Three Card Tarot Spread: 5 Easy Options to Unluck the Answers in Life

I love three card tarot spreads.

They’re quick, easy to use and still provide a ton of insight.

The only problem is we might be stuck in a rut, doing the same three card tarot spread each time.

In this article, we’re sharing 5 ideas that will help expand your horizons. From love to career and beyond, learn about yourself and your life with these layouts.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been reading tarot forever, you’ll find a layout here to add to your go-to bunch.


Three Card Tarot Spreads: 5 Options

Each three card tarot spreads found below can be used for a different purpose. Find a tarot layout for:

  • The basics
  • Your relationship
  • Your habits
  • A decision
  • More magic


Back to Basics

three card tarot spread

This three card tarot spread covers what’s necessary and gets you back to the basics. When you’re looking for a quick layout to give you guidance.

To use this spread, we recommend thinking about a specific question or situation. Since this covers all tenses, you’ll gain more insight if you choose a specific topic.

The first card represents what you’ve went through in regards to the situation or question. The second card relates to what you may be experiencing in your current reality. The third card presents how the situation is likely to play out.

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Represents your past

  1. Represents the present
  2. Represents the future
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Me, You & Us

three card tarot spread

This relationship layout is the perfect three card tarot spread for a summary of the partnership. It will help you assess who you are in the relationship and your feelings towards it. Next, it will help you gain insight into what your partner might be experiencing, or their role in the relationship.

The third card considers how both individuals come together. Consider the card’s imagery and what it may mean for the future success of your relationship. It may also contain hints for how you can improve the partnership.

  1. Represents you as an individual in the relationship
  2. Represents your partner as an individual in the relationship
  3. Represents how you and your partner come together in the relationship


What Do I Do?

three card tarot spread

Ah, the age old question, “what the hell do I do?”

This three card tarot spread can help you gain insight into the situation. You may unlock other perspectives or another way of viewing the situation, decision or challenge.

The second card represents the action or choice that would be in your best interest. Keep in mind, you have free will so you may or may not end up taking the action displayed.

The third card helps you foresee the likely outcome of the best action.. Sometimes, even if we make the best possible decision, the road ahead is still a little rocky—and this spread can help prepare us for that. On the other hand, sometimes the action you take completely improves the situation. Either way, you’ll better understand the roads you may take.

  1. Represents the situation, decision or challenge
  2. Represents the action or choice in your best interest
  3. Represents the likely outcome of the action in your best interest
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Your Habits

three card tarot spread

This a great three card tarot spread if you’re looking to combine spirituality with self-improvement. You may have a good sense of what habits are contributing to and hindering your well-being. However, sometimes we don’t. In fact, sometimes we’re so lost in our day-to-day routines that we don’t recognize the things we should be letting go. Or, the things we should be adding in.

This tarot spread helps you take an honest and deep look at your habits. The first card will help you address your good habits; the ones that are helping you. These are ones to continue.

The second card gets into a habit you should consider letting go because it doesn’t serve you.

The third card helps you consider the habits you may want to add into your routine. These may reflect ideas you’ve already had, or it may be completely new ideas. Either way, these can help contribute to your happiness and well-being.

  1. The good habits you should continue
  2. The ‘bad’ habits you may re-evaluate
  3. Habits you may consider adding to your routine


Magic 3

three card tarot spread

Let’s be honest, sometimes life is hard and the last thing you want is another negative tarot spread. While useful, at times, we just need a kind pick-me-up to help us feel better. And this is what this three card tarot spread is for.

It takes you through three main aspects of life with one main question in mind: How can I make it more magical?

Whether it’s love, career, health, we could all use a little more light. If a specific area of your life is hard right now, how can you improve it? If it’s a good situation, how can you make it even better? This three card tarot spread can help you unleash the gems just within reach.

  1. How can you unlock the magic in your love life?
  2. How can you unlock the magic in your career life?
  3. How can you unlock the magic to great health?
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Summary: Three Card Tarot Spreads

Three card tarot spreads are perfect to use if you’re a beginner who feels intimidated by multi-card spreads. They’re also great to use if you’ve been reading tarot forever. In any case, small layouts can provide big insights. Since they’re simple to use, you can do them anytime to inject some spiritual guidance into your day.

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