99 Morning Affirmations for Happy + Productive Day Ahead

How about some kind words while you gulp down your coffee?

Morning affirmations are positive statements that many people use to start their day off better. Some believe that repeating these phrases will unleash benefits.

Others feel a more instant sense of calm.

In this article, we’re going over what the research says about morning affirmations. We’ll list 99 you can pick from to try yourself.


What Are Morning Affirmations?

Morning affirmations are short and positive phrases repeated at the beginning of the day. These can be said out loud, in your head or written.

The idea is that affirmations can help you gain a sense of positivity around a topic. From this positivity, you can attract it into your real life. For example, let’s say you choose the affirmation “I am in control of my mind.” This may not always be true; you may have moments when you feel anxious or let your emotions get the better of you. But repeating your intention can make you more aware of where your focus is going, making you gain more control of your mind. In this way, repeating the affirmation could help you achieve it.

If you want to try affirmations, it’s important to choose ones that are realistic and specific to you. For example, repeating something that’s far from the truth could make you feel worse instead of better.


Do Affirmations Work?

Is there any science to back up using affirmations or is it mainly a spiritual practice? The answer is yes. But without a doubt, affirmations don’t always work. In this section, we’ll why affirmations can work for some people.

Can Improve Your Performance

There is some data to back up the idea that affirmations can improve your performance. In a 2019 study, researchers found out that athletes who used positive self-statements had better performance in 2 out of 3 tasks. Their affirmations were also accompanies by head nods.

In another study, over 300 cancer survivors said they felt more optimistic, had better health and greater happiness after self-affirmation. Some experts believe that self-affirmation can activate reward circuits in our brains.

Used as Situational Mantras

Some people also successful use affirmations as mantras in situations. For example, let’s say you have a bit of road rage and get angry whenever someone drives in front of you. Repeating a phrase like “I focus on what I can control,” can remind you that you can’t control the slow driver and to take a few deep breaths instead.

Another scenario: It’s your first week at your new job and you feel very anxious. Choosing a morning affirmation like, “I always do my best” can put your focus on doing your best, rather than worrying about what you could do wrong.

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“Programs” Your Mind to Look for Opportunities

Depending on what your affirmation is, it’s possible that repeating a phrase can make you more aware of opportunities to achieve it. For example, if repeating “I’m grateful for every day” makes you look for reasons to be grateful, you will become grateful every day.

Similarly, if your affirmation is “business opportunities come to me easily,” repeating it often could lead you to think about it often. Thinking about if often could lead you to begin actually seeking out opportunities.

Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is a phenomenon where you experience something just because you believe you will.

In many studies, participants are given a sugar pill with no therapeutic effect. They’re told it will have a benefit, such as curing their back pain. Some people in most studies will experience this benefit, even though the pill is fake.

So what’s that mean? Your mind plays a large role in what you experience, even if you don’t know it.

So, by repeating and thinking you’ll have a good day, you may end up actually having a good day. The key is that you actually need to believe the affirmation, so keep it reachable for your situation. If you repeat it and know that it’s a stretch, you won’t believe it, and the placebo effect won’t work.


Can Morning Affirmations Help You Manifest?

Many people use affirmations to help them manifest. These phrases are a popular law of attraction tool. But do they actually work?

The law of attraction can be framed by the science we outlined above— thinking about something more often can lead you to look for opportunities and/or experience a placebo effect. Given this, manifesting doesn’t need to be looked at from just a spiritual point of view.

If you practice manifesting, the main thing to know is to choose a morning affirmation that feels right to you. If you choose something that’s far out-of-reach and makes you feel worse, it’s unlikely to have benefits (we go more into detail about that below).


Affirmations Don’t Always Work

Affirmations can work for some people, but it’s important to recognize that they don’t always work. The people that need uplifting the most probably won’t benefit from them.

…If You’re Feeling Bad

According to psychology professor Steven Hayes in his book A Liberated Mind, affirmations don’t work when we need them most, like when we’re feeling bad about ourselves. They can just make us feel worse.

If you’re using an affirmation to avoid feeling an emotion, it likely won’t work. There’s no shortcut for feelings.

…If You Have Lower Confidence

A 2009 study showed that positive self-statements work–but only for those that already have high self-esteem. If you already feel good about yourself, you can feel better–but only a little bit.

However, if participants felt badly, affirmations didn’t help. For example, when they used the phrase “I’m a lovable person,” those that felt unlovable may not be affected or even have their belief reinforced.

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Should I Use Morning Affirmations?

I’ve outlined both arguments above: why morning affirmations work and why they don’t.

If you’re not sure if they’ll work for you, you can give them a try and see how they feel. If they make you feel worse, stop using them. If they make you feel better or you get results, keep using them. If you experience only some benefits, consider tweaking your affirmations.

Before choosing your affirmations though, there’s some important tips to keep in mind. The scientific data we shared above suggests that:

It’s best to use affirmations when you’re already feeling well

You should choose affirmations that feel in-reach to you. Something you don’t believe in will probably make you feel worse.

Affirmations aren’t a replacement for a negative emotion. You need to feel your emotions, not shove them down with a positive statement (this is a form of toxic positivity).


99 Morning Affirmations for a Great Day Ahead

morning affirmations

If you’re looking for some morning affirmations to start your day with, we think you’ll love these.

  1. I hold the key to who I am.
  2. I always do my best.
  3. I allow myself to feel good.
  4. I choose to listen to hope over my feelings.
  5. I am grateful for all of life’s blessings.
  6. I am safe.
  7. I am beautiful today and every day.
  8. I am open to opportunity today.
  9. I am taking today second by second.
  10. Every day is an opportunity to really be alive.
  11. I focus on my impact.
  12. I am reinvigorated for today.
  13. I trust in my future.
  14. I choose which thoughts I focus on.
  15. I am complete.
  16. I support myself.
  17. I’m proud of myself for having the courage to take on every day.
  18. I respect my fears exist, but realize I don’t need to respond to them.
  19. I control my mind.
  20. I stand up for what I believe.
  21. I am closer to achieving my goal than I was yesterday.
  22. I am trusting the journey.
  23. I release any blocks that stand in a way of a more joyful life
  24. I bring my attention back to the moment.
  25. I am an expert in spotting love wherever I go.
  26. I am making progress.
  27. I nourish my body.
  28. I thank my body for taking me through each day.
  29. I have healthy, fulfilling relationships.
  30. I am open to other perspectives.
  31. I am kind and clear.
  32. I am going with the flow of my intuition.
  33. I choose curiosity in the face of judgment.
  34. I value myself.
  35. I am choosing to have an open mind today.
  36. I am bringing a new beginning to each day.
  37. I am in charge of myself and myself only.
  38. I deserve to have my needs met.
  39. I am focusing on the good things today.
  40. I bring a unique perspective to the table.
  41. I am recharging myself today.
  42. My best is the only real perfect.
  43. Everything is solvable.
  44. I can balance my life.
  45. I am investing in myself today.
  46. I am free to express my creativity.
  47. I extend compassion to myself today.
  48. I am here because I am supposed to be.
  49. I am worthy of rest.
  50. I am receptive to prosperity.
  51. I am always improving.
  52. I choose to start the day with hope.
  53. I have the ability to hold two opposite thoughts and move forward anyway.
  54. I communicate easily.
  55. I am proud of myself for my accomplishments.
  56. I add to other’s lives and others add to mine.
  57. I am growing each day.
  58. I am choosing to root for myself today.
  59. I release decisions that don’t support me.
  60. Each day, I am developing my skills.
  61. I am paying attention to who I am inside
  62. I have confidence in my decisions.
  63. I enjoy the feeling of a job well-done.
  64. I am open to receiving healing.
  65. I am enough Every. Single. Day.
  66. I invite everything good into my life.
  67. I am excited to shape my destiny.
  68. I notice the good in myself.
  69. I am open to experiencing magic today.
  70. I am kind to myself.
  71. Unwelcomed thoughts roll off my mind
  72. I am leaving a mark on the world today.
  73. I am excited for the possibilities of today.
  74. I am worthy of the blessings in my life.
  75. I am sharing my gifts with the world today.
  76. I’m open to financial abundance.
  77. I release resistance to move forward.
  78. I am knowledgeable.
  79. I trust my intuition.
  80. I am supported by those around me.
  81. I am respectful toward my body.
  82. I have a special place in this world.
  83. I belong here.
  84. I am choosing to have an open heart today.
  85. It’s safe to be who I am.
  86. I deserve love today and every day.
  87. I am breathing into each moment.
  88. I am respectful of my sensitivity.
  89. I have a gentle yet bullish attitude when I want something.
  90. I turn toward the joy in life.
  91. I am nice but take no shit.
  92. I am open to creative energy today.
  93. I recognize beauty in others.
  94. Each day is another step I take forward.
  95. I am respectful of my own boundaries.
  96. I am respectful of my values.
  97. I am nurturing my best qualities.
  98. I choose to see change as excitement.
  99. I am act brave even when I don’t feel brave.
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How to Use Morning Affirmations

Once you’ve chosen a morning affirmation, how should you use it? There’s a variety of ways people practice them. You can try a few and do what works best for you. You can also get creative in how you add them to your routine. Here are some examples:

  • Repeat them out loud
  • Chant them
  • Use them in a meditation
  • Write them down repeatedly
  • Write them on sticky notes placed where you’ll see frequently
  • Use it as your home screen on your phone
  • Use it as your desktop wallpaper on your computer
  • Make it into a poster and hang it at home

You can use affirmations as frequently as you’d like. If it helps, use them daily and add them into your morning routine. Or, you can use them in times of need or stress only. There’s no rules; it’s about doing what works for you.

You can also use different morning affirmations during different times of your life. For example, if you’re nervous mornings because of a new job, use a phrase that calms you. If that transitions into fear about speaking in a meeting, choose an affirmation about owning your power.


Summary on Morning Affirmations

Morning affirmations can be useful bursts of positivity to enhance the start of your day. Affirmations work best if you choose something that feels relatable to you. For that reason, you can experiment with adding a few into your morning and see if you get any benefits. Remember that affirmations don’t work for everyone. If you’re feeling bad about yourself, they have the potential to make you feel worse, so be sure to use them wisely.

morning affirmations

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