8 Crystals for the Sacral Chakra: Sex, Connection, Creativity, Pleasure

Sex. Connection. Relationships. Creativity. Passion. Pleasure.

These are the aspects of the sacral chakra, the third energy center in the system.

An unbalanced sacral chakra can lead to issues in these areas.

One way to help spiritually fix these?

Stones for the sacral chakra.

In this post, we’re showing you 8 crystals you can try to make your sacral chakra happy.

DISCLAIMER: Chakras are a fun and helpful spiritual tool. But there’s no hard evidence to back their existence. Always speak to your doctor or a relevant professional for advice or help. Science-backed services and treatments should always be considered your first route.


Sacral Chakra Meaning

The Sacral Chakra is the 2nd energy center in the 7-center charka system.

If you’re not familiar with the idea of chakras, they’re spinning energy disks located in a line in the center of your body. Each of the 7 chakras corresponds to specific body parts, spiritual lessons and more. It’s believed that chakras should stay open and balanced. Unbalanced or closed down chakras may lead to issues related to the spiritual meaning of that center. For example, an unbalanced heart chakra could mean being too closed down when it comes to love. When all of our chakras are in good condition, we’re working through life in healthy ways.

The chakra system originated in ancient India, being referenced in a spiritual text called the Vedas. Today, the belief of chakras is common in many varying spiritual beliefs. It’s important to understand that while charkas are a helpful spiritual tool, they should not be used as a replacement for physical or mental healthcare or any other issue.


The Meaning of Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra, the third energy center, is related to creativity, sexuality, relationships, connection and pleasure. This could be the chakra of discovering who you are–your likes, dislikes, hobbies, personalities, sexual preferences, how you love and like to be loved, etc. It can also be the center of sex and everything erotic. Another angle of the Sacral could be used to explore roles and the meaning of power within relationships. This center could be one to look at for artists or anyone involved in creation. This openness here can dictate how open you are to new ideas and inspirations.

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When the Sacral chakra is balanced, it may look like someone who has a good sense of themselves and knows how to control the power of sexuality when appropriate. An unbalanced Sacral Chakra can look like succumbing to the power of things–like drugs, gambling, working or sex addiction. It could also look like someone who has intimacy issues or judgments around sexuality.

It’s believed that an unbalanced Sacral could also lead to negative physical manifestations. These involve problems around the area where the third chakra is located, including:

  • Vaginal issues
  • Groin or penis problems, including erectile dysfunction
  • Arthritis
  • Lower back issues
  • Hip issues

There’s several ways we can work to balance and open the Sacral Chakra. One of them is by using stones for the sacral chakra.


8 Crystals for the Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra Crystals Gemstones

When we’re looking for stones for a specific chakra, one quick hack is to consider the color of that energy center. For example, the Sacral chakra is Orange, so we can assume ogange-ish crystals will be associated with this center.


#1 Carnelian

Carnelian is a popular crystal that’s usually easy to find and affordable, making it a great choice for a sacral chakra stone. This center is associated with the reproductive organs and the genital area. Keeping with that theme, this stone is known to some as a fertility stone.

It’s known for its warm energy that can bring a joyful glow or mood. It can also bring a boost of passion or instill a healthy but balanced self-confidence. Known as a stone good for creativity and motivation, it can transfer those qualities into your relationships or sex life.


#2 Orange Calcite

This bright stone imparts a new and invigorating energy that can be useful for awakening the Sacral chakra.

Similar to the stone above, orange calcite is also known for its warm and motherly like qualities. This could also make it a good stone for those trying to conceive open up to the idea of making a family. It’s supportive qualities can gently guide you to see the truths in situations where you may be a bit emotionally blind. Yet, it’s motivating and creative energy can instill the passion you need to power on and through.


#3 Orange Moonstone

Moonstone in general is known to ease anxieties for emotional balance. The addition of orange makes it related more closely to the sacral chakra. Given this, it’s a powerful combination of lunar energy combined with feminine energy of fertility.

When considering crystals for the sacral chakra, this one can be used to boost creativity and give you the passion to go ahead on projects or new visions. As stated, it stress-relieving effects, which can be helpful for those who worry about their relationships.

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#4 Amber

This yellow or golden brown stone is great for releasing emotional holdbacks. If you’re looking for crystals for the sacral chakra, it may be helpful to know this can include romantic blocks. For example, if you’re having trouble getting over an ex or crush, amber can help clear that energy.

Its warm energy can leave you feeling more joyful and invigorated too. Amber is also known to have protective effects, absorbing lower energies so you don’t need to.


#5 Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is known as the “Creativity Stone” which makes it perfect for the creative Sacral chakra. If you’re looking to increase your creativity related to a project, or even overall, this is a good sacral chakra crystal to start with. It can also impart creativity in other senses–such as revealing new paths, making you see new opportunities, etc.

Tiger’s Eye is also known for its courage. This can be courage you need for a specific situation, or related to the sacral chakra specifically, the courage to be who you are romantically or sexually. If you’re feeling sexually anxious, Tiger’s Eye could be the stone you need to shed the worries and be vulnerable.


#6 Sunstone

As you may guess from the name, sunstone can represent the sun’s energy–a vibrant, warm, motherly feel that imparts positivity, joy and a sense of support. This can make you feel more self-confident in your relationships, in the bedroom or simply with your identity. It can bring a sense of enthusiasm related to the sacral chakra and help reinvigorate the connection and sexuality of this area.


#7 Goldstone

Goldstone is thought of as the Ambition Stone. It’s also known to be mysterious, which is perfect for the sexual energy of the sacral chakra. It can help you harness your power as a sexual being and be comfortable with yourself from that lens.


#8 Tangerine Quartz

If you’re looking for crystals for the sacral chakra, tangerine quartz is another one to try that can enhance self-confidence and bring a more light-hearted approach to a situation. Related to the third chakra, this could mean a more playful approach to romantic or sexual relationships. It can help you unleash your sexual energy or give you the passion to work on creative pursuits.

It can also assist you in finding yourself and your purpose in life (one reason it’s called the stone of ambition!).  Compared to other crystals for sacral chakra, this one is a bit different. It’s made using copper and glass with varying theories about its origins. Still, since it’s man-made, it’s not technically a crystal. Still, it’s thought to impart numerous benefits.

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How to Heal the Sacral Chakra with Stones for Sacral Chakra

There are plenty of ways you can use crystals for the sacral chakra.



You can simply hold your sacral chakra crystal or have it beside you as you meditate. An even better idea? Place the stone on your third chakra area. Focus on your breath and the energy of your stone.


Crystal Grid

If there’s something specific you’re working on or want to manifest related to the sacral chakra, you can create a crystal grid for it using stones related to that center. For example, if you want to manifest more confidence in your sexuality, choose some stones above and set that intention for your grid.



You can also create an altar dedicated to working on your sacral chakra or issues related to that area. Altars can include many things such as nature findings, oracle cards, oils, statues and your sacral chakra crystals.



You can make your own DIY healing jewelry using your favorite sacral chakra crystal. Or purchase a piece with that intention.


Crystal Singing Bowls

You can also invest in a crystal singing bowl made with a stone on this list. Use it while setting your intention to balance and open your third chakra.


Make a Crystal Essene

You can infuse your crystal in water to create a DIY crystal essence or tincture. This can be used under the tongue, added to drinks or made into a spray to help your sacral chakra.


Put in Your Bra

If you want to balance your third chakra but don’t wear jewelry, another option is to slip the crystal inside your bra for the day. If you don’t wear a bra, keep it in your pocket.


Summary on Crystals for the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is related to sexuality, connection, relationships and creativity. When this center is unbalanced or closed, you may experience issues in these areas of life or this area of the body. To balance and open the sacral chakra, you can use stones. There’s a variety of crystals for the sacral chakra you can use. You can experiment with some on the list and see if any work for you.

Remember that crystals are a spiritual tool but your first line of advice and help should always be your doctor or another relevant professional.

Sacral Chakra Crystals Gemstones

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