Who’s Your Next Lover? 3 Future Love Tarot Spread Layouts

If you’re looking for answers when it comes to your love life, you’ve come to the right place.

Using a future love tarot spread helps you understand more about yourself and your love life. Look at situations in new ways and get advice on deleting old tapes. And finally, how can you meet a new romantic partner anyway?

Read the descriptions below and choose the right future love tarot spread for yourself.

REMEMBER: Tarot is a spiritual tool that can be used for self-introspection. However, it is not a replacement for professional advice or services. If you’re experiencing mental health problems, talk to a therapist or ask your doctor about free local mental health resources.

Future Love Tarot Spread

Choosing a future love tarot spread can help you gain introspection on your love life. Understanding the meaning and symbolism behind cards can promote a new perspective or way of looking at a situation. In turn, this can help us move forward and onto future love.

Remember that for any future love tarot spread, the future is not set in stone. Everyone has free will, meaning that card predictions can change. So if you don’t like an outcome or something a card says, remember that you have the power to change it. Tarot can caution us of problems, helping us step over them or avoid them completely. It can also guide us on overcoming inevitable situations. Use the cards to look more deeply into situations and expand your awareness.

Time for Love Future Love Tarot Spread

future love tarot spread

When is it time for love? This future love tarot spread will help you understand all that and more. Take a trip into your love life’s past. Learn about the challenges you’ve overcome and the ones you might still be working through. Take a deep dive into your hopes, fears and sense of self-love. Finally, get tips for finding your new person or love situation. Who can you expect to meet? And what’s the most likely outcome?

  1. Represents past love life (most recent). This card represents your most recent past love life. This could be your ex-partner or a recent fling or situationship. What was your most recent love experience?
  2. Challenges you’ve overcome in the past. This card points to challenges you’ve overcome in your past love life. What have you worked though?
  3. Challenges you may still be working through. Most of us have things we’re working on for ourselves and for our love life. This card represents the current challenges you might be or should be focusing on. You’ll learn whether issues like trust, self-love or control are currently affecting your ability to find a partner.
  4. A tip from spirit on overcoming that challenge. This card will help you overcome the challenge discussed in the previous card. What can you do to work through your current challenge?
  5. Your current hopes for your love life. What are you hoping for in your love life? This card represents the ideal situation or person you’re looking for.
  6. Your fears about your love life. What are your current fears about your love life? This card can help you understand the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. It could help you uncover fear to work through before meeting a new person.
  7. Your level of self-love. Before the reading wraps up, get a full look into your love life by evaluating your self-love. Do you have a healthy sense of self-worth or does it need more work? This card will help you answer those questions and look more deeply into your confidence.
  8. When will my next love develop? This card helps you understand when you’re most likely to meet your next love. Is it in the near future or can you expect to wait awhile while you focus on other areas of life? Although we might want to rush love, be open to interpretations of this card.
  9. Represents the person you’ll meet. This card represents the person you’ll meet or the type of situation that’s most likely.
  10. A tip from spirit on how or where to meet that person. Where might you meet the new person? Or what will lead you to your new love situation? This card helps point you in the right direction when it’s time.
  11. Represents lessons from new person. This card represents lessons you’ll learn from this new person or situation. You might learn this at the beginning, throughout or in the later stages of the relationship.
  12. Represents your final outcome with that person. When you meet the new person, what will your outcome with that person be? This card represents the most likely final outcome of that future person or situation.
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Lightning Love Tarot Spread

future love tarot spread

Like lightning, get a quick overview of your future love life with this future love tarot spread. Who are you most likely to meet and how will you feel about them? How do others feel about this person? Then dive into the positives and challenges of the future relationship or situation. And learn the most likely outcome at this time.

  1. Your future love. Represents the person you’ll meet next. Who are they and what are they like? Court cards may describe physical attributes while other cards can point to the person’s traits or traits of the upcoming love situation/relationship.
  2. How you’ll perceive your future love. What do you think about your future love? This card in the future love tarot spread helps you understand how you’re likely to perceive the person.
  3. How others will perceive your future love. This card points to how others may perceive your future person. Does it affirm how you feel or does it differ?
  4. The highlights of your future love. What are some of the good things that you’ll experience from this new person, relationship or situation? This card represents the joys or benefits. This may be what attracts you to the person or your favorite things about the relationship.
  5. The challenges of your future love. What is a challenge you may have in your future love life? This could point to something you’ll need to work through as you strengthen the relationship. It could also reveal reasons for upcoming arguments or splits.
  6. The most likely outcome of your future love. What’s the most likely outcome of your future love life?
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Checkmark Love

future love tarot spread

This future love tarot spread helps you get it right. If you’re serious about finding the right person or situation for you, this is a good spread to try. It will delve into your sense of self love and amp it up by telling you something spirit loves about you. After this confidence boost, understand your current blocks in your love life. What can you do to overcome them? Then get into the spiritual side of love. What can you do to invite more of it into your life? And what advice does spirit have for you?

  1. Your sense of self-love. Do you have a healthy sense of self-love or should you work on it? This card lets you know if you’re in need of more self-compassion. It may indicate that you need to work on your confidence before meeting someone new. It might also celebrate that your hard work has paid off and that you’re ready.
  2. Something your angels/spirit/higher self loves about you. While we’re on the topic of self-love, what does your spirit/source/higher self/God love about you? What are you doing well and why are they proud of you? Amp up your confidence with a quick, divine boost.
  3. Current blocks in your love life. What’s preventing you from meeting someone new? This card represents something you might need to work through to meet the right person.
  4. Advice from spirit on overcoming that block. This card helps you understand what you can do to overcome the block discussed in the last card. What’s the actionable advice you can take to move past that challenge?
  5. What you can do to invite more love into your life. In the general sense of love, what can you do to invite more of it into your life? Remember that love attracts love. Even if not in a romantic sense, attracting love of different types can help you attract the romantic situation you desire. This card guides you toward experiences or feelings of more love and joy.
  6. What to consider to meet more good people. Finally, let’s get some practical advice on where you might meet someone. The second last card in this future love tarot spread points towards how you might be introduced to a new person or situation.
  7. Something spirit wants you to know about our love life. To cap off this future love tarot spread, what’s some advice from spirit? What do your angels/spirit guides/higher self-want you to know? This could be practical advice or a general theme to focus on.
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Summary: Future Love Tarot Spread

The spreads above help you learn more about your love life in the past, present and likely future. Learn about your current blockages and what you might expect to come. Choose a future love tarot spread according to what you want to learn. Read over the descriptions to decide which will promote the most self-introspection.

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