How to Recharge Crystals: 6 Basic Ways to Try Now

Collecting and using crystals is fun what how do you recharge them?

After a while, crystals start to take on the energies around them. For them to “operate” at their full potential, they need to be cleansed.

And after cleansing, some people recharge them. But what does that mean? How is that different than cleansing? Are the same methods used for both? That seems like a lot of work to cleanse and recharge each and every crystal you own.

When it comes to stones, there can be quite a bit of confusion around what to do with them between using then.

Here, we talk about the difference between cleansing and recharging crystals. Then, we’ll outline how to recharge crystals in 6 ways.

Charging Vs. Cleansing Crystals: Crystal Charging 101

When it comes to cleansing and recharging crystals, are they the same?

Some people believe you need to cleanse your crystals, but not charge them. This group believes that crystals are already “programmed,” so once cleaned, you don’t need to charge them at all. Here, the term “cleansing” and “charging” might be used interchangeably to mean the same thing.

Other people believe that cleansing and charging crystals are completely different. This group believes you need to both clean and charge your crystals.

So who’s right? You. Do what works for you.

In this article, we are sharing how to both cleanse and charge your crystals. Charging them is optional, depending on what you believe. But cleansing crystals is critical for everyone.

Cleansing a Crystal

  • Remove energy from crystal
  • Goal is to end with a pure energy, similar to a shower
  • Everyone agrees crystals should be cleansed
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Charging a Crystal

  • Some belive it restores energy after depletion
  • Goal is to recharge it, similar to a battery
  • Not everyone belives crystals need to be “charged”
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To put it simply, when you use a crystal, it absorbs your energy. To rid it of these energies, we need to cleanse it. After cleansing it, the crystal will be free from our energies. Some people think cleansing also recharges the crystal. Other people have a separate process for charging the crystal after cleansing.

Why Some People “Charge” Crystals

Most people know why it’s necessary to cleanse their stones: because they want to clean them! But many are confused why you’d want to recharge them.

Here’s the arguments some people make for charging crystals after cleansing them:

  • More Powerful Use. If you’re wondering why you’d charge a crystal, start to think about it as having a spirit. The spirit absorbs energies around it, making its own energies clouded. So, when you’re using the crystal, the idea is that it works better when its energy is clearer. To do this, recharging your crystal is necessary.
  • Attune to Crystal Energy. Every crystal is said to have its own energies. For example, a tiger’s eye will have a difference healing energy than a rose quartz. By recharging crystals, we encourage their natural qualities to come out instead of being clouded by other energies.
  • Attune with Intent. Some people use the term “programming” crystals as they charge them. This means that they are asking a stone to do a specific job. They are using their intention to “program” their crystal with a certain purpose.

Again, other people belive all these benefits are imparted during the cleansing process anyway, so there’s no need to charge them.

Before Recharging a Crystal…

If you’re wondering how to recharge crystals, you should know that it’s also important to set an intention beforehand. For example, let’s say you’re laying your crystals in sunlight to recharge them. After you set them on the windowsill, set an intention or say a small prayer. This could be something as simple as “Sending recharging light with the intention of inspiring my highest good” or “with the intention of restoring natural energies.”

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If you have a particular reason for recharging it (aka “programming” your crystal), you can set an intention for that too.

Some people argue that there’s no reason to “program” your crystal because crystals already have different meanings. So, if they already have a purpose, why would you need to “program” them?

Although there’s different schools of thought around “programming” crystals with intention, do what works for you.

How To Recharge Crystals: 6 Ways

How to Recharge Crystals

There are a variety of ways of how to recharge crystals. Before jumping into them, know that this is not necessarily the same as cleansing them. If you decide to charge your crystals, you need to cleanse them first. The exception to this is if the method you’re using does both cleansing and recharging.

We should note that there’s no one “rulebook” for cleansing and recharging crystals. Some people will say there is no difference. Some people will claim different methods do and don’t charge them. That’s ok. The main thing is to do what feels right for you. Follow your intuition and keep your intention at the forefront.

#1 Sunlight

*This method can cleanse and recharge crystals*

Sunlight can both cleanse and recharge your crystals, making it a one-stop-shop for crystal care. Place your crystals in a dish and set it in direct sunlight for a few hours.

#2 Water

*This method can cleanse and recharge crystals*

Water can cleanse and recharge crystals in one practice, making it a go-to option for many. Remember that if want to both charge and cleanse, you need to hold both intentions in your mind. Have all your crystals ready in a dish beside the sink. You can take one by one, or you can try a few at a time. Run the crystals under water and let them dry on a towel. After all the stones are done, dry the crystals and return them.

*Keep in mind that not all crystals should be run under water*

#3 Charging Crystals in Moonlight

Many people set their crystals out in a dish on the windowsill or outside in the moonlight to recharge their crystals. Charging crystals in moonlight is a good idea if it’s a full moon and if you’re particularly drawn to lunar energies. Some people cleanse their stones on a full moon but recharge them in sunlight when they believe there’s more “energy.” Do what feels right for you and focus on your intention.

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#4 Sound

This is a good option if you have a singing bowl, chimes or something that makes a high-frequency sound. Place your crystals in a dish in front or beside you. Then emit the sound around it, keeping the intention or recharging the crystal in your mind.

#5 Reiki Energy

If you practice reiki, it’s possible to recharge crystals using your healing energy. Place the crystals on a table in front of you. Then hover your hand on top of them, sending charging reiki energy into them. Hold the intention in your mind during the process.

#6 Meditation

Some people also use meditation to recharge their crystals. When you reach a certain state during meditation, it’s possible to use your own energy of intention to charge the crystal. To do this, keep your intention for the crystal as your focus. Another option is to do a visual mediation where you envision healing light surrounding your crystals and recharging them.


Summary on How to Recharge Crystals

The first step is to understand that cleansing and recharging crystals can be the same thing, or different things, depending on what you believe. Some people think cleansing crystals already charges them. Other people believe you need to charge crystals after you cleanse them. How you work with crystals is up to you and your own beliefs.

If you choose to also charge crystals, we’ve provided some ways above. Some methods, like water sunlight, can both cleanse and recharge a stone. You can try different methods and pick your favorite, or you can choose different ways each time; do what feels right for you!

How to Recharge Crystals

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