10 Best Crystals for New Beginnings and Easy Change

When you’re going through change, you might experience a variety of emotions.

While transformation is necessary, it can be difficult. We also might struggle with which decisions to make as we embark on a new journey.

Crystals for new beginnings can help inspire you during your transition. Whether it’s a new job, relationship, a big move or spiritual advancement, these stones can help guide your journey.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best 9 crystals for new beginnings and change.

An Important Note About Crystals For New Beginnings

Crystals are a spiritual tool however, they do not replace professional advice or science-backed treatments.

If you need advice on a new beginning, please talk to the appropriate people to guide your decision-making. If your mental health is struggling, please talk to your doctor or a therapist. Seek out science-baked coping mechanisms to use before or alongside using crystals. You don’t have to go through new beginnings or change alone, so please seek out the appropriate help.


How to Use Crystals for New Beginnings

There’s a variety of ways you can use your favorite crystals for new beginnings.

Carry Them In Your Purse or Pocket

Carrying crystals for new beginnings on you can help calm you during hard periods. Through change, you may experience a range of emotions. To help soothe the difficult ones, try keeping a crystal in your purse or pocket.

Display In Your Home

If you’re going through a personal change, display a few crystals for change around your home. This can serve as a reminder of your goal or may act as a compassionate friend when you’re feeling down.

Make a Crystal Grid

Try making a crystal grid for change using crystals for new beginnings. Dedicate this area to your transformation. This can help guide your journey. If you want, every time you pass this space, say an affirmation or prayer.


Make an Altar

Make an altar dedicated to your new beginning using your favorite items. Arrange a combination of candles, small statues or tokens, incense and your favorite crystals for new beginnings. You can use this space for any spiritual ritual, such as affirmations, prayer or meditation.

Meditate with Crystals for New Beginnings

Although crystals are a spiritual tool, it’s best to use science-backed advice if you’re struggling with mental health through your period of change. Meditation has been shown to ease stress anxiety disorder. Try a guided meditation of your choice. To heighten your experience, hold onto your crystal while you meditate.

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Journal with Crystals for New Beginnings

Journaling is another activity that has been shown to ease mental distress. As you embark on your new beginning, vent about the downsides and bask in the upsides by keeping a journal. Simply write how you’re feeling that day. While journaling, keep your favorite crystals for new beginnings by your side. These will help remind you of the bigger picture of positive change.

Put Under Your Pillow

If you need help calming your mind of all the changes you’re going through, try sticking a calming crystal under your pillow. It can also help inspire wisdom during your sleep if you’re contemplating the best decision to make for a new journey.

Place Crystals for New Home Around House or Apartment

If you’re using a crystal for a new home, grid your house or apartment. Learn how in the video below.

10 Crystals for New Beginnings and Change

Whether it’s a big move, new job, new relationship or spiritual transformation—change can be difficult. These crystals for new beginnings can help smoothen the transition.


According to the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, moonstone is known as the “stone of new beginnings.”

With a motherly energy, it can help calm you down when the transitions of change seem rough. During this possibly turbulent time, it promotes emotional stability. According to the Crystal Bible, it soothes emotional overreactions and can help dampen triggers.

It can also help you trust your intuition, affirming that you’re on the right path and headed in the best direction. If you’re lacking intuition and not sure which decision to make, moonstone can also help you develop your skills. As a feminine stone, it can help make you more receptive to positive changes.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as the crystal of love. But it’s also one of the best crystal for new beginnings. That’s because it can help you gently transition. Change is often daunting and scary. Rose quartz adds comforting love into the mix. It understands that transition can be difficult and allows for self-compassion: It’s okay and normal to feel this way. When you feel supported and safe, change becomes easier.

As the stone of love, it can also help us harness the self-love we need during change. When our outside circumstances change, we change internally. And vice versa. As we discover new versions of ourselves and shed the old ones, rose quartz helps us love and respect ourselves.

Rose quartz can also be used if you’re looking for crystals for a new home. It can help infuse your home with love, promoting a loving living space, family, company, etc.

Blue Kyanite

Blue kyanite is a stone that doesn’t need cleansing. Amazingly, it cleans itself and will not hold onto negative energy. We can extend this metaphor into our new life transition. When we walk into a new future, we shed the past.

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Blue kyanite is a great stone for new beginnings because it can help us let go of the past negativity and move forward into a positive future. If a change is difficult, this stone can help constantly cleanse you of worrying thoughts. For that reason, it’s one of the top crystals for new beginnings to wear as jewelry or keep on you.

According to the Crystal Bible, blue kyanite can also help you hone your intuition. This can be useful for difficult decision-making. For example, if you’re looking for crystals for a new home, blue kyanite can help you trust your intuition on which house or apartment is best.


Judy Hall calls Labradorite a highly mystical stone. It helps you connect with universal energies. In that, it can help give you the wisdom you need during your life change. That may include guiding you to trust your intuition with a big decision. Or it may be comforting wisdom that affirms everything will work out.

In the Crystal Bible, Judy Hall writes that Labradorite “forms a barrier to negative energies shed during therapy.” Many new beginnings are brought on by therapy or psychological realizations. This crystal can help you let go of the darker energies so your new beginning feels light again. This is one of the best crystals for new beginnings if you need protection against outside energies too.


Interestingly, some say “if you’re drawn to malachite, it may be time for a major change in your life.” As a stone of transformation, malachite is a great companion along any journey of change.

Since it’s a green stone, it connects to the heart chakra and offers healing. Before we fully close a chapter, healing is often necessary.

The rich green color also represents abundance and financial wealth. This makes malachite a great option if you’re hoping your new beginning brings financial luck.

Chrysolite (AKA Peridot)

Chrysolite, AKA Peridot, is another green crystal that can help with change and new beginnings.

It can help you discern the right choice when you’re starting on a new path. For this reason, it’s a great choice among crystals for new beginnings or crystals for a new home. When you have several doors in front of you, turn to chrysolite for guidance on which to walk through.

Judy Hall writes, that the stone “shows you how to detach yourself from outside influences and to look to your own higher energies for guidance.

Peridot is also a heart chakra stone. With that, it helps our heart open to new possibilities, situations or relationships.


Citrine is a wonderful stone to use if you’re looking for crystals for new beginnings. The orange stone is known to represent joy, which many hope to gain on their new journey. It can help bring happiness by encouraging you to notice the small wins that lead to big transformation.

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Citrine can also promote prosperity, making it a great choice if your new road includes a new job or business venture. As a general abundance stone, it can help you achieve richness in any area of life.

Along with being a great crystal for change and new beginnings, it can also help with self-esteem. When our life changes, we’ll need to take hold of our confidence in order to try new things. Citrine helps us gain the confidence we need to move forward.


Lepidolite is an excellent stone to use to for emotional balance. It can help calm intense feelings with a gentle, compassionate energy. New starts can bring on a roller coaster of emotions and this stone can help stabilize the negative ones. Whether you’re starting a new relationship, job, moving or getting a new home—change can be bittersweet. Lepidolite walks along that journey with you, letting you know it will be okay.

As a purple stone, it relates to the third eye and crown chakras. In that, it can help you connect to your inner wisdom, helping you make decisions or find your passion. If your new journey involves spiritual growth, Lepidolite may be the best crystal for new beginnings to choose.


Obsidian is a great crystal for a new home. If you’re gridding your new house or apartment to keep away negative energy, this black stone is a great choice.

As one of the best protectors and crystals for new beginnings, it can help ward off negative emotions. Although it’s natural to have grief over the loss of a former self or situation, obsidian can help soothe those difficult feelings.

It’s also known as a stone of strength and inner power. These are traits you may need as you brave new beginnings and experiences.

According to Judy Hall, obsidian “impels us to grow and lends solid support while we do so.” The stone can as the stable ground beneath you as you chart new lands.


Amethyst is one of the most readily available crystals for new beginnings. As a purple stone, it connects to the higher chakras, promoting guidance from higher realms. Whether you receive wisdom from God, The Universe, your spirit guides or angels, Amethyst can help you connect with that knowledge. Use this stone if you need help making decisions or tuning into what’s truly best for you.

Change can bring about periods of anxiety and amethyst can help soothe those common emotions. It’s a great crystal to wear or keep in your pocket as a “calming” token.

Summary: Crystals for New Beginnings

New beginnings can be stressful and difficult, yet exciting and necessary. Crystals for new beginnings may guide you through your journey. Whether to bring comfort to help decision making, try a few stones to see if thy enhance your transformation.

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