7 Crystals to Help with Heartbreak, Breakups and Divorce

Going through breakups is rough and having some hope and inspiration can make it a tiny bit better.

One way of making yourself feel better is by using crystals to help with heartbreak.

Crystals for breakups can help change your energy and open you up to healing if that apart of your spiritual beliefs.

To learn more about the best crystals for a breakup, read on.


Crystals for Breakups: Do They Work?

If you’re not familiar with crystals, they’re stones that some believe hold healing energies that can help you in daily life or situational stressors. They’re thought to both absorb and impart energies on the user of them. Each crystal is believed to have a different set of benefits. For example, some are believed to work best for stomach issues or depression and others are thought to work better for creative expression or intuition.

To work with crystals, the person usually selects one that targets a topic or problem they’re dealing with. Then they may use it in an altar, meditate with it, etc. For more ideas on how to use crystals to help with heartbreak, read the last section.

Stones can be a billion years old and have a large body of science, called geology, to explain them. However, the belief that stones have healing benefits is rooted more in spirituality rather than science. Many people anecdotally report that working with crystals has improved their life in a variety of ways. Of course, it’s important to point out that as with many drugs, this could be the placebo effect. Still, the reality is that people enjoy using crystals to better connect with themselves and the world spiritually. Although you should always refer to a doctor or expert for serious issues, crystals can be a fun spiritual addition to your life.

Whether crystals for breakups work depends. Using crystals to help yourself heal could work in a variety of ways:

  • Crystals to help with heartbreak can share healing energies
  • Learning about crystals can help divert your attention away from the breakup and onto something positive (break distraction while you adjust)
  • By reminding you of an affirmation/intention of healing
  • The placebo effect
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As you can see, crystal’s may work in a variety of ways to reduce heartbreak pain, so it usually doesn’t hurt to try.

But remember that it doesn’t work for everyone, so don’t feel pressured. If you’re not spiritually drawn to crystals and don’t want to use them, it’s probably not right to try.

A Disclaimer: If you’re dealing with feelings of depression, contact your doctor or a therapist first.


What crystals help with heartbreak? 7 Best Crystals for a Breakup

Crystals to Help with Heartbreak

If you’re going through a breakup or divorce, you can work with crystals to see if they aid and comfort you in your healing process.


#1 Amethyst

Amethyst is a very calming stone that can be great for people suffering from anxiety. When going through a breakup, it may trigger or inflame anxiety disorders or panic attacks. Amethyst may have a calming and peaceful effect. It’s also known to have metaphysical properties and can be great to use if you’re starting to learn about crystals.


#2 Citrine

Citrine is a crystal that represents happiness and optimism. Although now is not a happy time, this stone may help to lift those energies and provide something lighter. You may notice a reduction in depression and a tiny feeling of hope.


#3 Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is known to help ward of negative energies, which can be helpful when your thoughts about your breakup are overly negative. It’s also a good idea if you’re blaming yourself, blaming someone else or if you’re just too depressed to even process the situation.


#4 Selenite

Selenite is another great crystal to use during a breakup because it helps clean the energy of yourself and your space. Because heartbreak is full of pain and sadness, having an energetic “cleansing” can be helpful. It can also help you open up to a higher vibration and better times ahead.


#5 Moonstone

Moonstone is one of the best crystals for breakups because it symbolizes many things a split does: new beginnings, inner strength, transitions of life and a motherly calmness. It can also be a good stone for opening your intuition and providing hope for new love.


#6 Malachite

This green stone represents transformation and can help you move forward and into a new chapter of your life. It’s also a stone of insight, which can help you derive meaning from your heartbreak or situation.


#7 Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of love with its light pink hue. Given that you’re coming out of a love situation, you may not immediately think about this stone as a crystal to help with heartbreak. However, the loving energy of this stone is good for self-compassion during this difficult time. It can help usher in more peaceful energy. And, when you’re reading, it can also help you become comfortable with opening yourself up to love again.

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How to Use Crystals to Help with Heartbreak

Once you’ve chosen the best crystals for a breakup that you want to use, there’s several ways you can use work with them.



An altar is typically a set of items or objects used as a spiritual offering, prayer, ritual or meditation space. Items in an altar could include a number of things:

  • Candles
  • Nature findings
  • Affirmations
  • Photos
  • Crystals
  • Tarot or oracle cards
  • Notes of intention
  • Incense
  • Statues
  • Symbolic trinkets

If you’re creating an altar to help you get through a breakup, you could include things like affirmations, symbols involving love or happy relationships, calming scents or colors, and your chosen crystals to help with heartbreak. You can leave this space up for healing as long as you’d like. You can simply pass by it and use it as a reminder, or you can use it as a meditation space, etc.

If you’re using your altar to help with a breakup, it’s a good idea to set an intention for it. It could be something about moving forward, meeting a soulmate or simply healing. You can into that space with your crystals to meditate on your intention, journal about it, or simply use it as a reminder.

Here’s instructions on how to build a sacred altar.


Crystal Grid

Sometimes when someone is going through something, they like to set up a crystal grid. A crystal grid isn’t necessarily a grid. It’s a layout of crystals that’s left on a surface, similar to an altar.

To make a crystal grid, think of an intention. You can keep this in mind or write it down on a piece of paper. Then choose crystals that correspond to that intention. For example, if you’re trying to reduce breakup pain, you could use the best crystals for a breakup.

When you’re ready, keep your intention in mind as you lay the crystals out. Many people like to use a large crystal in the center. Others love to use crystal points to help “direct” the energy. Do what feels right to you. This could be a circular pattern or something different entirely. If you’ve written your intention on a piece of paper, you can place it under a stone (typically the center one). Some people also say prayers to open or close the laying of the crystal grid.

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Many people love to meditate with crystals as a way to feel their energies. You can do this by choosing a breakup crystal and focusing on it while deeply breathing, constantly bringing your attention back to the stone.

If you have several of the best crystals for breakups, you can put them into a pile and close your eyes and pick one. You can meditate with it and try to guess which stone it is and then match it with its properties after.

Another way to use your crystal is by doing a guided meditation with it. Here’s an example of one:


Place Around Home

You can use your breakup crystals simply by spreading them around your home. This less hands-on method is good if you don’t want to get into crystals yet, but feel comforted by the idea of them. Pick a few stones off our list and place them in areas you’ll see them daily.


Carry with You

If you’re comforted by the idea of crystals or want to infuse with its energy throughout the day, you can carry it with you. You can do this by:

  • Keeping it in your purse
  • Putting it in your pocket
  • Bringing it to your work desk and back home
  • Stuffing it in your bra


Making it Into Jewelry

Another way to wear your jewelry and have it with you in the day is to turn it into jewelry. Whether or not you’re a creative person, this can be a fun small project that can serve as a breakup distraction. It’s also a good breakup gift if you’re trying to help a friend through a breakup.

To make your breakup crystal into jewelry, you can wire wrap it and attach it to a necklace or bracelet. Or you can small stones with holes in them and use the crystals as beads. When you put it on every day, remind yourself of your intention of healing.


Summary on Best Crystals for a Breakup

Breakups and divorces are tough in almost every case. One way we may deal with it is turning to spirituality and experimenting with the best crystals for a breakup. You can try a few crystals to help with heartbreak and see if they work for you. Of course, if you think you’re dealing with clinical depression or anxiety, you should see a doctor before turning to crystals.

Crystals to Help with Heartbreak

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