14 Best Powerful Crystals for Love and Marriage: Attraction Romance

Hoping to attract love, self-love or deepen a connection?

These crystals for love and marriage can help inspire your love life. Display them in your home, use in an altar or try them during meditation.

Together, this collection of crystals for love attraction symbolizes healthy bonds, compassion and unconditional love.

Read on to discover the 14 best crystals for love and marriage.

REMEMBER: Crystals are a fun spiritual tool. They don’t replace the advice or services of a professional. If you’re dealing with mental health issues related to love or anything else, talk to a therapist or ask your doctor about free local mental health resources. If you’re having relationship problems, relationship counseling or individual counseling use science-backed methods to improve situations.

How to Use Crystals for Love Attraction

Once you’ve chosen your favorite crystal for love attraction, how do you use them? Here are just a few suggestions.

Place In Bedroom

Place your favorite crystals for love attraction around your bedroom. Since this is the traditional area for romance, it can help you focus your energy on manifesting the right person. Display on your bedside table, windowsill or anywhere you’d like.

Keep Under Your Pillow

Choose your favorite crystals for love and marriage and stick one under your pillow. If you’re married, you can set the intention for the crystal to help you with communication or deepening romance. It might also be used to inspire manifestation of a romantic or friendship soulmate.

Keep in Your Purse, Pocket or Bra

If you’re going on a date, meeting someone new or doing something that involves love, consider carrying a crystal in your purse, pocket or bra.

Display Around Home

To add more love to your life in general, consider placing crystals for love attraction around your home. Whether on a bookshelf or coffee table, you can make it into a display using some candles and other decorative items.

Crystal Grid

If you’re trying to attract love, consider making a crystal grid. For more information on how to do that, read:


You can also set up an altar dedicated to attracting love, healing a situation, or embracing self-love. In this altar, use your favorite crystals for love along with candles, statues, incense, dried flowers and any other symbolic items.

Meditate with Crystals for Love and Marriage

Use your crystals for love and marriage during a mediation. You can place them around you as you sit or lay, or you can hold one in your hand. You can do a simple breathing mindfulness meditation or you can try a specific meditation to attract your soulmate (below):

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14 Crystals for Love and Marriage

Crystals for love and marriage can help inspire a healthy love life. Whether in the romantic sense or for improving friendship and family connections, these are your top crystal choices.

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#1 Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the number one choice for crystals for love and marriage. It’s readily available and usually affordable, making it a must for a beginner’s collection. Those trying to call in love will especially appreciate rose quartz. It symbolizes all aspects of love—self-love, romantic love, friendship love, love of life and universal compassion. Rose quartz is frequently used to help attract new romantic partners or maintain a long-term relationship.

As a pink stone, it’s connected to the heart and the heart chakra. With that, it’s related to healing. Whether you’re trying to heal a romantic situation or something else entirely, rose quartz is a good stone to use.
Rose quartz is also known to have a gentle energy. In this way, it can help you have compassion for yourself throughout life’s tough journeys.

#2 Morganite

Morganite is another pink crystal that looks similar to rose quartz. Like rose quartz, it also has a gentle, loving energy. It can be used as a romance stone, or as one to help you garner more compassion.

Morganite is said to aid in helping couples develop effective communication. It’s also related to the heart chakra. Out of all the crystals for love and marriage, it’s a common one for attracting your soulmate. Many also use it to strengthen current bonds, whether in romance, friendship or family.

Crystals for love, like morganite, can be used to help you deepen your sense of self-love or self-worth. Having self-respect is critical when trying to attract love and morganite can gently guide you along that journey.

#3 Ruby

Ruby is thought to be a stone of personal power. This can be a great choice among crystals for love and marriage if you have a tendency to lose yourself. Ruby reminds you of your independence as a human being. If you’re working on having the confidence to express your needs or your true thoughts, ruby can also symbolize a powerful confidence.

Ruby is also connected to the heart chakra. Whether you need help with self-love or drawing in romantic love, it’s a good stone to try. It can also be used as a protection stone. If you’re worried about potential dates affecting your energy, ruby can be a good shielding crystal.

#4 Amethyst

Amethyst is a top choice among crystals for love for a variety of reasons. Firstly, amethyst is connected to the upper chakras. With this, it can help you connect with your higher self, spirit and divine wisdom. This advice can help you choose the right partner. If you’re married or in a relationship, it may provide the guidance you need to navigate situations or challenges.

Amethyst is also a good stone for worries. Those with love-related anxiety may also benefit from carrying a symbolism of calm. For example, if you have attachment problems or worry about how your partner sees you, amethyst is said to help calm constant thoughts.

On the other end, amethyst is a great calming, nurturing stone. This makes it a great stone if you’re searching for crystals for heartbreak.

#5 Aventurine

Aventurine is another common stone that can be used if you’re looking for crystals for love and marriage.

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As a green stone, it’s often used to represent success, especially financial abundance. However, it’s green color connects it to the heart chakra. It can be used to symbolize manifesting love or deepening current bonds.

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In the general sense, aventurine also represents abundance. Use this crystal to help attract love in all forms of your life.

#6 Malachite

If you’re looking for another green stone connected to the heart chakra, try malachite. The crystal is a dark green featuring magical lighter green swirls. It can be used to symbolize trust—whether trust within relationships or trusting yourself to make romantic decisions.

As a top choice for green crystals for love and marriage, malachite is also connected to the throat chakra. It can help couples who need help communicating their needs or opinions during an argument.

According to Love Is In The Earth, malachite represents fidelity and loyalty in love and friendships. It’s a good stone to use if you’ve experienced infidelity and are trying to manifest an honest partner.

#7 Moonstone

Moonstone is another gentle stone with a motherly energy. With a white, reflective energy, it represents a calm and compassionate guidance throughout your romantic journey.

In Love Is In The Earth, Melody calls moonstone the crystal of “new beginnings.” If you’re embarking on a new love beginning—especially big changes like moving in or marriage—moonstone can help ease that shift.

If love is one you’re your main wants in life, you should know that moonstone is also a stone of hope and wishing. Lean on this stone while you work on and wait for your dreams to manifest.

#8 Pink Kunzite

Kunzite in the pink color is another great option if you’re looking for crystals for love and marriage. The pale pink-lilac hue represents love, compassion and spiritual connection.

You can use the stone whether you’re looking to manifest romantic love, form friendships or gain a deeper sense of self-love. In the spiritual sense, it can also represent unconditional, universal love and trust.

Pink Kunzite can give you the confidence to bond with people, helping you form new connections. It can also help you bring kindness and empathy to situations.

#9 Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a pink and white stone, perfect to use if you’re searching for crystals for love and marriage. It can help you break down barriers that may be preventing you from getting close to someone. It can help open your heart to trust.

Melody also rhodochrosite helps remove tendencies towards denial. If you have a pattern of blaming others and are working on taking responsibility, call on this stone for inspiration.

It can also symbolize self-love and aid you in having more compassion to yourself. Rhodochrosite can be used as a healing stone too. If you still need to heal from a previous situation before moving on, use this stone to promote emotional freedom.

Rhodochrosite can be used to soothe the heart through difficult situations, like heartbreak or the end of a dating situation or friendship.

#10 Lepidolite

Lepidolite can help you tap into higher wisdoms and make better decisions in your love life. If you need guidance or clarity, it can be a good crystal to turn to.

Lepidolite is a top choice among crystals for love and marriage because it can help ease worry. If you deal with anxiety regarding your love life, lepidolite can inspire calmness and a heathier mindset.

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It can also symbolize mental stability. This can be helpful if you’re experiencing turbulence in a current relationship. It might also inspire you to attract healthy relationships that support your mental well-being.

Turning the love inward, lepidolite can encourage self-love. According to Love Is In The Earth, it can bring “a child-like love and acceptance to the user.”

#11 Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a blue stone with gold flakes. It’s connected to the throat chakra and represents communication. If you’re looking for crystals for love and marriage to help with expression, this is a good choice. Lapis can be used to symbolize effective communication of thoughts and feelings. With that, it can also be used if you’re having trouble resolving arguments.


Lapis lazuli is also connected to the higher chakras. It can symbolize wisdom for higher sources. This can help if you’re having difficulty making romantic decisions.

#12 Red Jasper

As another red stone, red jasper is another great choice if you’re trying to manifest love. It represents power, bestowing personal confidence within the relationship. It can also help you stay grounded during romantic pursuits.

Red jasper is also a great stone for sexuality. If you’re looking to enhance your relationship in the bedroom, red jasper can help you explore and give you confidence in that area. The power and sensualness of red jasper encourages us to express our sexual needs, asserting our likes and dislikes.

#13 Purpurite

Purpurite is also one of the best crystals for love if you’re looking for higher wisdom. It can help guide you through your love life or give you wisdom on a romantic decision you need to make.

According to Love Is In The Earth, purpurite can help you break free from old patterns and conditions. If there’s a pattern you keep repeating in your marriage—or a series of relationships— purpurite can be a good stone to help you say goodbye to that.

#14 Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline may not seem like a crystal for love because it’s black, not a light-hearted pink. However, black tourmaline can be a powerful manifesting stone, especially if you’re trying to manifest love. That’s because it can help ward off negative energies.

The crystal can encourage you to pay close attention to your thoughts and to cleanse them regularly using “meditation.” Having a better mindset in this way can help you attract love in all senses. It can also help you feel more positive after a bad date where you feel your energy has been sucked.

crystals for love attraction, crystals for love and marriage

Summary: Crystals for Love and Marriage

Crystals for love and marriage can symbolize healthy connections, whether in romance, friendship or family bonds. Try placing one under your pillow, in your pocket or using one during meditation. You can also use crystals for love attraction to help you manifest a future lover. Crystals can help us focus on the aspects we can control. It can also help us turn inward and work on oursecrystals for love attraction, crystals for love and marriagelves while we wait to meet the right person for us. Remember, crystals are a spiritual tool. For help with your mental health in your love life, or for relationship advice, seek professional help, like counseling.


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