11 Fun Manifestation Writing Exercises to Attract ASAP

Sticking to the law of attraction can be tough.

One way we can get better at it is by practicing.

You’ve probably done different manifestation activities before to determine what you want in your life. For example, we’ve bet you’ve set a few intentions.

Once you’re clear on what you want through, where do you go from there?

You can make a vision board and stare at it forever. But will that really make your dreams come true?

The law of attraction works more by psychology than magic, and as such, doing a few exercises can help prime your brain to realize opportunities.

The manifestation writing exercises in this post can be easily done daily in your journal or even in your phone’s notes app.

Ready to get manifesting? Read on to discover the activities.


11 Manifestation Writing Exercises

Manifestation Writing Exercises

Using manifestation exercises can help you nail down what you want. But more than that, it can help you reconnect to the feeling of what it would be like to actually have it. If you believe that like attracts like, feeling good should attract more feeling good. So, in each of these exercises, make sure to pay special attention to how you feel. These manifestation writing exercises include:

  1. How to Script LOA
  2. Morning Script
  3. Year Script
  4. Your Perfect Year Script
  5. Ideal Job Description
  6. Future Wedding Vows
  7. Future Perfect Home Real Estate Listing
  8. Vacation Journal
  9. Life Wish List
  10. Success List
  11. Write Intention Lines
  12. Write a Letter To…

We list the instructions and ideas for each exercise below.


#1 How to Script LOA

Scripting is a common law of attraction technique that is said to help you manifest your desires. To put it simply, scripting is writing a detailed script about what you want your future life to look like.

Think about what you what your life to look like:

  • What job do you have? Describe it. How much money do you make? How do you feel while working?
  • How do you spend your money?
  • Do you have a soulmate? What do they look like? How to they treat you?
  • What does your day-to-day look like?
  • What fun activities do you do?
  • How do you give back to the world? How do you create change?
  • How do you feel about yourself? What positive things have changed about you?
  • How’s your health? Your mental health?
  • What do you do in your spare time?

There’s a few “rules” to writing this script:

  • Write it in present tense (ex. “I am a six figure leader” NOT “I will be”)
  • Write in positive phrases (ex. “I have tons of energy” NOT “I am no longer tired all the time)
  • Be as detailed as you can
  • Focus on the FEELING of what you’re describing
  • If you’re not excited about it, don’t include it
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#2 Morning Script

When you wake up and before you get out of bed, take the journal and pen off your nightside table and devote 5 or 10 minutes to the exercise.

Pretend that you’re in your future body. Pretend that you woke up and you’re living your future life. What does the day you have ahead look like? Describe it in detail. Don’t forget to add how you feel. Here’s some ideas:

  • Do you work? What’s your job?
  • How do you feel about your job?
  • What do you do after work?
  • Do you have work freedom?
  • Do you come home to your soulmate or family?
  • What type of home do you come home to? Where do you live?
  • How will you add to the world today?
  • What are you grateful for in the day ahead?
  • What are you excited about in the day ahead?


#3 Script Your Perfect Year

Similar to the exercise above, only from a birds-eye view. Imagine that you’ve just finished the perfect year in your future. What does that look like? What have you accomplished? How have you spent your time? What are you excited about? How have all the developments this year made you feel.

Spend 10 to 15 minutes detailing your future year.


#4 Write Your Ideal Job Description

One-third of your life is spent at work. That’s a lot. So it should go without saying that your job affects the quality of your life. Because of that, even if you don’t mind your job, you might have ideas of better opportunities in the future.

Maybe you want to switch fields. Maybe you want a promotion. Maybe you need a change-up at a different company. Or perhaps you’re starting your own side business. Or just want to grow the one you already have. Even if you don’t know what you want to do, you probably know how you want to feel during and at the end of each workday.

Write yourself a job description of what you want. Include the traditional details:

  • Hours you work
  • Days you work
  • Your hourly rate or salary
  • Things you accomplish each day
  • Tasks required of you
  • Who you report to
  • Where you work from
  • “Soft skills” you use in your job
  • The impact your work has
  • Vacation time
  • Benefits

But also include untraditional details like:

  • How you feel after work
  • How you feel during work
  • The amount of freedom your job gives you
  • How close your job is to home


#5 Write Your Future Wedding Vows

What? How can you write your wedding vows if you haven’t even met your soulmate yet? Well, you probably already know the type of person you want to meet and how you want to feel in the relationship. Believe it or not, that’s all you need to write your vows. Not only can this manifestation writing exercise help you manifest your partner, but it can also serve as a checklist for when you’re dating. If you met someone, you’ll know they’re not a fit if they can’t live up to your pre-written vows.

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Take 15 minutes and aim to write a few paragraphs worth of vows. Include:

  • Your promises to your partner
  • What you love about your partner
  • How they treat you
  • How you treat them
  • How they make you feel
  • The best parts about them
  • The best parts about the relationship

To get some ideas on what to write, read these wedding vow examples. You can also read The Knot’s instructions on how to write wedding vows. But remember, these probably won’t look exactly like traditional wedding vows. You want to insert less specifics (ex. “that time we went sailing”) and more feelings (ex. “I love the way you make me feel when…”).


#6 Write the Real Estate Listing to Your Home

If you want a new home—whether you can afford it or not—one of the good manifestation writing exercises to try is developing a future real estate listing.

Include all the details a regular listing would:

  • Where it’s located
  • How many rooms
  • Beds?
  • Baths?
  • Design style
  • Pools? Movie theatres?
  • Garages?
  • Big backyard?
  • Balcony?
  • Pent house?
  • Landscaped?
  • Size?
  • Big kitchen? Walk-in closet?

Include untraditional things too:

  • What is the home perfect for (ex. raising a family, hosting dinner parties, having cozy nights with your partner)?
  • What vibe does the home have (warm, friendly, cozy, etc.)?
  • Easily affordable for your income?
  • How do you feel in the home?

Bonus points if you can attach pictures to it!


#7 Vacation Journal Manifestation Writing Exercise

Many of us want to go on vacation but can never seem to find the money for it. Or maybe time is the issue. Either way, there’s manifestation writing exercises you can try. In this one, pretend you’re waking up on vacation. You’re writing from your hotel room, from a beach or maybe even a plane. Take 10 minutes and write up a journal entry about how it’s going.

  • Where are you?
  • Where are you going?
  • Where have you been?
  • What activities do you do there?
  • Is anyone with you?
  • How do you feel on vacation?
  • What are you learning?
  • What’s your favorite thing about the vacation?
  • What type of freedom allows you to take the vacation (financial, time, etc.)?


#8 Create a Life Wish List

If you’re just starting out with the law of attraction and are looking for general manifestation writing exercises, this is a good one to begin with. Since it doesn’t focus on one specific area, it can help you determine what you want in general.

Just like how you have a wish list for products in a store, do the same with your life. Nothing is off the table. Simply write “What do I want in life?” at the top of the page. Then, start jotting down points about what you want. This could include:

  • Career
  • Financial
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Relationships
  • Pets
  • Children
  • Homes
  • Health
  • Mental health
  • Vacations
  • Freedoms
  • Feelings
  • Experiences
  • Hobbies
  • Activities
  • Life milestones
  • Physical items (although remember, there’s more to life than buying the latest sports car or designer purse)
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#9 Success List

Of all the manifestation writing exercises on this list, this one is a little different. Instead of theorizing what you want, we’re going to focus on what’s already went well. Why? Because the law of attraction states that like usually attracts like. So if you’re feeling good and grateful, you’re likely to draw more good and grateful into your life.

Spend some time writing down all your successes over your life. Don’t stop until you reach 50. After the first few big ones, you’ll probably struggle to find more. That’s when you can write down the smaller successes. Maybe graduating high school, giving that speech, going past your comfort zone that time, challenging your fear about something another time.


#10 Write Intensions like Writing Lines

Do you remember when you were younger and anyone that had detention had to sit and write lines? They’d have to write the same phrase over and over.

Similarly, do the same with your intentions. Only since you’re not in trouble, it’s more fun! Take the intention you’ve formed and write each down 20 times in a row. As your hand gets lost in the movement, try to feel the feelings of life as if you’ve already accomplished that intention.


#11 Write a Letter To…

Write a letter to someone who could be a part of your manifestation goals. For example, if you’re trying to manifest a soulmate, write a letter to your future partner. Detail how much you love them and how good they make you feel. What experiences have you had together? What’s the best thing about it?

If you’re wanting a new job, write a letter to your boss telling her how happy you are to have the position. What do you do each day? How do you feel? How’s the work-life balance? What’s your impact on the world?

If you want to get out of debt, write a letter to a friend describing how you just paid off the last cent of your debt. How does the new financial freedom feel?


Summary of Manifestation Writing Exercises

Manifestation Writing Exercises

If you’re trying to change your life using the law of attraction, one of the tools you can use to make that happen are manifestation writing exercises. You can do these on a sheet of paper, your diary or a journal dedicated to just these activities. We’ve suggested ideas from how to script LOA to writing your future vows and ideal real estate listing. Use the suggestions on this list to dream up the best life for you!

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