3 Tarot Spreads for Future Love: Will I Find Love?

If people aren’t asking tarot about money, they’re probably asking about love.

It makes the world go around. We feel great when we’re in love. But might feel like we’re missing out when we don’t have anyone.

These tarot spreads for future love will show you your most likely outcome. You’ll also more about how you interact in relationships, what you’re doing great and what you can improve on.


“Will I Find Love” Tarot Spreads

One of the most common reasons for using tarot is to gain insight on love. If you’re single, you might be wondering if or when the next person will come along. But there’s more to know. For example, are there factors you can control? What are your strengths in finding a new match? Could be accidentally be repelling some people?

These tarot spreads answer the question “will I find love?” but it also dives in deeper. Remember that no tarot spread for future love is 100% set in stone. You’re a human being, you have the power to control the situation. If you don’t like the outcome of your spread, resist the temptation to keep pulling cards until you do. Instead, take some solace in the fact that destiny is in your hands. While tarot shows you the most likely outcome based on the present information, it can also be a wakeup call to change the direction you’re headed.

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2: Future Love Tarot Spread

Tarot Spreads for Future Love

This relationship tarot spread helps you understand where you want to be and how to get there. While we might want a new person in our life, why aren’t they here yet? What can you focus on to meet someone? How will you meet them? This layout will answer all those questions and more as you continue on your journey to find future love.

  1. Where you are right now
  2. Are you ready for a relationship?
  3. How you feel about a new relationship (healthy want, desperation, pushing love away, etc.)
  4. What you’re doing that’s repelling relationships
  5. Something you can do to focus on attracting the right relationship
  6. When or how you will meet someone new
  7. Represents the next partner in your life


4-Card Stock of Your Love Life: Tarot Spread Relationship

Tarot Spreads for Future Love

This is a simple spread to know the basics of your love life past, present and future. Talking about future love can be a sensitive issue. We don’t always like the card we pick and it can feel devastating. It’s important to know that tarot is never set in stone. The outcome can always be changed based on your behavior or the behavior of others. For this reason, we’ve added a fourth card. This one represents how you can make the most out of the third card. If the card seems negative, how can you prevent the issue or make it better? If the card is positive, how can you ensure it comes to fruition or make it even better?

  1. Past love life
  2. Present love life
  3. Future love life
  4. How to improve your future love life (AKA how to change the future if the third card is negative or how to make it even better if it’s positive)
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Summer Sun Love: Summer Tarot Reading Relationship Spread

Tarot Spreads for Future Love

Summer is a great time to find new love but will you? This summer sun love tarot spread will give you hints on what you can expect this season. Will there be any summer flings? Will you exit into fall in a new relationship? It also gives you insight into the things you can control, like what you might consider working on before trying to meet someone.

  1. Where you’re at in life in general
  2. Areas to focus on in yourself before meeting someone
  3. Is it the right time for a new relationship or summer fling?
  4. How you feel about meeting a new love interest
  5. What factors might prevent you from meeting them
  6. Traits you have that others will find attractive this summer
  7. What traits/type of partner you should look for (who’s right for you)?
  8. Where you might meet a new love interest this summer
  9. General vibe for the summer ahead (not just love life).
  10. Final outcome of any summer love interests (relationship, just a fling, single summer)


Tarot Spread for Future Love

A “will I find love tarot spread” is helpful in gaining insight into your love life. However, remember that nothing is surefire. If you like the cards you’ve pulled, you will still need to put in the work to make a relationship happen. If you don’t like the cards, you may have an opportunity to turn it around by looking for hints in the other cards in the spread.

Tarot Spreads for Future Love

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