DIY Crystal Grid for New Beginnings, Love, Money & More

Crystal grids are pretty set-ups. But how do you make them?

And how can you ensure they’re working for the purpose you want it to?

Although there’s many different ways to make a crystal grid, your intention is what matters most.

Whether you have a few or a lot of crystals, we’ll show you what to do.

Keep reading to learn how to make a crystal grid.


What’s a Crystal Grid?

diy crystal grid for love

A Crystal grid is a collection of stones place in a design formation. It’s usually created alongside a purpose or intention, such as to heal your body. When someone makes a grid, they choose crystals that align with their intention. For example, choosing stones known for happiness for an intention of healing depression.

It’s believed that the energy from these crystals will aid the person in achieving their goal or intention.

This grid is placed somewhere that you can see it daily. It should serve as a visual reminder of your intention. How often a grid stays up depends on you and your goals. It could stay up a few days, a week or a year. However, remember to cleanse and recharge the grid just like you would any other crystal.

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What’s the Purpose of a Crystal Grid

The purpose of a crystal grid is to support you in an area of your life. When you make a crystal grid, you set your intention for it. Intentions can vary wildly. For example, the purpose of a crystal grid could be:

  • Help you find work
  • Help you heal from anxiety
  • Help you find love
  • Help you work through a family issue
  • Help you through a divorce or breakup
  • Help you through a life transition
  • Manifest something specific
  • Pray for the healing of a loved one
  • Pray for the healing of yourself


Crystal Grid Elements

When it comes to making a crystal grid, there’s two main elements you need to know about before choosing your stones.

Main Stone

This is stone will be the center of your crystal grid. It’s ideal to have the biggest stone in the middle. Although you can use big stones on the outside too, using a bigger stone than the one in the Centre may offset the energies in the grid.

Support Stones/Connectors

Many people use pointed quartz as support stones to “point” the energy toward the center of the grid. Quartz can also be a good choice because it helps amplify the energy of the crystals around it. However, you can use other stones as support stones. Other people may disagree, but I disagree with them. If you don’t have money for dozens of pointed quartz, in my opinion, spirit does not discriminate. Most things work mainly by intention anyway.


How to Make a Crystal Grid for New Beginnings, Love, Money and More

Here’s the steps on how to make a crystal grid.

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Step #1: Choose Intention

Firstly, you need to choose your intention for your crystal grid. As discussed above, you can make a crystal grid for many purposes, including:

  • Better health
  • Better mental well-being
  • To support someone’s healing
  • To support a life transition or change
  • To get over an ex

Then write your intention down on a piece of paper. It could be something as simple as “I intend this crystal grid to support me in finding my soulmate.”

It could also be more detailed like: “To support me in achieving a better life with stability and happiness in emotions, work and romance.”


Step #2: Choose Your Crystals

Next, you need to choose the crystals you’re using in your grid. Most, if not all, your crystals should reflect your intention.

You’ll need:

  • One main/Centre stone
  • 6+ support stones

We discuss main and support stones in detail above. The amount of crystals you use will depend on if you’re aiming for a specific pattern/design.

If you don’t have many crystals and are worried about using ones that aren’t tied to your cause, consider this: Even stones that you may not traditionally tie to your intention can be used with success. For example, let’s say you have a crystal grid for anxiety and you’re using crystals like Amethyst to help have a calming effect. Orange crystals may seem out of place. However, many symbolize happiness, meaning that it injects some of that happy energy into your calm grid.


Step #3: Layout Your Crystals

Finally, it’s time to layout your crystals into your grid.

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You can do this in several ways:

  • Make up your own pattern
  • Use a sacred geometric pattern template
  • Use a grid cloth

Some people insist that you should use and layout your stones in a sacred geometric pattern, typically using a template. There’s even crystal grid boards you can purchase for this purpose. Using the lines, place your stones, connecting them to each other. Although these are aesthetically pleasing to look at, they’re not necessary.

Again, since intention matters most here, how you layout your grid is up to you. Follow your intuition.

If you’re making your own pattern, place your center stone in the middle. Then use your supporting stones to connect to your big stone. As discussed above, pointed quartz stones are a good option here, but they’re not necessary.


Step #4: Activate with Intention

Once your crystal grid is in place, it’s time to activate it using your intention. Using the phrase you wrote in step #1, read it out loud in front of the grid.

You can also choose to place a candle by your grid and light it frequently to remind you of your intention.


Summary on How to Make a Crystal Grid

Crystal grids can be used for a variety of purposes. People have many varying opinions about how to make one. You can use lesser or more crystals. You can use a design template to dictate your grid, or you can use your intuition. Remember to choose stones that represent your intention and to choose your intention wisely.

diy crystal grid for love

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I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.