152 Positive Affirmations That Work for Women: Unique Phrases

I’m beautiful.

Positive affirmations can be as simple as that. Or they can be longer phrases you repeat.

Depending on what you’re looking to achieve, affirmations can be a good way to inspire yourself.

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose affirmations that work for you. You can then pick from 156 positive affirmations for women. We cover phrases to encourage:

  • Confidence
  • Dreams & Goals
  • Boundaries
  • Body Love
  • Joy
  • Self-Improvement and Growth
  • Mental Health

Read on for your full guide on affirmations for women.


What Is a Positive Affirmation for Women?

A positive affirmation is a short, positive phrase. Affirmation phrases are typically repeated with the goal of it becoming true. For example, someone may repeat “I am at ease” to instill calm and soothe tension.

There are endless affirmations and ways to use them. You can repeat your affirmation out loud, in your head or write it down as many times as you’d like. Some people incorporate affirmations into their daily routine while others only use them situationally, like when they’re nervous.

The idea is that by repeating the words, you’ll make them more likely to happen. Some people attribute this to the law of attraction (manifesting) or another spiritual reason.

What does science say about affirmation though?

Affirmations might help you achieve goals for a few reasons:

  • Placebo Effect. If you think something will happen, it’s more likely to actually happen. This placebo effect phenomenon is so widely known that most reputable studies are controlled using a placebo. In effect, by believing your affirmation could help, it might help.
  • Improve Optimism. Optimism might give you more energy and hope to get through the struggles and onto something greater. Research shows that affirmations can make feel more optimistic and report better physical and mental health.
  • Reticular Activating System. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) in the brain filters what you notice. Affirmations might work with the RAS, helping it to notice opportunities to help you reach your goals. For example, repeating your calm might encourage you to seek out breathing techniques or notice the ad for a local therapy session.

However, not all studies on affirmations find it useful. A lot of research concludes that affirmations can make you feel worse if you really don’t already believe your affirmation.


How to Choose Positive Affirmations that Work

If you want positive affirmations that work, it’s best to choose them carefully.

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In a book titles A Liberated Mind, a psychology professor shares his findings that affirmations only work sometimes. If you’re trying to avoid a feeling or you already feel bad, it won’t work. Or, it could make you feel worse.

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This is bad news for many us: Affirmations might not work when we need them to most. Still, it’s valuable information to help guide us on what works.

Based on the available research, we can theorize a few tips on choosing positive affirmations that work:

  • Consider staying away from affirmations when you’re feeling bad about yourself
  • Consider staying away from affirmations when you want to avoid feeling your feelings
  • Choose affirmations that you believe and you find inspiring (don’t make it something you think is an unbelievable reach)
  • Consider writing your own affirmations or editing affirmation phrases to tailor them to your beliefs
  • Whenever you use an affirmation, ask yourself: is it making me feel better or worse? If it’s making you feel worse, considering pausing your use of affirmations
  • Experiment with different affirmations to see what makes you feel best
  • Remember that you can always change affirmations as you meet goals


How to Use Positive Affirmations for Women

Once you’ve chosen your positive affirmations for women, how do you use them? Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Repeat out loud
  • Repeat in your head
  • Write it down in lines
  • Repeat during a meditation
  • Repeat it during a yoga or stretching session
  • If you’re spiritual, write it down and place it in an altar
  • Make a home screen using your phrase and use it for your phone
  • Make a wallpaper using your phrase and use it as your wallpaper
  • Write it on a sticky note and place it on your mirror, fridge, computer, etc.


Positive Affirmations for Women that Work

Positive Affirmations That Work for Women

These positive affirmations for women are aimed to encourage, inspire, motivate to be yourself and everything you can be!

Remember, choose affirmations that feel good about. Feel free to edit phrases so that they resonate with you.


Confidence Affirmations

  1. My voice is needed here
  2. My voice is valued here
  3. It’s safe to speak
  4. Even [women you find super attractive] probably has moments of self-doubt
  5. I am a confident woman
  6. My best is always good enough
  7. I was put on earth for a reason
  8. So why not me?
  9. If [someone you think is an idiot] can do it, I definitely can
  10. If a white man can, so can I
  11. I’m always trying my best
  12. I don’t need to impress everyone
  13. Mistakes are what makes me, and everyone, human
  14. Others benefit from my success
  15. I am accepted here
  16. I accept myself
  17. My best is the next perfect
  18. I accept compliments
  19. I am a powerful woman
  20. I deserve the best life has to offer
  21. I compare myself to myself
  22. The Universe supports me
  23. The Universe wants what’s best for me
  24. I am at home in myself
  25. I have what I need to go through life’s challenges
  26. If I was meant to be someone else, I would be someone else
  27. I’m proud of who I am
  28. I’m not for everyone and everyone isn’t for me
  29. I deserve the best things in life
  30. The Confidence Karen in my head can shut up now
  31. My dog/cat is proud of me
  32. Life is an experiment, so just try it
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Dreams & Goals

  1. Of course I can
  2. I can achieve any goal
  3. There’s a reason I have this dream
  4. Unattempted dreams turn into regrets
  5. I won’t know if I don’t try
  6. I see opportunities everywhere
  7. I create opportunities
  8. Life is a laboratory, we’re made to experiment
  9. I am successful
  10. I’m excited to find out where I can contribute most
  11. I find who I need to teach me what I need
  12. Dreams come true every day
  13. Abundance is on its way
  14. My hard work will pay off
  15. Rewards aren’t always immediate
  16. I’m clear in my goals
  17. Good luck will cycle to me soon
  18. Dreams and goals are allowed to change
  19. I’ve achieved goals before, so I can do this

Body Love Affirmations

  1. I’m at peace with my body
  2. I’m beautiful
  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I happen to be the beholder, so I say I’m beautiful
  4. I love and respect my body
  5. My body is the vehicle for my soul
  6. My body is meant to do amazing things
  7. I don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful
  8. I nourish my body with healthy food
  9. I honor myself in my food choices
  10. I move my body in a way that feels good
  11. I exercise for my mental health first
  12. I love that exercise boosts my energy
  13. Every step forward gets me closer to my goal
  14. I know what’s right for my body
  15. I am responsible for my body
  16. I am grateful my body allows me to [walk, run, stretch, etc.]
  17. I am a strong woman
  18. I respect when my body needs healing
  19. I slow down before my body forces me to
  20. I am gentle on my body
  21. I always choose health over hustle
  22. I recognize when my body needs a break


Boundary Affirmations for Women

  1. Self-love means being respectful of my boundaries
  2. It’s okay to assert my boundaries
  3. I can be both kind and assert my boundaries
  4. Kindness requires boundaries
  5. I know what’s right for me
  6. I help others understand my boundaries
  7. I am respectful of others boundaries, and I deserve respect of my own
  8. I acknowledge when it’s healthy to walk away
  9. I will always choose me
  10. Boundaries are necessary, even when it feels uncomfortable
  11. I make the best decisions for myself
  12. I know when to walk away
  13. “I can’t” requires no explanation
  14. I can edit people’s roles in my life
  15. I can love people from afar
  16. Not everyone I love needs to be in my life
  17. I let the appropriate person take responsibility


Joy Affirmations for Women

  1. I am grateful for the gifts today has to offer
  2. I am grateful to be alive today
  3. Good energy is contagious
  4. I am grateful for all my blessings
  5. I’m excited for the possibilities of today
  6. I see magic everywhere
  7. I create magic everywhere
  8. I choose to focus on the positive
  9. I sprinkle magic over each day
  10. I am overflowing with joy
  11. I’m bursting with good energy
  12. I radiate love
  13. Today is a good day
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Self-Improvement and Growth

  1. I follow my intuition
  2. I need to take time for myself
  3. I choose empathy over judgment
  4. I choose curiosity over judgment
  5. I am open to ways I can improve
  6. I’m always improving
  7. I’m not here to be right, I’m here to get it right (Brené Brown)
  8. I am on earth to learn
  9. I take breaks
  10. If I’m still living, I’m still learning
  11. I am growing each day
  12. It’s okay to disagree
  13. I notice ways to improve my corner of the world
  14. I’m grateful for how far I’ve come
  15. I let go of the need to control everything
  16. I am my own savior but no one else’s
  17. I honor my purpose
  18. I hear people out, even when it’s difficult
  19. I use my time wisely
  20. I make people feel seen
  21. I make big impacts with small actions
  22. My work helps other people
  23. My work contributes meaningfully
  24. I am the CEO of my own life
  25. I am humble
  26. I express compassion
  27. I know how to give a good compliment


Mental Health Affirmations

  1. It’s normal to feel fear and move forward anyway
  2. I give myself the time for healing I need
  3. I am okay
  4. I am still
  5. I am resilient
  6. I am safe
  7. I feel my feelings
  8. It’s okay to be negative sometimes
  9. I focus on my breath
  10. If I’m still breathing, I’m still okay
  11. It’s okay to slow down when I need to
  12. I choose to focus on what I can control
  13. I can handle what’s in front of me
  14. With each breathe, I release tension
  15. Even if I take steps back, I’m still moving forward in the big picture
  16. I am where I’m supposed to be
  17. There’s people who can relate to what I’m feeling
  18. It’s okay if my mental health journey looks different from someone else’s
  19. I’m not alone in this feeling
  20. There’s people who can help me with this feeling
  21. I’m alive for a reason
  22. There is always hope, even if I have to find it

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Positive Affirmations for the Morning

Looking for more quotes to make you feel better about yourself and life itself? Try positive affirmations for the morning! They’re short phrases you can repeat at the start of each day to help make it a little better and brighter!

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Summary: Positive Affirmations That Work for Women

Positive Affirmations That Work for Women

When searching for positive affirmations that work, pick them carefully. Choose phrases that you believe you can achieve. And only continue using the affirmation if it makes you feel good. If repeating phrases makes you feel bad, consider adapting the phrase. It’s also possible that affirmations might not be right for you.

In this article, we’ve shared a list of positive affirmations for women. Use these to inspire you through the day and encourage your personal power. If a phrase doesn’t feel quite right to you, consider editing it. Remember, affirmations are about feeling good, so there’s no right or wrong.

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