66 Affirmations for Throat Chakra: Third Chakra, Creativity Affirmations

Cat got your tongue?

If your throat chakra is blocked, it might have.

The fifth chakra is dedicated to topics involving communication and expression. When the energy center is unbalanced, it can lead to issues in the way we speak or are perceived in the world.

One way we may improve these problems is through affirmations.

In this guide, we’ll cover what the throat chakra is, whether affirmations work and 66 phrases you can use to improve communication.


What is the Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra is the 5th energy center in the chakra system.

The chakra system is originated in ancient India, the first mention being in the oldest text called the Vedas. There are 7 main chakras, energy centers or points in this system. Each of these is thought to correlate to specific body parts, problems and emotional barriers.

When the chakras opened and aligned, your life should be in physical, emotional and spiritual harmony. But when an energy point is closed or uncleansed, you might end up with issues related to that point.

The throat chakra specifically is related to speaking and expression. This includes:

  • Creativity
  • Saying how you feel
  • Being vulnerable
  • Shyness or outgoingness
  • Communication
  • The physical health of the throat

The thought is that when your throat chakra is unbalanced or blocked, it could lead to emotional or physical problems. For example, some say it leads to health problems involving the throat, like a sore throat or thyroid issues. On the emotional side, it can mean not saying how you feel, trouble effectively communicating or trouble opening up to a partner.

To help with any issues, it’s important to always seek science-backed evidence before turning to spiritual solutions. For example, see a doctor and therapist before using affirmations for your throat chakra.

While you’re taking action on the problem, you can use affirmations to help you reach your goal. These can remind you of what you want to archive and inspire you to keep going. Further, it can give you the confidence to open up. Oftentimes, this can be at the root of your throat chakra issues. For example, having better confidence could mean an easier time saying how you feel and knowing that you’re safe.


Do Affirmations Work for the Throat Chakra?

If you’re using throat chakra affirmations for a physical throat issue, you should always seek science-baked medical advice. Speak to a doctor before turning to spiritual tools.

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Other than that, whether affirmations work for you depends on you and how you’re feeling. Some research says affirmations work. Some say they don’t. The bottom line? If you believe they’ll work, they’ll probably help you. If you don’t believe they’ll work, they could make you feel worse.

In essence, when you really need them, affirmations could let you down. But if you want to boost your already-positive outlook, go ahead.

Affirmations could work on a few grounds:

  • Remind you of your goal. If you repeat something over and over, you will be reminded of the goal behind it. For example, when using affirmations for throat chakra, you will be reminded of your goal to communicate more clearly. This can lead to you being more mindful in conversations.
  • Inspire you. Depending on the one you choose, affirmations could also inspire you. Let’s say you choose the affirmation “my relationships flourish when I communicate clearly.” Doing this allows you to picture happy, beautiful relationships. This inspiring goal can make you more likely to act on it—you want to achieve that outcome.
  • Opportunity seeking. When something is on our minds more often, we’re more likely to see opportunities to make it happen. Since affirmations bring the topic to mind, it therefore could make us more likely to see choices around it. For example, repeating “I’m open with those I love” could make you more likely to find resources to help. Perhaps you recognize the book about vulnerability or a talk about it shows up on your newsfeed. Although these opportunities were there before, you’re just looking for them, making you more likely to see them.
  • Placebo effect. The placebo effect is a phenomenon where something occurs just because someone believes it will. We know this occurs in studies: When someone is told a drug will cure back pain, a portion actually experiences fewer aches. In this same way, affirmations can work by this effect. For example, repeating “I’m an effective communicator” could make you believe you are, making you actually become one.

The reasons affirmations can work are compelling. But remember to take stock of how you feel first. It’s best to choose phrases that you find relatable, even if these aren’t your ultimate goal.

For example, saying “I’m comfortable speaking on stage” sounds like a complete joke to someone who has public speaking panic attacks. For them, a relatable affirmation might look like, “I use my coping skills to allow me to speak publicly.” While the first affirmation might further harm their mental health, the second can encourage them to find solutions.

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As you move forward in your goal, you can change your affirmations for throat chakras. You can edit them to make them align with your new goals.

To summarize, it’s best to stick to affirmations that seem relatable and achievable for you.


66 Affirmations for Throat Chakra

Affirmations for Throat Chakra

When considering affirmations for throat chakra, it’s best to consider a wide range of options. That’s because some will resonate with you while others won’t apply at all. And, while some are directed at the same topics, the wording matters. The way one affirmation is phrased may turn you off, while another may resonate with you and inspire change.

  1. my relationships flourish when I communicate clearly
  2. I’m an effective communicator
  3. I’m open with those I love
  4. I’m comfortable speaking on stage
  5. I use my coping skills to allow me to speak publicly
  6. I speak with ease
  7. I speak clearly and kindly
  8. I have courage to say how I feel
  9. I talk with others, not about them
  10. I have the courage to be creative
  11. I have the courage to be vulnerable
  12. I speak honestly and kindly
  13. I speak freely
  14. I hold myself accountable
  15. I love giving compliments
  16. I deserve to express my needs
  17. I ask for help when I need it
  18. Writing is easy for me
  19. I love speaking with others
  20. I avoid gossip
  21. I’m comfortable talking to people in positions of power
  22. I communicate confidently
  23. I speak the truth
  24. I share my ideas with confidence
  25. I speak up for myself
  26. My voice is needed in the world
  27. Creativity naturally shines through me
  28. I know when to hold my tongue
  29. I enjoy deep conversations
  30. I know when silence is valuable
  31. I express compassion whenever I speak
  32. I express what I need with confidence
  33. I assert my boundaries with courage
  34. There is always love behind my words
  35. My speech articulates how I feel
  36. I know when it’s safe to share my feelings
  37. I communicate clearly with my angels/spirit guides/God/The Universe
  38. I know when it’s safe to open up
  39. I write clearly
  40. I clearly communicate my boundaries
  41. My voice is valued
  42. I have courage to speak up when something is wrong
  43. I have the courage to speak in front of large groups
  44. Others easily understand my intentions
  45. I am a master of silence
  46. I write in ways that reflect the truth
  47. I can easily connect with spirit
  48. My Higher Self is always available to me
  49. Expressing myself comes naturally to me
  50. I remain calm in moments of upset
  51. I share my experiences with courage
  52. I share my story with ease
  53. I take space when I can’t control my speech
  54. I’m confident to share my creations
  55. I treat ithers with love and respect
  56. I provide verbal affirmation to others
  57. I communicate clearly through writing
  58. I think before I speak
  59. I apologize when it’s necessary
  60. I own up to my mistakes
  61. I lean into feedback instead of lashing out
  62. I’m authentic when I speak
  63. Who I am comes across clearly
  64. Every day, my [throat condition] is improving
  65. As my communication improves, so does my [throat condition]
  66. I can feel my [throat condition] lifting
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How to Use Affirmations for Throat Chakra

You can use your throat chakra affirmations as often as you’d like. You can incorporate them into a practice or routine that you do daily. Or, you can use them situationally, only when you need them.

Affirmations should be used in a way that works for you. There are no rules to stress about.

Looking for some ideas on how to use your throat chakra affirmations? Here’s some options:

  • Say your affirmations out loud or in your head, as many times as you want. If you want, make it into a habit that you do every morning/night.
  • If you’re into chanting meditations, you can use your affirmations in a chant.
  • If you’re not into chanting, you can simply repeat your affirmation in your mind while meditating. Get into to right headspace by silencing your mind before jumping into your phrases.
  • Write them. Remember in school when the bad kids had detention and were made to write lines? They had to write the same thing over and over and over. Well, you can do the same thing with affirmations. Writing them repeatedly can make them more likely to “stick.”
  • Sticky notes. Once you have your affirmations for throat chakra, write them on sticky notes and place them in relevant places. For example, if your affirmation is about speaking your ideas, post it on your desk and look at it before meetings. If it’s about communicating in the home, place your sticky note where you’d see it a lot, such as your fridge or mirror.
  • Phone home screen. Since your phone is always with you, it’s a great place to display these throat chakra affirmations.
  • You can also make it the wallpaper on your computer or laptop.


Summary: Affirmations for Throat Chakra

If you have any physical or emotional issues, you should always seek advice from a qualified professional. Affirmations can be used alongside solutions but should not be the main treatment for major issues.

Your throat chakra is responsible for communication and physical ailments in that area of the body. One way you may improve an unbalanced fifth chakra is with affirmations for throat chakra. Use the ideas on this list to inspire change.

Affirmations for Throat Chakra

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