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When you’re doing through a breakup or divorce, it may be the only thing you can think about.

The thought of living without them, even if it was your choice, can be daunting.

And, when you feel emotional, it can be hard to do anything.

Getting out of bed can feel like running a marathon, let alone working or doing household chores.

When your thoughts and emotions seemingly hijack your life, one way to feel better is to distract yourself.

We should mention first that it’s important to recognize and deal with your emotions.

If you use distraction as a way to avoid working through your feelings, you’ll likely just prolong your hurt.

However, keeping busy can give you a break from intrusive thoughts. And, getting into an action can get you out of your head. Although free time and relaxation is necessary, too much can mean time to think about your ex.

If you’re not sure of good distractions after a breakup, we have some suggestions for you in this post!

104 Best Breakup Distractions

Here’s a list of things you can try to distract yourself during a breakup.

  1. Watch a movie
  2. Do a workout on YouTube
  3. Go to the gym
  4. Play a game
  5. Research about a cause that’s important to you
  6. Call a friend
  7. Clean
  8. Take a hike
  9. Research about your dream job/dream title
  10. Do a workout outside
  11. Download a game app
  12. Try a yoga session on YouTube
  13. Volunteer at (or provide services to) a local charity
  14. Buy a craft kit and get creative
  15. Explore a new part of your city/town
  16. Binge a show on Netflix
  17. Look up pictures of your celebrity crush and allow yourself to swoon over them for a few minutes
  18. Clean areas of your home you’ve neglected
  19. Go to the library (or shop online) and pursue a new section/category
  20. Consider adopting a pet (if you have the time and ability to, of course! Remember pets are a forever commitment!)
  21. Get really good at making cocktails
  22. Buy an anonymous gift for someone
  23. Take a free or paid online course
  24. YouTube a dance and learn it from memory
  25. Visit friends more often
  26. Organize a picnic or BBQ
  27. Go on a road trip
  28. Put on music and dance around
  29. Read a book
  30. Write a thank-you letter to someone
  31. Clear space on your phone (we could all do that!)
  32. Research a good charity to donate to
  33. Go to the nearest lake/ocean and go kayaking/canoeing
  34. Go through a donation rampage through your home and drop it off to a local organization
  35. Clean out your closet
  36. Do a DNA test and discover your unknown relatives
  37. Color in an adult coloring book
  38. Ask others about their breakup and how they got through it
  39. Hang some photos (but none of your ex)
  40. Try out a new hairstyle
  41. Go to a restaurant and eat alone
  42. Pick up an instrument
  43. Do some random acts of kindness
  44. Dive into astrology or numerology
  45. Start watching a new sport
  46. Join and follow a new subreddit
  47. Get into soapmaking, candle making or woodworking
  48. Organize the files on your computer
  49. Go into the forest or a local nature area and pick some flowers (if you don’t like flowers, give them to someone!)
  50. Do a Facebook friend cleaning
  51. Grant yourself some well-deserved naps
  52. Learn photography
  53. Go down a weird YouTube rabbit hole
  54. Become an advocate for something
  55. Become a youth mentor at a local organization
  56. Make a list of reasons you’re glad it’s over
  57. Plan a trip (even if you can’t take it for a while)
  58. Collect some supplies and do a painting tutorial on YouTube
  59. Have a garage sale (and invite your ex over to buy back his stuff—just kidding!!)
  60. Third-wheel with a couple that constantly argues and feel grateful it’s not you anymore
  61. Take up making coffees (lattes, cappuccinos, expressos) as a new hobby
  62. Take a trip to visit a family member or long distance friend
  63. Start a blog
  64. Take yourself on a date
  65. Ask a friend if you can petsit their pet
  66. Go through fashion photos on Pinterest and consider a new style
  67. Make a list of things you’re grateful for
  68. Create a new Pinterest board and go down a pin rabbit hole
  69. Learn a new language
  70. Learn more about a new subject (psychology, biology, self-improvement, spirituality, etc.)
  71. Go swimming
  72. Start journaling
  73. Practice aromatherapy—purchase some essential oils and a diffuser and see if it helps you feel better!
  74. Put on a face mask
  75. Take a trip by yourself
  76. Learn to read angel or tarot cards
  77. Discover your own body (you know what I’m saying!)
  78. Plant a flower to start a windowsill garden
  79. Buy a magazine and read it cover-to-cover
  80. Look for a side job
  81. Plan a dating profile—from the picture you’ll use to your bio (but don’t post it yet if you’re not ready!)
  82. Go to a museum
  83. Go outside and aim to give 10 people genuine compliments
  84. Seek out and follow inspirational accounts on social media
  85. Try out a breakup app
  86. Come up with a budget or savings plan (even if it’s just saving $5 per week)
  87. Start a business
  88. Cook yourself a delicious dinner
  89. Clean your car
  90. Test out a whole bunch of different hobbies and see what sticks
  91. Go on a trip alone
  92. Download Bumble BFF and make some new friends
  93. Take a bus, subway or train to no planned destination and discover it (just make sure you have Google Maps to get back home!)
  94. If you’re not ready to date yet, set up a fake dating profile (Plentyoffish.com is a good one for this). Peruse the bachelors/bachelorettes in your area to gain some hope.
  95. Redecorate your home or a room
  96. Try a new dessert recipe
  97. Research and make a list of podcasts to listen to
  98. Research and make a list of audiobooks to listen to (Libby is a free audiobook app available if you have a library card)
  99. Listen to those podcasts and audiobooks while you’re doing other things to stop hurtful thoughts from popping in
  100. Try making something in a category that you’ve never tried before (ice cream, pastries, bread)
  101. Try making a new dish from a culture outside your own
  102. Try a new takeout dish from a culture outside your own
  103. Start watching a new TV show that you look forward to every week
  104. Make a vision board outlining your better future ahead
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