31 Things To Do When Awaiting an Ignored Text

Quick, check your phone. They may have texted you back in the time it took to read this sentence.

Nope? Not yet?

Rats. Guess you’re stuck here with me then.

But that’s… kinda okay, right?

I mean I’ve prepared a list of tons of ways to distract yourself while you await that text back.


Why Are They Ignoring Texts?

There’s plenty of reasons somebody may be ignoring your texts. They could be bored with the conversation, thinking of a response, found another person to talk to or perhaps they simply don’t prioritize you.

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Am I Overreacting?

Yuck, I hate to admit this but I’ve definitely overreacted from what I thought were ignored texts.  A few more times than I’d like to admit.

You see, I’m probably a little rejection sensitive. That means sometimes I read nothing or normal signals as a social threat. So, while that person may be tied up at work, I read their no text as “I hate you, we’ll never talk again, you’re such a loser.”

Even though nothing has happened, I might turn people away with my rejection sensitivity by overreacting. For example, when I’ve commented on being ignored, I’ve received angry messages back like “I was busy at work, Jesus Christ.”

Sometimes, people are truly avoiding you. But other times, they’re not ignoring you at all. When you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to start by giving people the benefit of the doubt. As someone who overreacts, I’ve learned that I need to distract myself so I don’t text something weird or wallow in my perceived rejection.

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31 Distractions From Ignored Texts

ignored text response

If you’re having trouble detaching from ignored texts, it can be helpful to keep distracted. If you’re not sure what to do, check out the list below for ideas.


#1 Talk to Friends

You’re on your phone anyways, might as well text a few friends or family members to help distract you.


#2 Visit Friends

Going out and having fun will keep you off your phone. Call up your friends to go out for the night, take a walk, get a coffee, etc.


#3 Journal About It

Okay, this isn’t exactly distracting you from your texts. It’s more like making you face your feelings head-on. But that can be a good thing. Studies show that journaling can help decrease mental distresses and increase well-being.


#4 Read

Reading can transport you out of your world and into another’s. Give your own problems a break for a bit and delve into the drama of others.


#5 Brainstorm a Side Business

Once you have a side business, you’ll have something you can always pour your time into. It can be something as thought out as an eCommerce website or something as simple as selling knitted blankets to friends.


#6 Do Work

If you have any work or homework you need to catch on, it can be a productive way to start your time.


#7 Binge a Show

Find a show and really get into it. Make sure there’s a lot of episodes so that even if they don’t text back the entire day, you’ll be busy soothed by something else.


#8 Take Your Dog to the Park

Maybe you’re annoyed and don’t feel like connecting with humans. Well, dogs are always there for you and I’m sure your pup wouldn’t reject a trip to the park.


#9 Do a Good Deed

When we feel bad, it can make us feel better to do something good. To distract yourself from the ignored text, go outside with the goal of brightening people’s days. You could:

  • Give compliments
  • Pay for the coffee for the person behind you
  • Leave positive notes
  • Drop coins
  • Leave scratch tickets for others to find
  • Donate food


#10 Go for a Hike

Pick somewhere with a lot of hilly areas where cell reception is spotty. Going to be hard to check your phone constantly when you don’t have service!


#11 Get a Side Job Where You Can’t Text

This is a good solution if you’re frequently finding yourself anxious from lengthy texts back. When I used to bartend, it was pretty hard to check my phone, which means I worried about it a lot less.

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#12 Advocate for Something

Become passionate about an issue. Spend time learning about it and brainstorming ways you can advocate and further the cause.


#13 Workout

Exercise is a good idea for many mental distresses. That’s because it releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins. These can boost positive feelings and help downplay negative ones, like anxiety over ignored texts.


#14 Make Something

Find a creative hobby and get at it. Keeping your hands busy will mean they’re not constantly on your phone. Here’s some suggestions:

  • Beading
  • Bead loom
  • Knitting
  • Making bookmarks
  • Paint by numbers
  • Print off magnets for your fridge
  • Make printable wall art
  • Rhinestone paint by numbers
  • Knitting loom
  • Adult coloring books


#15 Go to a New Place

A new place or adventure can draw you in and make you forget about the fact someone may be ignoring you. Go to a new place in your city or find a different nature spot.


#16 Meditate

Meditation can be difficult if you’ve never tried it, but there’s no failing at it. Many people think the goal is to have no thoughts, which definitely won’t be the case if you’re awaiting a text. But what meditation can do is teach you how to let the thoughts pass without becoming obsessed with them. Over time, this can become easier and easier—which will also make ignored texts more simple to deal with.


#17 Get In the Kitchen

When you’re worried about following a recipe to a T and getting things in and out of the oven on time, you won’t be checking your phone as much. Pick a complicated:

  • Dinner recipe
  • Dessert recipe
  • Cocktail recipe (unless the drinking is going to make you text them!)


#18 Do Chores

Yeah, not so fun, but this will keep you busy. And, even if the person doesn’t text back, you’ll still feel a little bit better knowing that you got something productive done.

  • Sweep or vacuum
  • Do laundry
  • Do the dishes
  • Clean the forgotten about places


#19 Go Within

We can’t change other people, but we can change ourselves. Although this may not help the current situation, it can help distract us from it. Consider reading some self-help articles or books or listening to some talks or podcasts.


#20 Re-Design Your Space

Use the time to envision how you want to redesign or reorganize your room, apartment or home. What new items do you need? What’s your budget? Can you make any DIY project for it? So many options to think about.

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#21 Plan a Dream Vacation

Even if you have no budget and can’t go anytime soon, thinking about the possibilities can be fun.


#22 Write Them an Unsent Text

As the hours are growing, you might be getting more angry or hurt they’re not texting back. If you have the urge to text them and know you shouldn’t, consider writing something to get your feelings out. Be as truthful as you want. But don’t send it.


#23 Scroll Pinterest

It’s easy to get lost on Pinterest. Type in something that interests you, whether recipes, fashion, cute dogs, etc. Keep scrolling until they text back.


#24 Play Games

Whether it’s on the phone you’re starting at or a physical board game, challenges can draw you in and make you forget about your stresses.


#25 Learn New Hairstyles and Outfits

If you’re into it, discover new hairstyles and outfits you can try out.


#26 Discover Spirituality

Many people find comfort in spirituality. If you don’t have beliefs, read up on others to see if you like any aspects of them. Maybe you discover you want to read the bible, learn tarot or practice reiki.


#27 Follow a Tutorial

There’s so many tutorials on YouTube to choose from. Pick any category and try it out:

  • Cooking
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Technology
  • Exercise
  • Painting
  • Drawing


#28 Practice Self-Care

Show yourself some love by pampering yourself. That could include painted nails, a bath, face mask, face steaming, etc.


#29 Read Relationship Problems

Read the Relationship Advice subreddit. Give yourself permission to get into the drama of others to soothe your own for a bit.


#30 Download a New App

Do something else on your phone besides obsessively check it. Browse the App or Google Play store. What’s new and exciting there? Look through all the categories.


#31 Go Window Shopping

I can’t be the only one who spends a massive amount of time “adding to cart” and never buying.

#32 Plan a Gift for Someone

If a friend or family member has a birthday coming up, start early by planning their gift. If no holidays are upon you, get someone a random gift. Seeing them happy will make you happy 🙂


What to Do When They Don’t Text Back

When someone isn’t texting back, they may be purposely ignoring you but they might also just be busy. To avoid saying something you might regret, or to stop feeling so bad, it’s a good idea to distract yourself. Use the ideas provided on the list above to get your mind off of your phone.
ignored text response

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