learning together


1+1+__ Couple Relationship Tarot Spread

tarot spread relationship

This relationship tarot spread provides a thorough overview of your relationship. It delves into how the relationship started and why. Then, it gets into the nitty gritty—like how your relationship is currently, the best potential for it and whether that potential is likely to be met.

  1. Represents you
  2. How you met your partner
  3. Why you met your partner
  4. Represents your partner
  5. The state of the relationship currently
  6. The best potential for the relationship
  7. The most likely outcome for the relationship


LVE: Tarot Reading Relationship Spread

tarot spread relationship

This is another couple relationship tarot spread that helps you better understand your partnership instead of predicting it. First, you’ll go down memory lane about how you met and what attracted you to each other. Then, you’ll see what’s going well and less well in the relationship. Cap it off with what you can control—what should you know about each other? How can you improve your relationship together?

  1. How you met your partner your partner
  2. What attracts you together
  3. Current state of the relationship
  4. Strengths of the relationship
  5. Weaknesses of the relationship
  6. Something to keep in mind about your partner
  7. Something your partner needs to keep in mind about you
  8. Insight for improving or maintaining the relationship
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Tarot Reading Relationship Spreads

Tarot reading relationship spreads are helpful to get to know the ins and outs of your relationship. They walk you through where you’ve been, where you’re at and where you’re currently heading. If you don’t like the direction you’re going in, remember that nothing is set in stone. Use the cards around it to gain insight on how you can improve your relationship for the best possible outcome.

tarot spread relationship

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