14 Practical Ways to Use Crystals for Confidence

Want to feel better about yourself?

There’s many ways you can grow your confidence. Crystals can be a fun spiritual tool to comfort you along your journey.

Which are the best confidence crystals? And how should you be using crystals for confidence?

We’ll cover all that in more in this guide.

Self Confidence: How to Build It

How do you build self-confidence?

Stones are a spiritual tool—not a psychological treatment. To repair your confidence, you’ll need to look toward science-backed methods.

While crystals for confidence can help, it’s critical you do the work to improve your sense of self. Here are the top suggestions to improve your mental health and confidence:

  • See a counselor or therapist for personalized suggestions
  • Try self-compassion exercises
  • Make self-gratitude a habit
  • Surround yourself with people who genuinely love and care for you. Let go of bonds that are destroying your confidence.
  • Set boundaries—and assert them.
  • Practice basic self-care with diet, exercise, sleep and meditation
  • Learn how to notice and challenge negative thoughts

Choosing Crystals for Confidence

Before we get into how to use crystals for confidence, let’s help you choose the right stones.

We have a full guide on 11 crystals for self-love. In that article we suggest the following crystals for confidence:

  • Sunstone
  • Red jasper
  • Rose quartz
  • Garnet
  • Moonstone
  • Carnelian
  • Blue lace agate
  • Citrine
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Orange calcite
  • Amazonite

Out of all these crystals for confidence, which should you choose? Read the meaning of each of the stones above to see what you need most.

Tip: Just because a stone isn’t on this list doesn’t mean it can’t help with confidence. If something works for you, continue doing it. Try new things. Use your intuition. These are suggestions, not rules 🙂

The stone you choose should depend on which type of confidence you need. Below are a few examples.

  • Orange stones: Great for a general confidence boost and a good place to start
  • Rose quartz: Great for negative self-talk. Represents love and can help you usher in self-love.
  • Moonstone: Can promote gentle change with its motherly energy (sometimes change can feel scary)
  • Carnelian: Can help in situations that require both courage and confidence (i.e. courage to assert your boundaries)
  • Orange calcite: As a sacral chakra stone, it can help instill sexual or romantic confidence
  • Garnet: Promotes the strength and endurance you may need to continue on your confidence journey
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14 Best Powerful Crystals for Love and Marriage: Attraction Romance

14 Ways To Use Crystals for Confidence

Before you use any crystal, you want to make sure it’s cleansed (charging is optional- Read: How To Recharge Crystals).

Once it’s cleansed, you can start working with your crystals for confidence. You can do that in a variety of ways. Below are some suggestions on how to use crystals for confidence

#1 Hold Crystal While Saying Affirmations

Some people find affirmations helpful to build their confidence. Affirmations are short phrases you can say out loud or in your head. You can also write them down.

Choose your favourite confidence affirmation and repeat it or write it down as you hold your crystal.

#2 Display In Your Bathroom

You might think the bathroom is a weird place to put your crystals for confidence. But there’s a good reason behind it. Bathrooms are the #1 spot that makes or breaks our confidence.

  • The mirror reflects our appearance
  • The scales reflect our weight
  • It’s the place of self-care: Baths, facemasks, hair dryer, etc.

Placing your favorite crystal for confidence in the bathroom can help infuse it into your routine. Try sticking one on a shelf or on the counter. As you look in the mirror each morning, acknowledge your crystal. Pick it up, look at it, or say your intention inside your head.

#3 Display in Your Bedroom

The second spot that can make or break our confidence is the bedroom. Many people also have mirrors and vanity tables in that room, which can influence the way you feel about yourself.

Make your crystals for confidence a part of each day by placing one on your vanity. As you get ready in the morning, consider holding your crystal and saying a confidence affirmation in the mirror.

If you need confidence related to sexuality and sex, place the crystal by your bedside table. It can help you become more comfortable with your sexuality and feel safe with passion.

#4 Display On Your Desk

If you need more confidence when it comes to work, consider placing crystals for confidence on your desk.

If you’re afraid of people asking what they’re for, you can make them apart of a display so people won’t question it. Or stick them in an office plant and nobody will notice.

This is a great tip for people suffering from imposter syndrome. Keeping crystals for confidence on your desk can remind you that you’re great at your job. They can also serve as a loving hug for those with co-workers or bosses who nick away at confidence.

#5 Place Under Your Pillow

Try placing one of your favorite crystals for confidence underneath your pillow. This way, as you doze off into the night, you can absorb the stone’s energy. Hopefully, you’ll awaken and start the day with a renewed sense of trust in yourself.

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To make it extra powerful and prime your mind, try this: Before sleep, hold your crystal in your hand and repeat a confidence affirmation. Tuck the crystal under your pillow and doze off with the last thoughts of the day being good ones.

#6 Make a Confidence Crystal Spray

A fun way to bring the energy into your daily routine is to make a spray with one of your favorite crystals for confidence.

All you need is water, a spray bottle, sunlight and your stone. Once created, you can use your confidence spray anywhere. Here’s some suggestions:

  • Spray on yourself every morning before leaving home
  • Spray in your home every day to infuse it with confidence
  • Spray in areas where you predict you’ll need confidence later (ex. meeting boardroom or bedroom)

Read: How To Make Spiritual Cleansing Spray: DIY Crystal Essence

#7 Make a Tincture with Crystals for Confidence

Rather than making a spray, you can use your confidence crystal to make a tincture.

Place your crystals for confidence in a bowl of water in sunlight. After a few hours, it will absorb the energy. Pour the water into a dropper bottle and use as a tincture.

Place a few drops under your tongue when you need a boost of confidence.

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#8 Keep In Your Purse or Pocket

Keeping crystals for confidence on you during the day can bring comfort. Consider keeping a stone in your purse or pocket.

It may remind you of your goal to assert yourself and your boundaries. Or you can bring it out and hold it whenever you need a boost or loving whisper.

#9 Keep In Your Bra

Let’s say you’re about to give an important speech or attend a meeting. You might not be able to openly display your crystal.

In this case, it’s a good idea to keep a confidence crystal in your bra. Although it may sound weird, it’s a discreet way to carry your crystal close to your heart. (Just make sure it’s secure so it doesn’t fall out of your bra during your speech!).

#10 Keep In Your Car

If you’re an anxious driver and need to build confidence in that area, keep a crystal in your glove compartment box.

Even with no problems driving, placing a confidence crystal in your car can be symbolic. It can serve as a reminder that you’re behind the wheel of your own life—and that you have the ability to decide which direction to head in.

#11 Crystal Grid for Confidence

If you’ve collected a few crystals for confidence, consider making a crystal grid.

A crystal grid is a combination of crystals placed intentionally into a design. Each crystal grid has a set purpose or intention.

To make a crystal grid for confidence, choose your favorite stones. Then lay them out according to your intuition or according to a template. If you don’t have many crystals, you can use other “filler” stones that aren’t necessarily related to confidence. The only rule is to follow your intuition.

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How you use your crystal grid is up to you. Here’s a few ideas:

  • It may simply serve as a reminder of your goal
  • Meditate nearby it to improve confidence
  • Say an affirmation whenever you pass by your crystal grid
  • Say a daily prayer for confidence over your grid

For ideas, read: 6 Crystal Grid Templates Printables For Love, Protection, Healing

#12 Make an Altar

Use your crystals for confidence as a part of a spiritual altar. An altar is an area where you place “offerings” or “gifts.” This can be a special table, slot in a bookshelf, or corner of a desk.

Make an altar specifically to honor yourself and your growing confidence. Here’s some ideas on items to build an altar for confidence:

  • Crystals for confidence
  • Specific tarot cards, angel cards or other divination cards that represent confidence
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Photos that give you confidence
  • Notes from loved ones that give you confidence
  • Notes or messages to yourself to remind you of how great you are
  • Small statues or trinkets that represent confidence

After you’ve made your altar, remember to set your intention for it. That way, whenever you pass by the space, you’ll remember your goal of increased confidence.

#13 Journal Prompts With Crystals

Choose a journal prompt for confidence and write about it. For example, writing about the prompt “What am I really good at?” will prime your mind to think about the positives you have to offer.

While you write, place a crystal for confidence by your side. This can serve as an inspiration and amp up the passion you have for yourself.

#14 Meditation for Self-Compassion with Crystals for Confidence

Probably the best way to use crystals for confidence is to meditate with them. Not only will you get the benefits of your crystal, but you will also get the benefits of mediation.

Researcher Kristin Neff has shown that meditation is a powerful tool to increase self-compassion. Follow one of her guided meditations while holding a crystal. Alternatively, you can spread a few crystals for confidence around you while you meditate.

Not sure where to start? Try the self-compassion meditation below:

Crystals for Confidence

Summary: How to Use Crystals for Confidence

Once you’ve identified your favorite crystals for confidence, you can start using them. A simple way to incorporate them into your routine is to display your stones in spots where you need confidence. The bathroom, bedroom and your office are good places to start. To actively work with crystals for confidence, you can meditate with them, hold them while repeating affirmations and use them as a part of an altar or crystal grid.

Crystals for Confidence

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