11 Powerful Crystals for Energy: Boost Energy, Focus, Vibration

Everyone could use more energy these days.

From feeling more awake, less fatigue and more focused, crystals might be able to help.

In this guide, we’re covering 11 best crystals for energy.

Reminder: Crystals are spiritual tools that should fall second to science-backed advice and solutions. When dealing with a problem, please always see the relevant professional services (ie. doctor, therapist, lawyer) before turning to crystals.

Do Crystals for Energy Work?

Using crystals for energy is a spiritual practice. Although you can use stones to see if they help elevate your energy or focus, concerns should be directed to professionals first.

For example, if you’re experiencing low energy and chronic fatigue, you should talk to your doctor. Spiritual tools should never be your first or only treatment. Always seek science-backed advice before turning to crystals.

How to Use Crystals for Energy

Once you’ve selected the best crystals for energy, how should you use them? Try a few of the ideas below:

  • Hold crystal during energy meditation. Do a meditation with the intention of increasing energy or focusing energy. Hold an energy crystal in your palm or place on your body while doing the meditation.
  • Place under pillow. Have trouble waking up? Place a crystal for energy under your pillow to help you wake up feeling renewed.
  • Hold while drinking your coffee. Here’s another idea to increase your morning energy: Hold the energy crystal in your hand while drinking your morning coffee. Create a mindful moment while focusing on your coffee and crystal.
  • Keep on desk. If the afternoon hump of fatigue is making it hard to complete your day, try placing a crystal on your desk.
  • Place in your pocket. If you’re someone who absorbs other’s energies, keep a black stone in your pocket to neutralize energies that aren’t your own.
  • Create a crystal grid. If you need energy for a specific thing or situation, create a grid dedicated to that purpose. Read: DIY Crystal Grid For New Beginnings, Love, Money & More
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11 Crystals for Energy

crystals for energy

This list of crystals for energy features stones that can help crush fatigue, improve focus and mental clarity. Read through the descriptions to find the crystal most suitable for our purpose.


Citrine is a good crystal for energy if you’re looking to amp up your vibration in order to manifest. Citrine is a stone of abundance, according to Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible. It helps us learn how to manifest and how to attract the prosperity or success we want. The stone can also be beneficial when you want to clear your energy from others. Judy Hall says it’s helpful for those for are sensitive to external influences, like people or your environment. It can help minimize the effect of those influences and leave you to bathe in your own positive energies.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the most common stone known to amplify energy. This can be a “good” or “bad” thing. If clear quartz is around positive energy, it will amplify positivity. If you’re feeling negative though, clear quartz might make it even worse, so you might want to steer clear and choose a different stone. Moral of the story? Use clear quartz to boost energy that’s already positive. As one of the best crystals for energy, it can also be used to expand energy while doing spiritual work, like connecting with your higher self.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is more traditionally known as the stone of love. However, this gentle stone can impact your energy in a few specific ways. Let’s say that your energy levels have taken a hit because of self-doubt and confidence problems. Rose quartz can serve as one of the crystals for energy that can aid in emotional balance. According to Love Is In The Earth by Melody, rose quartz has an energy that’s soft, silky, and gentle. With a better view of yourself under your belt, you’ll be able to have the focus and stamina to tackle roadblocks.

Lapis Lazuli

Like rose quartz, lapis lazuli is another great option for calming energy and improving focus. Instead of giving you an energetic burst, it’s said to provide a sedative but focused effect. It can also help provide the intuitive, spiritual energy you need to connect with spirit guides, angels, the Universe, etc.

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Carnelian is said to warm and energize, according to Judy Hall. It may be a particularly good choice for crystals for energy if you want to clear out negativity. Like clear quartz, carnelian is also believed to cleanse other crystals around it. Using carnelian to eliminate negative energies can help boost your own energy. Carnelian, according to Judy Hall, is also said to sharpen concentration and improve focus. It can help ward off lethargy in favor of a more awake mind.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is one of the most popular crystals for energy. Even just looking at its vibrant color can bring a boost of joy. According to Judy Hall, orange calcite is a highly energizing crystal and can particularly help with cleansing the lower chakras. It can help give you the stamina to face problems while maximizing potential solutions. As you probably know by its color, orange calcite also symbolizes joy and happiness. If your energy has taken a hit due to stress or sadness, this stone may be a top choice. For example, if you have depression-related fatigue, carrying orange calcite to a therapy session may help symbolize renewed energy.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is known as one of the best stones for protection. With that, it can also be a great option for crystals for energy. Black obsidian can help block the negative energies that zap your own energy. Try keeping a piece under your pillow to help usher out the negative, leaving you feeling refreshed upon awakening.


Moonstone provides an ethereal-like energy that can be useful in several scenarios. As a crystal for energy, moonstone can help open the mind and focus your energy in the most beneficial direction. Compared to other stones on this list, like Citrine, moonstone provides an energy that’s more inward-focused. It can inspire you to have more energy to look inward and introspect. It can also provide you with a spiritual connection energy helpful while doing lunar-related spiritual work.

According to Love is in the Earth, Moonstone is the stone of “new beginnings.” It’s an excellent crystal to use to regain energy and pause fatigue when getting into a new routine, such as a new job or home.

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Bloodstone is a powerful stone that can be used for extra power in situations where you need courage. Love Is In The Earth calls bloodstone the “stone of courage.” Call upon it when you need additional energy to stand your ground and feel stronger. For example, if you can predict a tough situation, carry bloodstone in your pocket for backup.

It’s also a stone of revitalization and renewed energy. Whether you need to renew energy in a creative project, relationship or passion for life, use bloodstone to your advantage.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is another black stone that represents protection. It can help protect you from energies that will influence your own. If you think your energy is being depleted because of external factors, carry a piece of black tourmaline with your daily. For example, empaths often find that energies “stick” to them and zap their own supply. As one of the crystals for energy, black tourmaline can help counteract this effect.


Selenite can be thought of as providing a clear, pure energy. Like quartz, it’s thought to cleanse the energy of stones around it. People often place selenite around their home to neutralize negative energies and promote positive ones.

Judy Hall says that selenite “attracts angelic energy into your life.” This can be particularly helpful if you’re looking for answers into life’s big questions, like “what’s my purpose?” Selenite can also give you energy to form spiritual habits, like meditation.

Summary: Crystals for Energy

Crystals for energy can help you boost your energy levels, ward off fatigue and improve focus in everyday life. Scroll our list of crystals for energy above to determine the best stone for your situation. Once you’ve selected one or a few stones, try them out. To increase your energies, use your stone during meditation, on your desk, or keep in your pocket. You can also get creative with your crystals for energy, using them to create a mindful moment during your morning coffee time or by creating a grid for a specific energy purpose.

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